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What Happens To Society When Robots Replace Workers?

Taco Cowboy Human in the value chain of Robot Economy (437 comments)

The point of the robot economy is that effectively they will

... Or the robots will just make enough for themselves and take nights of to dream of electric sheep ...

In the human society, the animals that we human keep, from pets such as dogs and cats and tropical fish, to farm animals that we rear for meat, skin, fur, such as pigs, cows, chicken, sheeps, do have their respective intrinsic values

This leads to the central crucial aspect of TFA:

... hordes of citizens of zero economic value ...

When human beings end up having zero economic value they will have less value than a chicken in the farm

What kind of future you think those zero-economic value human will have?

6 hours ago

Tor Network May Be Attacked, Says Project Leader

Taco Cowboy TOR gives a false sense of security (83 comments)

About 250 years ago the British army was fighting the French and their allies, the American Indians

The commanding officer thought up a very ingenious way to wipe out the French's allies by introducing smallpox to the American Indians, and he did it by seemingly by being kind to the American Indians --- he gave the Indians blankets

Of course he did not tell the American Indians that those blankets were used by people who were infected with smallpox

As a result of the biological warfare, untold number of the American Indians who fought alongside the French died

Now, back to 2014/2015

TOR seemingly offers the world a "security blanket", a "blanket" which would, by its reputation, ought to have give protection to the users from the authority's prying eyes

But like the blankets of yore, TOR came with "extra bonus" ... bonus in which will allow the authority to not only track the users, but also know everything that the users did

The TOR infrastructure is filled with many weak links, weak links which can be, and are being, exploited by Uncle Sam

No matter if it's NSA or FBI or CIA or whatever three-alphabetic agency, TOR will reveal to them whatever they want to know


Tor Network May Be Attacked, Says Project Leader

Taco Cowboy TOR is a fucking honey pot ! (83 comments)

... See the ongoing silk road case, where the DOJ has yet to show how exactly they physically identified its owner and its server locations

TOR is a HONEY POT that enjoys a successful deployment beyond anyone's expectation !

It is not China nor Russia who came up with TOR, it was Uncle Sam which is the entity who funded the TOR project

TOR has several uses for USA ---

1. As you mentioned, to offer dissents within Russia / China or any other dictatorial nation a way to sneak out of the watchful eyes of their respective ruling regime

2. TOR also offers a false sense of security to those who wanted to do something not-so-legal, and in that way, "fish" them out from the real DARK NET and land them inside TOR while Uncle Sam gets to watch their every single fucking move

The highlighted quote above in itself has explained all --- that Uncle Sam knows everything that happens within the TOR domains, including the identity of those involved


Hackers Used Nasty "SMB Worm" Attack Toolkit Against Sony

Taco Cowboy Inviting that squarehead fatso to Gitmo, perhaps ? (160 comments)

Instead, there is an ulterior motive for blaming North Korea

I never thought I would want to see people being imprisoned in Gitmo, but for that square-head fatso, hey, that's one helluva perfect permanent resident tailor made for Gitmo


Hackers Used Nasty "SMB Worm" Attack Toolkit Against Sony

Taco Cowboy Is there any protection against SMB worm ? (160 comments)

Hacking activities are happening around us, from companies managing parking garages to Sony to Staples to whatnots ...

I've read Schneier's article which in essence telling us that there is no foolproof way to prevent hacking attempt

I do reckoned that "foolproof" in the IT field is nothing short of fairy tales, but still, I do think there ought to be ways, online and offline, that we can do, to at least cut down, to minimize, our companies' exposure to the (oft state-sponsored) hacking groups

Any link (or links), suggestion, recommendation, whatever, that you guys (and gals) can share?

Thanks !


Top Five Theaters Won't Show "The Interview" Sony Cancels Release

Taco Cowboy They are there to take your money ... (580 comments)

...You know... Police, Army, Navy, Air Force, NSA, CIA, FBI, NRA, bronies...

If you are an American, you should know ...
The cops are there to enjoy Dunkin Donuts

The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine are there to be used to invade yet another foreign country

The NSA, CIA, FBI are there to invade our privacy

The IRS are there to harass us and to take our money

As for the congress ? They are there to talk shit

3 days ago

The Joker Behind the Signetics 25120 Write-Only Memory Chip Hoax

Taco Cowboy EIMAC Spoof Data Sheet (100 comments)

From TFA:

...If you look on the last note on the 25120 data sheet, I had included, âoeDue credit to EIMAC for inspiration.â.

I had always admired an EIMAC high powered vacuum tube spoof data sheet put out by Eitel-McCullough,Inc. I saw it when I was a teen Ham Operator and must have memorized it. That was in the late 1940â(TM)s.

So far I havenâ(TM)t relocated a copy of the EIMAC spoof data sheet. You need it to see the relevance. It pictured a melted EIMAC power tube and offered humorous specifications. If you know where there is a copy, let me know ...

Anyone here got a copy of the EIMAC Spoof Data Sheet?

Wanna share with us?

5 days ago

Apparent Islamic Terrorism Strikes Sydney

Taco Cowboy Australia reaps what it sows (876 comments)

This is what you get when you're short-sighted with your immigration policy

When they have the numbers, they will be up to their mischief

Look around the world, you'll see that this is not a new phenomenon -

They will first DOMINATE - becoming a very vocal minority

Then they will INTIMIDATE - and call anyone who disagree with them "racist" or "hater" and everything their opponents do as "hate speech", "hateful acts"
... and ultimately...
They will SUBJUGATE - the Middle East, Pakistan, Iran, North Africa, and so on, used to be places where the number of non-Muslims were larger than Muslims


In Pakistan they burned two Christians alive in a kiln

In Iraq / Syria they cut off the heads of Christians

In Northern Nigeria they kidnapped over 200 young girls and forced them to converted into Islam and then married them to much older Muslims

... and so on, and so forth

about a week ago

Apparent Islamic Terrorism Strikes Sydney

Taco Cowboy That fraud prophet worshipped the Devil (876 comments)

I think you should get your facts right Muhammad was not a warlord in fact he was a merchant until he became a religious leader at age 26

That false prophet had a grandpa who worked as a religious preacher, with the name of "Abdullah" (meaning, ' servant of Allah ' in the Arabian language)

He got bored with his own life and decided to do something different. He then went into a cave, came out and then proclaimed to anyone who would listen to him that the Archangel Gabriel came to him and told him the God had anointed him as a prophet

Afterward, that guy copied versus from the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bible, and then added / altered verses, to make himself "legit"

Since this has turned into a religious discussion, let us compare what the Koran said and what the Bible said:

In Koran:

Jesus, the son of Mary, said, "A messenger will come after me, named Ahmad." [ Koran 61:6]

Did Jesus ever say such a thing?

