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European Parliament Votes For Net Neutrality, Forbids Mobile Roaming Costs

TBerben Re:Touristy places will be in for a surprise.. (148 comments)

Tourists either switch off their phones, or put them in flight mode, because of the exorbitant roaming charges they would otherwise make. I doubt they make up a significant portion of the operators' income. Your argument is easily reversed: the operators might experience an increase in revenue, once tourists actually start using their phones abroad.

about 10 months ago

Double-Helix Model of DNA Paper Published 59 Years Ago

TBerben Re:Wasn't there a woman scientist involved ? (112 comments)

You are correct. Rosalind Franklin was the one who actually made and interpreted the x-ray diffraction images of DNA. Then her work was shown to Watson and Crick, behind her back, who published their model of the double helix and got famous.

more than 2 years ago

School District Sued By ACLU Over Student's Free Speech Rights

TBerben Re:What about the parents? (466 comments)

the deputy should be jailed

EFA. I mean, after a fair and impartial trial, which is more than this girl got.

The fair and impartial trial of which you just provided/suggested the outcome?

more than 2 years ago

Why Making Facebook Private Won't Protect You

TBerben Re:An easy solution (550 comments)

I could not agree more! No corporation should ever have less trouble invading our privacy than the government. The obvious solution is to grant the government more snooping privileges. Now where was that sarcasm mark on the keyboard?

more than 2 years ago

Chief Replicant Dev On Building a Truly Free Android

TBerben Re:Wrong focus (113 comments)

You mean like Openmoko?

more than 2 years ago

Test-Tube Burgers Coming Soon

TBerben Re:Blobbi tastes like "despair". (276 comments)

They even got the electrical stimulation right. I demand they spin off this research to a company named Veridian.

more than 2 years ago

UK Government To Demand Data On Every Call, Email, and Tweet

TBerben Re:time to start encrypting everything (199 comments)

Except that you are already legally obliged to hand over your decryption keys to law enforcement.

more than 2 years ago

JotForm.com Gets Shut Down SOPA-Style

TBerben Re:FUD. (188 comments)

There is one nuance missing: the random law enforcement officer takes your tires because some random company said one of your passengers did something they don't like and claim that by providing their transport, you are facilitating their 'infringing' activities.

more than 2 years ago

Female Passengers Say They Were Targeted For TSA Body Scanners

TBerben Re:Good job Schumer (572 comments)

"The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy" I can't find a reliably sourced citation in fifteen seconds of googling, but whoever said it was spot on.

more than 2 years ago

Skin Cancer Drug Reverses Alzheimer's Symptoms In Mice

TBerben Re:Tau protein (94 comments)

Unfortunately, I don't have access to my lecture notes at this moment and I can't access any literature (my university VPN is down for maintenance), but from a course on the molecular defects underlying diseases I remember there was some interaction between amyloid beta and tau. I don't believe the precise nature of this interaction is known or whether amyloid beta defects cause tau tangles or vice versa (or none of the above). So both this article and the one you mentioned may be correct.

more than 2 years ago

IBM Seeks Patent On Judging Programmers By Commits

TBerben Recursion (182 comments)

Does the analysis software scan it's own source code repository, firing the programmers who have contributed too little to its creation?

more than 2 years ago

Full-Body Scans Rolled Out At All Australian International Airports

TBerben Re:Why? (329 comments)

I travelled to China little over half a year ago, departing from Schiphol and I didn't encounter any full body scanners. I didn't even get a pat-down. Maybe having a Dutch passport helps, but I didn't see any of the fellow passengers go through any security screening more rigorous than having their carry-ons X-rayed.

more than 2 years ago

Indonesian Man Faces Five Years For Atheist Facebook Post

TBerben Re:... are reversed into tomorrows witch hunts (907 comments)

Any religion will, at some point, require a follower to stop thinking and accept that something is true just because it has been spoken by a particular person or written on some arbitrary piece of paper. Our ability to ask skeptical questions is what enables us to have and preserve freedom; give up on asking questions and the people who 'have the answers' will grab power (look up Pythagoras and his followers). That is what makes religion in general dangerous in my opinion. I have nothing against specific religious people (some of my friends are deeply religious), provided that they leave me alone.

about 3 years ago

Insects Rapidly Becoming Resistant To GM Corn

TBerben Re:Surprise? (368 comments)

It's like patenting the domesticated cow genome. (The grass-eating variety, not the mother-in-law variety.)

You mean there's a difference? Mind is blown.

more than 3 years ago

Dutch Government To Tax Drivers Based On Car Use

TBerben Canceled (500 comments)

This plan was canceled in the Netherlands as one of the first acts of the latest government (Rutte-1). I believe they were planning to increase taxes on fuel as a compensation.

more than 3 years ago

Beware the Perils of Caffeine Withdrawal

TBerben No withdrawal here (700 comments)

I have weeks in which I drink ten cups of coffee per day and I have weeks in which I drink nothing but water. I've been drinking coffee since I was about seven or eight years old (not the ten cups a day of course) and I've never had any adverse effects from either the caffeine intake or not taking it at all. On the other hand: I've become immune to its stimulating effect as well.

more than 5 years ago

Umbilical Cord Blood Banking?

TBerben Huh? (409 comments)

There must be many parents (and soon-to-be parents) here at Slashdot

You mean, that slashdot users can reproduce?

about 6 years ago

Nepomuk Brings Semantic Web To the Desktop, Instead

TBerben People (140 comments)

I love it how mr Spivack says: "Nepomuk is designed for real people and developers"

more than 6 years ago



European Parliament votes for net neutrality and forbids mobile roaming costs

TBerben TBerben writes  |  about 10 months ago

TBerben (1061176) writes "The European Parliament has voted to accept the telecommunications reform bill. This bill simultaneously forbids mobile providers from charging roaming costs as of December 15, 2015 and guarantees net neutrality. Previous versions of the bill contained a much weaker definition of net neutrality, offering exemptions for "specialized services", but this was superseded in an amendment (link in Dutch) submitted by Dutch MEP Marietje Schaake (liberal fraction). Note that the legislation is not yet definitive: the Council of Ministers still has the deciding vote, but they are expected to follow the EP's vote."


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