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Princeton Prof Advocates Euthanizing Handicapped Babies

Syndicalist Ad Hominem Attacks... (559 comments)

Before I comment on the story, a brief comment
on the comments themselves.

To put it simply, I'm seeing a lot of ad hominem attacks on Singer himself, such as that he is "dangerously mad" (Shouldn't he then be up a clock tower in Texas with a rifle?), whilst another decries the fact that an American professor is allowed to say this (fact: He is Australian as it said in the article, working at an American university). Such arguments embarass only their authors. Furthermore, I see him compared to the Nazis and their eugenics campaign, but I fail to see anyone pointing out that American and Swedish governments both had their own post-1945 eugenics programmes, which shows it isn't just racial supremecists who indulge in such things.

Anyway, on to my comment on the article: I would suggest we read the book. The man Singer is a philosopher (Indeed, I have a fine book by him on Ethics), and we can hardly expect to see all the caveats, ifs, ands and buts that are no doubt integral to his arguments in this less than single page article.

I will now no doubt be tarred as a baby eating madman.

more than 15 years ago


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