Nope! There was no mention at all within the many books which made up the Holy Bible that recorded Jesus ever uttered such a "speech"

That Koran verses was entirely a creation from that false prophet. It was Mohammad who insisted that Jesus had said something, several hundreds of years after the death of Jesus Christ !

We must never forget the warnings in Matthew 24:23-25

23"Then if anyone says to you, 'Behold, here is the Christ,' or 'There He is,' do not believe him"
24" For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect "
25"Behold, I have told you in advance"

... and also in Matthew 7:15-16

15" Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves "
16"You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they?

In other words, that Mohammad guy was a FALSE PROPHET and that Koran is filled with innuendos, deceits and lies !

A book which is filled with innuendos, deceits and lies, no matter how you look at it, should never be considered as " holy " !!

about a week ago

Study Explains Why Women Miscarry More Males During Tough Times

Taco Cowboy I am going to take this a step further (113 comments)

Be forewarned, this message ain't gonna be Politically Correct

Babies born under hard times don't grown up to be homosexuals

If we are to survey the demography of various countries there is a clear pattern ... that countries with larger percentage of homosexuals, bisexuals, trans-sexuals, and all that (male or female) tend to be those that are relatively more peaceful, with more plentiful offerings of food, and all that

Not to say that there is an absolute zero percentage of baby born during hard times that grow up to be homosexual ... there are always the exception

Take China, for examples ... during the warring / turbulent years (since the late 1800's to the late 1960's) percentage of Chinese homosexuals were very low

Now? With relative wealth and comfort, new generations that were born into kinder and gentler surroundings are experiencing an increase of the homosexual population

about two weeks ago

New Compilation of Banned Chinese Search-Terms Reveals Curiosities

Taco Cowboy There is no more "good guy" (43 comments)

Disclaimer: I was from China

There supposed to be a difference between the "Good Guys" (ie The West) and the "BADDIES" (darn commies), but with all the NSA snoopin', the CIA "extraordinary rendering", the congress voted away all the rights of the citizens, and all that ...
Honestly, I dunno anymore

about two weeks ago

Congress Passes Bill Allowing Warrantless Forfeiture of Private Communications

Taco Cowboy Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats ... (379 comments)

... cares for the nation ... works for the people

As long as we still rely on the Republicans and the Democrats to steer this country, USA is going nowhere fast

about two weeks ago

Congress Passes Bill Allowing Warrantless Forfeiture of Private Communications

Taco Cowboy Unless your server is truly offline (379 comments)

Unless there is an air gap in between your server and the Net, rest assure, they will find ways to access it

about two weeks ago

Congress Passes Bill Allowing Warrantless Forfeiture of Private Communications

Taco Cowboy Where are you going to keep your files?? (379 comments)

You missed everything I said about keeping the keys and decryption engine private

With NSA and all the spooks being given the blank check in snooping into every nook and cranny everywhere where do you think you gonna keep your files private ?

How long you think your files can be safely kept private?

The problem with the American government - no, not just the POTUS, not just the NSA, not just the Congress, not just the Court System, it's everything - is that it is turning into a totally uncontrollable monster, and it is getting uglier by the day

about two weeks ago

James Watson's Nobel Prize Medal Will Be Returned To Him

Taco Cowboy Re:One of the statements he made on the matter (235 comments)

... If you give the same intelligence test to (1) a wealthy, highly educated person from a supportive family and (2) the illiterate oldest child in a group of subsistence farmers ...

... how about (3) a penny-less refugee from China landed in USA in his mid-teens, with nothing but the cloth he was wearing?

I know you gonna launch the Political Correctness thing but if I, a refugee from China, who when arrived at the U. S. of A. can't converse with anybody with any language except Mandarin, can make it, don't anyone tells me that a child of a farmer can't

I am sick and tired of your kind of PC creeps. What you guys are doing are actually hurting the underprivileged more than helping them

about two weeks ago

AI Expert: AI Won't Exterminate Us -- It Will Empower Us

Taco Cowboy It's most dangerous when it's semi-aware (417 comments)

I do not think AI will be fully dangerous _after_ it becomes fully self-aware

Because of the speed of the computer it runs on, that self-aware AI can potentially think much faster than us, and can engage in thinking much more deeper thought than any human being could ever imagine

What I am most worry though, is when that AI reaches the semi-awareness stage --- with its thought not-yet-ready gel, and itself not-yet-comprehends the full spectra of the matter at hand ... that's when AI could do the most harm

about two weeks ago

Microsoft To US Gov't: the World's Servers Are Not Yours For the Taking

Taco Cowboy The only 800lb gorilla in the room (192 comments)

All of us have to face this fact, whether we like it or not --- The government of the United States of America is currently THE ONLY 800LB GORILLA IN THE ROOM

They get to do stuffs to others, anything at all, including meddling in internal matters of foreign nations, overthrowing foreign governments, even to the extent of assassination of foreign leaders. Yep, you name it, Uncle Sam has attempted it

If ever any foreign government dares to carry out the same thing it would be bombed back to the kingdom come by Uncle Sam

In comparison, getting access to servers located at foreign soil is small fly

about two weeks ago

China Plans Superheavy Rocket, Ups Reliability

Taco Cowboy That happened back in the 1970's (86 comments)

... and I learned twice already from chinese expats in the west that their kids found the supposedly excellent local western schools too simple ...

I came from China, landed on the US soil as a refugee

When I left China I was in my mid teen. The last school I attended in China (regular school) was something equivalent of a junior-high of the United States, and at the time I left, China's society was in a totally chaotic state, and the schools I attended were also upside down in terms of "teaching/learning"

But still, when I landed on the US soil, at first I was enrolled in an American high school (I knew almost nothing in English, except the A-Z alphabet and simple "Yes/No/Thank you") but when it came to math, it was, to me, totally ridiculous

In the American high school the math they were doing I did it in my primary school, in my 3rd and 4th year, as a matter of fact

After I got my English straightened out, I got into a community college, and even then, in the freshman and sophomore years (the first two years of my university life I studied in community college) the math they taught there was still lower than what I had (in "junior high") back in China, and I ain't talking about simple business math course either, as I was aiming for a science stream, so the math courses I was taking were things like Calculus, Advanced Calculus, and so forth

And yes, that was back in the 1970's, and even back then, the school standard of the United States was already lower than that of China

Today, the gap between the school standard in Asia, specifically those in Korea, China, Singapore, Japan and that of the West, specifically the U. S. of A. has grown wider, much wider

If the West do not improve, in a generation or two (give or take 50 years) Asia will lead the world in Science and Math

about two weeks ago

China Plans Superheavy Rocket, Ups Reliability

Taco Cowboy China is not in space competition (86 comments)

Although China is no more my country, I was born there. As an ethnic Chinese I understand the Chinese mentality --- that in this "space race" thing China's stance is to take one firm step at a time, no matter what others are doing

And it is evidenced in China's approach on its space program so far. China always takes its own sweet time in launching whatever they have launched. They seemed to be in no hurry at all and they seemed to be oblivious to whatever others are doing

The Japanese have launched space mission to collect comet dust

The Europeans have landed a probe on a comet

The Americans have been to many corners of the Solar System, with two of its space crafts actually outside of the perimeter already

Even the Indians have sent their space craft, and as we speak, speeding closer and closer towards planet Mars

China? Well... They tried once to hitch a hike on a Russian mission to Mars but that thing failed miserably. After that, no more mission until China can send one up by their own

So far, China prefers to stick to their space station mission and their moon mission. Nothing else matter

That's the Chinese way of doing things - gonna learn to crawl before learning to walk before learning to run

about two weeks ago



New sophisticated malware from the makers of "Red October"

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about a week ago

Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "A new and powerful malware is making the rounds

That malware is reportedly created by the same people behind "Red October" espionage malware. It infects Windows Mobile, Android, Blackberry, jail-broken iPhones, desktop version of Windows, and even Blackberry

It was found independently by Kaspersky Labs and by Blue Coat, and has been given two names

"Cloud Atlas" and "Inception"

The following countries have been targeted by this powerful malware

Czech Republic

On mobile, the malware would come as a fake Whatsapp update, while on the desktop, it would infect users through a Visual Basic script that people could download from email attachments as part of received documents

The malware's origins seem to be heavily obfuscated. Its code contains "bread crumbs" that led the researchers to multiple countries and regions including China, South Korea, Russia, India, Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Middle East, UK and even the U.S. Whoever built it wanted to make it very difficult for others to pinpoint their location

Blue Coat warns users to be on the lookout for unauthorized WedDAV traffic or "regsvr32.exe" constantly running in the process list. Users should also watch out for emails containing RTF documents and MMS messages that tell you to update certain apps"

Link to Original Source


US rescue attempt failed. Hostages killed

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about two weeks ago

Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "US special forces, along with soldiers from Yemen, launched a hostage rescue mission in the southern Shabwa region today in an attempt to rescue two Caucasoid hostages that are being held by the Jihadists

There was a gun battle, people were killed, and the two hostages were shot by the Jihadists in cold blood, before the US forces could get to them

One of the hostages came from South Africa while the other was from the US of A

What I do not understand is, why, in this day and age, Westerners, especially those with white skin, still want to venture into places that they already know are hostile to them?"

Link to Original Source

Battery with a billion holes

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about three weeks ago

Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "A battery which is made up of tiny nanopores has been created by researchers from University of Maryland. Each of the nanopores holds electrolyte to carry the electrical charge between nanotube electrodes at either end, and acts as if a very tiny battery

According to Chanyuan Liu, a graduate student in materials science & engineering, says that it can be fully charged in 12 minutes, and it can be recharged thousands of time, and that the research team has already identified ways to increase the power of the batteries by ten times

The team consists of UMD chemists and materials scientists who collaborated on the project: Gary Rubloff , director of the Maryland NanoCenter and a professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and in the Institute for Systems Research; Sang Bok Lee, a professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemisty and the Department of Materials Science and Engineering; and seven of their Ph.D. students (two now graduated)

Many millions of these nanopores can be crammed into one larger battery the size of a postage stamp. One of the reasons the researchers think this unit is so successful is because each nanopore is shaped just like the others, which allows them to pack the tiny thin batteries together efficiently. Coauthor Eleanor Gillette's modeling shows that the unique design of the nanopore battery is responsible for its success, and the space inside the holes is so small that the space they take up, all added together, would be no more than a grain of sand

The entire design of the battery involves each of its nanobattery components being composed of an anode, a cathode, and a liquid electrolyte confined within the nanopores of anodic aluminium oxide, which is an advanced ceramic material. Each nanoelectrode includes an outer ruthenium nanotube current collector and an inner nanotube of vanadium pentoxide storage material. These together form a symmetric full nanopore storage cell with anode and cathode separated by an electrolyte region. The vanadium pentoxide is treated with lithium at one end to serve as the anode, with pristine vanadium pentoxide at the other end serving as the cathode"

Link to Original Source

Support for IS is stronger in Europe and US than in Syria

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about three weeks ago

Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "This may be somewhat counter-intuitive, the fact is that the support for the Islamic State terrorist group amongst those who frequenting the Arabic social-media scene from Europe and the United States is stronger than those who are from Syria

Analysis of two million online posts found those originating in Europe were more favourable to Isis than those from frontline of conflict

Support for Islamic State (Isis) among Arabic-speaking social media users in Belgium, Britain, France and the US is greater than in the militant group’s heartlands of Syria and Iraq, a global analysis of over 2 million Arabic-language online posts has found

Italian academics found that in a three-and-a-half month period starting in July, content posted by Arabic-speaking Europeans on Twitter and Facebook was more favourable to Isis than content posted in those countries on the frontline of the conflict

In Syria, Isis appears to be dramatically losing the battle for hearts and minds with more than 92% of tweets, blogs and forum comments hostile to the militants who have rampaged through the east of the country and western Iraq, seizing large tracts of territory and declaring the establishment of a religious state

Outside Syria, on the other hand, the support for Isis rises significantly. Forty-seven per cent (47%) of studied tweets and posts from Qatar, 35% from Pakistan, 31% from Belgium and almost 24% of posts from UK and 21% from the US were classified as being supportive of the jihadist organisation compared with just under 20% in Jordan, Saudi Arabia (19.7%) and Iraq (19.8%)

If I were one of those who are living in the Western countries I would start to prepare for the worst"

Link to Original Source

iPhone 6 has reached its peak

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about three weeks ago

Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "Judging from Apple's order for chips that are used to build iPhone 6, the peak has been reached and it's starting to go downhill from now on

Apple has started scaling back on chip orders for its latest iPhone, according to sources at IC design houses

Orders for chips for the production of iPhone 6 devices will reduce to 44-46 million units in the first quarter of 2015 from more than 50 million units in fourth-quarter 2014, the sources estimated

In addition, analog IC firms in the supply chain for Apple's iPhone 6 disclosed that their unfilled orders-to-shipments ratio has slid to 1.1 from 1.3-1.4

Meanwhile, sources at downstream manufacturers also indicated that the visibility of orders for the iPhone 6 has reduced at a gradual pace. Shipments for Apple's latest iPhone devices might have already reached peak levels, the sources suggested"

Link to Original Source

Bitcoin is not anonymous after all

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about three weeks ago

Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "Researchers from the University of Luxembourg have demonstrated that it is possible to figure out the IP address and therefore the identity of individuals who pay for transactions anonymously online using bitcoins

In an open-access paper entitled Deanonymisation of clients in Bitcoin P2P network — http://orbilu.uni.lu/handle/10... — the researchers explain bitcoins do not protect the IP addresses of users, and these can be linked to the user's transactions in real time, even if the client uses different pseudonyms for each transaction

The researchers say a hacker could discover the identity of a bitcoin user by using several computers and spending just under €1,500 (£1,190, $1,871) on such a deanonymisation attack

There are several ways for a hacker to generate a malformed message and pretend it has been sent by a user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network, even if the message has been sent from one of Tor's exit nodes

For example, say there are 1,008 Tor exit nodes. The hacker just needs to establish 1,008 connections and send a few megabytes of data to all connections from the Tor exit nodes to Bitcoin servers

Once the attacker knows what all the servers are and the bitcoin users have been banned from accessing these servers using Tor, they will then have to access the servers the normal way

"It shows that the level of network anonymity provided by Bitcoin is quite low. Several features of the Bitcoin protocol makes the attack possible. In particular, we emphasise that the stable set of only eight entry nodes is too small, as the majority of these nodes' connections can be captured by an attacker"

Every time the user's client makes a connection to an entry node of the bitcoin server, its address (perhaps an IP address associated with a major internet service provider) will be advertised

Once the hacker knows this address, he can trick the bitcoin server into revealing the IP address of the user

"The crucial idea of our attack is to identify each client by an octet of outgoing connections it establishes. This octet of Bitcoin peers [entry nodes] serves as a unique identifier of a client for the whole duration of a user session and will differentiate even those users who share the same NAT IP address," the authors stress

"As soon as the attacker receives the transaction from just two to three entry nodes he can with very high probability link the transaction to a specific client""

Link to Original Source

Open air laser communication at up to 2.5tb/s speed

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about 1 month ago

Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "A proof of concept open-air data-transmission experiment using laser beam was run at Vienna, Austria just the other day

Researchers from the University of Vienna beamed a green laser mounted on a radar tower at the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics, which was aimed at a receiver at the University of Vienna 3 km (1.8 mi) away, with a twist

The latest twist is based on the Orbital Angular Momentum of light or OAM, which allows a beam of a particular color – or wavelength – to be twisted into a corkscrew shape to increase the number of potential communication channels available. So rather than one wavelength of light serving as a single channel, each of the theoretically infinite number of turns acts as a separate communication channel

The light beam was configured into 16 patterns corresponding to binary numbers. These were used to encode grey-scale images of Wolfgang-Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Boltzmann, and Erwin Schrödinger, which were the subjects of the transmission. At the receiver, a camera picked up the beam, which was fed into an artificial neural network to filter out atmospheric interference. In terms of individual photons of light, it means that instead of spinning like the Earth around its own axis, their energy traces out a spiral. It is the same sort of momentum that sees the Earth orbit the sun, but the photons are also moving forward at the speed of light. That corkscrew-like motion is useful because instead of just having two possible directions like polarisation (clockwise or anticlockwise), it can turn in either direction with a potentially infinite number of twists — much like a screw with multiple threads. This is why physicists have been investigating whether twisted light could help transmit information very quickly: each twist configuration could be its own channel, just like different colours of light inside an optical fiber

The team sees a number of applications for the technology, including satellite and other open air channels. In addition, the quantum nature of the light twists would make eavesdropping very difficult. Encryption keys, for example, could be sent securely because trying to read the beam in flight would alter its quantum state and destroy the data. "We have shown for the first time that information can be encoded onto twisted light and sent through a 3 km intra-city link with strong turbulences," says team member Mario Krenn. "The OAM of light is theoretically unbounded, meaning that one has, in theory, an unlimited amount of different distinguishable states in which light can be encoded. It is envisaged that this additional degree of freedom could significantly increase data-rates in classical communication”

BBC also carries the news @ http://www.bbc.com/news/scienc..."

Link to Original Source

Islam inside the Western country

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about a month ago

Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "Anjem Choudary, a British-born lawyer turned Islamic preacher, who lives in London and has for years been asserting his democratic right to call for an end to democracy

Anjem Choudary: I believe Islam is superior. And will not be surpassed. So I believe that the law of God is much superior to man-made law

Clarissa Ward: So, in that sense, you believe that Islam and democracy are mutually exclusive? That they can't exist side-by-side?

Anjem Choudary: Allah is the only one to legislate. So, obviously, in that sense it's completely, diametrically opposed. You cannot have man legislating and playing God in Parliament, and at the same time believe that Allah is the only legislator

one of Anjem's young followers, Abu Rumaysah

Abu Rumaysah: We want Islam. We want Islam to dominate the world

He is a convert from Hinduism but his new beliefs bar even the most basic human feelings towards his mother and other family members who didn't convert

Abu Rumaysah: I don't love them as non Muslims, but I desire for them to become Muslim and embrace Islam

Abu Rumaysah: It's not allowed for me to love non-Muslims. So that's something that is a matter of faith
Abu Rumaysah: Ultimately, I want to see every single woman in this country covered from head to toe. I want to the see the hand of the thief cut. I want to see adulterers stoned to death. I want to see Sharia law in Europe. And I want to see it in America as well

So ... if you guys in the West still think that you are safe, think again !!"

Link to Original Source

Google to lease and refurbish Naval Air Base for space exploration

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about a month ago

Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "Google has signed a long-term lease for part of a historic Navy air base, where it plans to renovate three massive hangars and use them for projects involving aviation, space exploration and robotics. The giant Internet company will pay $1.16 billion in rent over 60 years for the property, which also includes a working air field, golf course and other buildings. The 1,000-acre site is part of the former Moffett Field Naval Air Station on the San Francisco Peninsula. Google plans to invest more than $200 million to refurbish the hangars and add other improvements, including a museum or educational facility that will showcase the history of Moffett and Silicon Valley, according to a NASA statement. The agency said a Google subsidiary called Planetary Ventures LLC will use the hangars for "research, development, assembly and testing in the areas of space exploration, aviation, rover/robotics and other emerging technologies"

NASA plans to continue operating its Ames Research Center on the former Navy site. Google will take over operations at the runways and hangars, including a massive structure that was built to house dirigible-style Navy airships in the 1930s. NASA said the deal will save it $6.3 million in annual maintenance and operation costs"

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What kind of Internet we need in the future?

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about a month ago

Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "Internet

Most of us can't imagine what kind of life we will have in a world without Internet. In fact, Internet is so ubiquitous that many of us are taking Internet for granted. But imagine this, Internet is changing, and may morph into a thing that none of us may recognize

In 1913, the city of London had 65 utility companies with 49 standards. In 2014, the situation echoes that of digital infrastructure, where you have multiple networks, each with different standards

How long will Internet retain its roll of being the "Conduit for Information Flow"?

Today, most municipalities still retain some kind of control over the management of Internet services, but it may not be long before this too, disappears. For Example: TaKaDu, an Israel-based company that offers cloud-based water management to cities in Australia and Singapore, monitored remotely from the other side of the world. In the near future, authorities will be able to outsource a plethora of operations, from traffic control to waste-disposal, to the cheapest, most efficient operator – wherever they may be. At the same time, immersive technologies will reduce the need for individuals to relocate to cities in order to access top-tier healthcare services

Many people regard the internet as a global entity, something that exists outside of the boundaries of national ownership. Yet the fact remains that much of the system’s core infrastructure remains in the hands that pioneered it, and specifically in Western institutions. The protocol for the assignation of IP addresses and online namespaces is handled by ICANN, based in California; authority over the internet’s Domain Name System ultimately lies with the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration. The Internet Society, a non-profit organization that aims to shape the development of the net for the benefit of users worldwide, now has chapters in 90 different countries – but its headquarters are located in Reston, Virginia, in the US>br>
In the wake of Edward Snowden’s electronic surveillance revelations, the movement to oppose this US dominance is gaining momentum. The recent debates over the surveillance activities of the US National Security Agency (NSA) and the UK Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) have cast a spotlight upon governmental use of the internet, particularly with regards to data-tracking. The real dangers, however, lie with the rapid centralization of the internet, which has led to the emergence of monolithic platforms such as those owned by the world’s most popular search engines and social networks. While these companies may have a broadly positive impact on the experience of using the internet, their data-gathering capabilities and increasing omnipresence makes them hard to control.

Crucial bodies like ICANN currently lack members from developing nations, depriving these countries of a voice in regulatory debates. As their access to computer resources improves, developing countries will find it easier to send representatives to organizations such as ICANN – yet true progress may rely upon the creation of new institutions altogether

For all the drastic change that the growth of the internet has already brought to our lives, the years ahead will require further adaptation on the part of governments and individuals alike – particularly as the Internet of Things becomes a widespread reality"

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'Ebola coffee cup' puts plane on lockdown at Dublin Airport

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about 2 months ago

Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "Nowadays 'Ebola' has become such a powerful bogeyman any mention of 'Ebola' will sure to cause a massive panic

For example: An unidentified man who scribbled an Ebola warning on a cup of coffee caused quite a stir on a Dublin-bound flight. After putting the plane on lockdown for nearly an hour in the Irish capital, authorities determined that it was all a hoax

The incident occurred on Air Lingus Flight EI 433, which had set off from Milan on Thursday. Upon arriving in Dublin, passengers were held onboard for roughly 50 minutes until paramedics were able to investigate the matter

"As a precaution, the incident was fully investigated before passengers and crew disembarked as normal. The incident is now a matter for the gardai (police).” According to the Irish Mirror, a passenger who was on the flight got in touch with their daughter to say a man had written "Be careful, Ebola" on a coffee cup"

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Iconic photo shots of Moon and Earth by Chang'e 5 T1

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Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "China's Chang'e 5 T1 space mission has sent back iconic photos of the Moon and Planet Earth

In the photo, The Earth hangs like a white and blue bauble in the black of space, distant and heart-achingly beautiful. You can see it here — http://planetary.s3.amazonaws....

The spacecraft's trajectory will carry it back to Earth at about 21:30 UT on October 31. Happy Halloween!"

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The two winners of the Gamergate

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about 1 month ago

Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "The saga of Gamergate has ended up with a whole lot of lowers, but two entities may be potentially BIG WINNERS

Digitimes has an interesting commentary on the Gamergate, something that at least, to me, toe the neutral line, with arguments that are at least logical

According to the commentary, the two potential big winners are

Google and Amazon


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Whales survive only after huge sharks died out

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Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "Millions of years ago there were sharks as big as WW2 submarines. According to researchers from University of Zuric those gigantic sharks, or Megalodon, died out some 2.8 million years ago

The mega-shark was no lightweight. At 110 tonnes, it was about 30 times as heavy as a Great White and is thought to have had the most powerful bite of any animal in the Earth's history. With those humongous size sharks, whales don't get any fighting chance

It was such a ravenous predator, that its extinction may have allowed whales — today's heftiest seagoing fatties — to grow to the sizes we see nowadays. “When we calculated the time of Megalodon’s extinction, we noticed that the modern function and gigantic sizes of filter feeder whales became established around that time. Future research will investigate if Megalodon’s extinction played a part in the evolution of these new classes of whales,” said Catalina Pimiento of the University of Florida"

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More babies died in US than in Japan, New Zealand, Korea, Finland or Israel

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Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "Of the 29 OECD countries the United States ranked the 26th in term of infant mortality, behind behind most European countries as well as Japan, Korea, Israel, Australia, and New Zealand

This means that in the United States, more babies die before reaching the age of one year than in the vast majority of OECD countries

The United States had the highest rate of death in the 37 week or later birth bracket. While the full term for a pregnancy is 40 weeks, at 37 weeks babies are sufficiently close to full term as to have the highest likelihood of survival. While the CDC report found that America did better than three of the 29 OECD countries, a report prepared by Save the Children in 2013 found that the United States at the highest infant mortality rate in the industrialized world.

A chart is available @ http://politicalblindspot.com/...


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High speed evolution

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about 2 months ago

Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "Normally the 'evolution conjures up an image of "super-long time frame" but at least in the case of lizards on Florida islands the evolution seems to have shifted to the fifth gear

Sientists working on islands in Florida have documented the rapid evolution of a native lizard species — in as little as 15 years — as a result of pressure from an invading lizard species, introduced from Cuba. After contact with the invasive species, the native lizards began perching higher in trees, and, generation after generation, their feet evolved to become better at gripping the thinner, smoother branches found higher up

The change occurred at an astonishing pace: Within a few months, native lizards had begun shifting to higher perches, and over the course of 15 years and 20 generations, their toe pads had become larger, with more sticky scales on their feet. "We did predict that we'd see a change, but the degree and quickness with which they evolved was surprising," said Yoel Stuart, a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Integrative Biology at The University of Texas at Austin and lead author of the study

"To put this shift in perspective, if human height were evolving as fast as these lizards' toes, the height of an average American man would increase from about 5 foot 9 inches today to about 6 foot 4 inches within 20 generations — an increase that would make the average U.S. male the height of an NBA shooting guard," said Stuart. "Although humans live longer than lizards, this rate of change would still be rapid in evolutionary terms"

This latest study is one of only a few well-documented examples of what evolutionary biologists call "character displacement," in which similar species competing with each other evolve differences to take advantage of different ecological niches. A classic example comes from the finches studied by Charles Darwin. Two species of finch in the Galápagos Islands diverged in beak shape as they adapted to different food sources. The researchers speculate that the competition between brown and green anoles for the same food and space may be driving the adaptations of the green anoles. Stuart also noted that the adults of both species are known to eat the hatchlings of the other species

"So it may be that if you're a hatchling, you need to move up into the trees quickly or you'll get eaten," said Stuart. "Maybe if you have bigger toe pads, you'll do that better than if you don't""

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Ocean could turn acidic

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Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "The oceans absorb about a third of the CO2 that’s being produced by industrial society, and this is changing the chemistry of seawater. CO2 reacts with the sea water to form carbonic acid. UK's chief scientist, Sir Mark Walport warns that the acidity of the oceans has increased by about 25% since the industrial revolution, mainly thanks to manmade emissions

The consequences of acidification are likely to be made worse by the warming of the ocean expected with climate change, a process which is also driven by CO2. Until now studies have identified species with calcium-based shells as most in danger from changing chemistry. But researchers in Exeter have found that other creatures will also be affected because as acidity increases it creates conditions for animals to take up more coastal pollutants like copper

The angler’s favourite bait – the humble lugworm – suffers DNA damage as a result of the extra copper. The pollutant harms their sperm, and their offspring don’t develop properly. “It’s a bit of a shock, frankly,” said biologist Ceri Lewis from Exeter University, one of the report’s authors. “It means the effects of ocean acidification may be even more serious than we previously thought. We need to look with new eyes at things which we thought were not vulnerable”

The lugworm study was published in Environmental Science and Technology. Another study from Dr Lewis not yet peer-reviewed suggests that sea urchins are also harmed by uptake of copper. This adds to the damage they will suffer from increasing acidity as it takes them more and more energy to calcify their shells and spines. This is significant because sea urchins, which can live up to 100 years, are a keystone species — grazing algae off rocks that would otherwise be covered in green slime

“Our work means we are under-estimating effects of acidification for coastal invertebrates. We are now realizing there are many indirect impacts of ocean acidification on other processes. It could be that we are facing a lot more surprises ahead”"

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The Queen sends her first tweet

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Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "

"It is a pleasure to open the Information Age exhibition today at the @ScienceMuseum and I hope people will enjoy visiting. Elizabeth R."

That was the Queen's first tweet — sent through the @BritishMonarchy account — heralding the launch of a major new exhibition at London's Science Museum

The Information Age gallery, opened by the Queen this morning, takes visitors on a journey through the history of modern communications from the telegraph to the smartphone

Baroness Martha Lane Fox, who has campaigned for better access to and understanding of the internet, welcomes the new gallery: "It's an amazing opportunity for people young and old to come and see the extraordinary developments in technology over the last hundred years or so. It really reminds me of the scale of ambition that people have had to change things"

She hopes too that visitors will learn of the great contribution made by Britain to the development of communications — from Ada Lovelace, the woman who conceived the idea of computer programming in the 1830s, through to the 1950s when Lyons Corner Houses introduced the first business computer Leo, and on to Sir Tim Berners-Lee: "I hope that people who visit will have their ambition and excitement lit so we can continue to be world leaders in this field because it's so important"

The gallery certainly does show off the role Britain has played, and a number of British companies including BT and the chip designer ARM Holdings have sponsored the Information Age and supplied exhibits. But, as they wander past early computers like the ACE, designed by Alan Turing, visitors may begin to ask themselves a question


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Copulation happened in Scotland, 385 million years ago!

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Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "Boffins are claiming that they have found the evidence of animals equipped with "copulation tools" as far back as 385 million years ago

An international team of researchers says a fish called Microbrachius dicki is the first-known animal to stop reproducing by spawning and instead mate by having sex. The primitive bony fish, which was about 8cm long, lived in ancient lakes about 385 million years ago in what is now Scotland

Lead author Prof John Long, from Flinders University in Australia, said: "We have defined the very point in evolution where the origin of internal fertilisation in all animals began"

Prof Long added that the discovery was made as he was looking through a box of ancient fish fossils. He noticed that one of the M. dicki specimens had an odd L-shaped appendage

Further investigation revealed that this was the male fish's genitals. "The male has large bony claspers. These are the grooves that they use to transfer sperm into the female" explained Prof Long. Microbrachius dicki fossils are common — but nobody noticed the sexual organs until now. The female fish, on the other hand, had a small bony structure at their rear that locked the male organ into place

Constrained by their anatomy, the fish probably had to mate side by side."They couldn't have done it in a 'missionary position'" said Prof Long. "The very first act of copulation was done sideways, square-dance style ""

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Cellphones, Ebola, and Big Data

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about 2 months ago

Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "The ebola crisis in West Africa has killed more than 4,500 people, and the number keeps on rising

Medical researchers are frantically trying to find way to slow down the spread of ebola and so far the medical route seems to be not able to stop ebola in its tracks

On the other hand, researchers from IT backgrounds think they might be able to track the movement of people by means of cellphone data and that there is a possibility that by analyzing the big data generated by the cellphone companies they could better predict the spread of ebola and hence offer advises to relevant authorities to take actions before the deadly contagious disease becomes out of control

Links to the efforts are available at http://www.ibtimes.com/pulse/e... and http://www.geektime.com/2014/1... and http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/busi..."

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Wanna create stuffs?

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about two weeks ago

You like to tinker with stuffs? You like to create new things? You are interested in IoT (Internet of Things)?

Then you are in luck. There's a site (no, not related to me in any way) that has been set up for people just like you

It's been funded by Foxconn (and no, I ain't related in any way with Foxconn either) and what the site is doing is to provide tinkerers a venue to propose their idea and if their idea has merit, Foxconn will build it (prototype and all) and if the idea is really interesting, Foxconn might even make your product for you (of course, Foxconn gonna take a big cut, but then, they provide the funding)

Site's name? http://kick2real.com/

One last thing ... a minor inconvenience. This site is in Chinese

I am posting this site on /. because Slashdot supposed to be a place for geeks who like to get their hands dirty inventing stuffs


The Danger of Over-Reliance on the Net

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about 4 months ago Since its inception the Net has taken over much of human civilization's attention and it has become the main viaduct for much of the communication and information flow, so much so that the act of letter-writing has become an ancient (and almost extinct) art

In other words, an over-reliance on the Internet has developed, and the problem is getting more and more serious

Internet will not last forever, and if that happen, what will human societies become?

History is filled with stories of collapsed of civilization, one of which we can learn lesson from is the Late Broze Age Collapse http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Late_Bronze_Age_collapse

Before the arrival of late bronze age collapse, nation states around the Mediterranean Sea and the Anatolia region had trading ties with each others. Along with the trade ties, cultural exchanges ensured that new ideas, new stories, new designs continually replendish and revive the otherwise isolated cultural groupings dotting along the coast line of the Mediterranean

However, with the collapses of the Hittite empire and the New Kingdom of Egypt, trade between the nation states dwindled and cultural centers all around the Mediterranean Sea suffered a domino-effect cultural crash

While people might argue that the Internet will not fail, that it will go on forever, but what if it fails and ceases to exist ? What will happen next ?

Our over-reliance on the Net is a worrying trend, and we should ponder the possible consequence before it happen


When are you going to tackle the spam problem, Slashdot ?

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about 4 months ago

The thread http://developers.slashdot.org/story/14/08/10/2250205/new-nsa-funded-code-rolls-all-programming-languages-into-one has been seriously spammed, and that troll that does the spamming always spam threads that are related to "NSA"

So what are you going to do with the spam problem, Slashdot ?

If you can not stop that bot from spamming you, at the very least offer us an 'un-friend' feature so that we can make a tick on the box next to that fucker, and forever and ever we won't need to see any more of his spam

Will you do that, Slashdot ?


Is it a taboo to use the full name of Obama ?

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about a year ago

In the comment http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=4728375&cid=46105237 I was commenting that the Nobel Peace Prize committee should take back the prize that they have wrongly awarded to Obama.

In the comment I used the full name of Obama, which is Barack Hussein Obama, which in fact, is the LEGAL NAME of the current POTUS.

For whatever reason, a fella "Stargoat" flamed me for using the full name of Obama and specifically accuse me of using the name of "Hussein" !

I was totally floored by the way that knee jerk threw his temper tantrum. I mean, The word "Hussein" isn't my invention, I wasn't the one who "gave" Obama that name.

It was Obama's dad who gave him that "Hussein". Not me.

Is it a taboo to use the full name of Obama ?

If it has become illegal to use Obama's full name, why don't they make an official law from now on, making it a federal offense for any "peon" to call the Emperor/ President / Dictator of the United States of America by his/her full name ?


Comparing Barack Hussein Obama to Edward Snowden

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about a year ago Mr. Barack Hussein Obama is the President of the United States. He currently lives in the White House, and enjoys all the privileges of the presidency, including 24/7 security protection (including that of the protection from food poisoning).

Mr. Edward Snowden currently lives in an undisclosed location somewhere in Russia. He currently is under 24/7 threat from the United States of America for allegation of "treason".

One is currently the "President" and the other is currently labeled as a "fugitive".

For the past several months, revelations from the so-called "fugitive" has deeply troubled that "President", so much so that, few hours ago, that "President" had to come out to admit that the United States of America has spied on millions of people for no reason whatsoever.

It took MONTHS for that so-called "President" to admit his own wrongdoing, but even when that "President" has confessed to his own sin, Mr. Snowden, the "fugitive", is still under constant threat.

This is year 2014. The 14th years into the 21st century, and yet, our society still treats people with integrity, such as Mr. Edward Snowden, as a "fugitive". Meanwhile a man with no integrity whatsoever still gets to live inside the White House.

Is this the United States of America the founding fathers had envisioned ?

Or has the United States of America turned into the very DICTATORIAL MONSTER the founding fathers was fighting against ?


The Smartphone Kill Switch

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  1 year,22 hours

A chill ran up my spine after I read http://yro.slashdot.org/story/13/12/19/2113235/proposed-california-law-would-mandate-smartphone-kill-switch

Right now, as it is, NSA can listen to your telephone communication, can read your sms/email, can know where you are, who you regularly communicate with, can profile your behavior (when you will do what at where), but they still can't shut you off (unless they send in a "cleaner").

With the Kill Switch, they can do that.

Yes, the law as it is, is for people who report to the police that their smartphones were stolen, so that the authority can issue a "kill order" to brick that lost smartphone.

And we also know what NSA is all about - no law on the land can touch them - and with the availability of the "Kill Switch", NSA can effectively KILL THE PHONES of those who they do not like, cutting them off the communication grid, and leaving them out in the cold.

I can foresee the consequential abuses that will accompany this new "Kill Switch" law. It'll only make NSA (and all the other BIG BROTHERS) that much stronger.


When *GENOCIDE* becomes a non-issue

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  1 year,6 days Hussein Barack Obama, when he was a Senator, spoke eloquently about the issue of GENOCIDE.

Senator Hussein Barack Obama spoke about the GENOCIDE in Sudan, and also the GENOCIDE of the Armenian people by the Turks.

That was, of course, before Senator Obama became President Obama.

Once Obama moved into the White House, he stopped talking about GENOCIDE altogether. This page:


will show you the complete 180-degree change of direction Obama has taken on the Genocide in Sudan.

These pages





will guide you to the shameful decision by the Obama White House in refusing to display an 88-year-old rug, despite having promised so earlier, for a Smithsonian Institute project.

I, as an American Citizen, is very shameful to have Obama as my president. Although I never cast my vote for him, millions of my fellow Americans were stupid enough to elect this two-faced liar into the White house, not once, but twice.

If issues such as GENOCIDE can become a total non-issue, what kind of message the United States of America is going to give to the world, that America is a non-principled, rogue country ?


China building its 3rd space tracking station in Argentina

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  1 year,13 days Based on the following reports, all in Mandarin:

One dated 2009:


In which it outlined the need to build a network consist of three (3) deep space tracking stations, to prepare China's up and coming space missions, including Chang-e 5, and beyond. Two (2) of the stations have been built, they are inside China. The third one will be build in Argentina, at the cost of $80 Million, and will be completed by 2016. This page, from a state-owned construction company in China, Second Engineering Company Limited of CCC Fourth Highway Engineering Company Limited, gave the location of the 3rd Chinese deep space tracking station:


This page, dated 25th October 2013, stated that the building of the 3rd Chinese deep space tracking station has begun. The deep space tracking station will be build on a high plateau in between 800 meter to 900 meter above the sea level.


10 year anniversary to an official absurdity

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  1 year,15 days Back in 2003, the city of Los Angeles demanded that manufacturers, suppliers and contractors stopped using the terms "master" and "slave" on computer equipment, saying such terms were unacceptable and offensive.


From 2003 to 2013, many more such absurdities came into being, from Obama's wish to revamp NASA into an organization to please the Muslims


to Obamacare website fiasco originated from the a no-bid $93 Million contract to Mitchelle Obama's ex classmate.


When I signed on to become an American I never imagine that my new country would become the buttjoke of the world, but unfortunately, it is.

Sigh !!


Google has become a stranger to me

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about a year ago

I was one of the early investors in google, naturally, when others were still using altavista or yahoo I put my homepage as google.com

Google has always have that "I'm Feeling Lucky" button, and will send visitors to random sites (from a pre-chosen, pre-approved bunch, of course, don't want to send children to porn sites) ...

That was the google I knew

Nowadays, everything change

No matter if you start with google.rw or google.com.au or plain google.com, and click on that "I'm Feeling Lucky" button you will end up in the "doodle" page

What kind of fucking crap is that ?


The U.S. Space Program

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about a year ago

" I don't know if your listeners or people living in the U.S. understand these changes, but as I observe them from the outside, I feel that America is gradually contracting and closing itself off. It's a very strange thing." "

The person who said the above is Mr. Wu Ji, the director of China's National Space Science Center ( http://cssar.cas.cn/ ), English version @ http://english.cssar.cas.cn/ .

As an American, the above quote left a very bitter taste in my mouth.

What the fuck has gone wrong with my country ?


Do you still trust the United States of America ?

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about a year ago

First, it was revealed that America cracked the email of the Brazilian President.

Then, it was Mexico's turn, closely followed by revelation of NSA tapping on France' telecommunication network

Now, it's Germany's chancellor which got the unwelcome tap.

Would you still trust the United States of America as your ally ?


TOR is not safe

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about a year ago

If you think TOR (The Onion Router) is safe, if you think that you can get away from the prying eyes of the BIG BROTHER you could not be more wrong.

TOR originated from a research project of the U.S. Naval Research Lab, and currently still receive funding from the states department of the US government, the Swedish government, and others.

And there already have been several cases of the fed successfully cracking the myriad layers of TOR and some people have already been apprehended.

This link outlined how FBI has successfully cracked TOR


The following link outlined the background of TOR



A statement from Edward Snowden

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about a year and a half ago http://wikileaks.org/Statement-from-Edward-Snowden-in.html?snow

Monday July 1, 21:40 UTC

One week ago I left Hong Kong after it became clear that my freedom and safety were under threat for revealing the truth. My continued liberty has been owed to the efforts of friends new and old, family, and others who I have never met and probably never will. I trusted them with my life and they returned that trust with a faith in me for which I will always be thankful.

On Thursday, President Obama declared before the world that he would not permit any diplomatic "wheeling and dealing" over my case. Yet now it is being reported that after promising not to do so, the President ordered his Vice President to pressure the leaders of nations from which I have requested protection to deny my asylum petitions.

This kind of deception from a world leader is not justice, and neither is the extralegal penalty of exile. These are the old, bad tools of political aggression. Their purpose is to frighten, not me, but those who would come after me.

For decades the United States of America has been one of the strongest defenders of the human right to seek asylum. Sadly, this right, laid out and voted for by the U.S. in Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is now being rejected by the current government of my country. The Obama administration has now adopted the strategy of using citizenship as a weapon. Although I am convicted of nothing, it has unilaterally revoked my passport, leaving me a stateless person. Without any judicial order, the administration now seeks to stop me exercising a basic right. A right that belongs to everybody. The right to seek asylum.

In the end the Obama administration is not afraid of whistleblowers like me, Bradley Manning or Thomas Drake. We are stateless, imprisoned, or powerless. No, the Obama administration is afraid of you. It is afraid of an informed, angry public demanding the constitutional government it was promised â" and it should be.

I am unbowed in my convictions and impressed at the efforts taken by so many.

Edward Joseph Snowden Monday 1st July 2013


Idealist Geeks ?

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about a year and a half ago

Just heard the term "Idealist Geeks" over the BBC worldservice

The guy was talking about folks like Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden - digital age kids (geeks really) who are really good at the technology that spy agencies (like NSA) just can't do without

Of all the people in the world, why we Geeks have to take all the responsibilities all by ourselves ?


Is Slashdot afraid of the truth ??

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about a year and a half ago

The Boston bombers are MUSLIMS

Those who slammed airplanes into the World Trade Center in New York were MUSLIMS

Same with the people who bombed the Madrid train station --- MUSLIMS, --- the those who bombed the London subway --- MUSLIMS

It's the MUSLIMS who have created all these havoc onto us, but yet, if anyone dare to tell the TRUTH in Slashdot, they will be modded down ...




Why is Slashdot so afraid of the truth ?

The truth is very simple --- ISLAM IS VIOLENT

Time and time again THEY have attacked our society, from the World Trade Center to London tube to Madrid train station to Boston Marathon

I am an American, and I am VERY SICK AND TIRED of the ISLAMIC VIOLENCE

If them MUSLIMS want to live in America, they better live peacefully.

If they can't, or do not want to live peacefully with the others in America, they should move out !

We can no longer tolerate people who want to bring their RELIGIOUS VIOLENCE into our society --- if they want to kill, they can go killing their own kind in Iran, or Iraq or Saudi Arabia, or Yemen or Egypt or Turkey

Stop making troubles in America !!!


Persistent problems for open-sourced program

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about 2 years ago

The idea of open-sourcing is great - that everyone gets to see the source code of the program, or even start experimenting with it, implementing ideas / features that were not yet in there.

But there are problems too ...

Case in point ---



I was like typing "pivot table" on a search engine and click away ... and before I know it I ended up on the two above links

The program is Gnumerics - an GNU implementation of spreadsheet

The wanted feature is "pivot table"

The problem is two fold --

1. No one cares enough to code

2. No one wants to include that feature in the official release of Gnumeric

And judging from the date stated, that "pivot table" had already been requested for the past few years.

Hmm ....


100 dams to be built in Africa

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about 2 years ago There have been a lot of reports on land grabbing by Chinese in Africa, and the latest report is from the famed Oxford University of United Kingdom - a paper just published ( @ http://oucan.politics.ox.ac.uk/index.php/blog/14059-big-is-beautiful-megadams-african-water-security-and-chinas-role-in-the-new-global-political-economy ) is claiming that the Chinese are planning to build 100 hydroelectric dams in the African continent !

That will surely be a grand scale ecology disaster in the making.


Coding Android in Assemblies

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  about 2 years ago

Link @ http://www.eggwall.com/2011/09/android-arm-assembly-device-set-up-part.html

I just came across it, don't have time to try it out yet.


Very troubling news about what happened to Christopher Stevens before he died !!

Taco Cowboy Taco Cowboy writes  |  more than 2 years ago

There is a report from Middle East claiming that ambassador Christopher Stevens, the American ambassador to Libya, was raped before he was killed by a bunch of Libyan gunmen.


Additional information disclosed that it was the Libyan security team which revealed the location of Mr. Christopher Stevens to the attackers

From - http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-202_162-57511043/assault-on-u.s-consulate-in-benghazi-leaves-4-dead-including-u.s-ambassador-j-christopher-stevens/

"Wanis al-Sharef, a Libyan Interior Ministry official in Benghazi, said the four Americans were killed when the angry mob, which gathered to protest a U.S.-made film that ridicules Islam's Prophet Muhammad, fired guns and burned down the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

He said Stevens, 52, and other officials were moved to a second building - deemed safer - after the initial wave of protests at the consulate compound. According to al-Sharef, members of the Libyan security team seem to have indicated to the protesters the building to which the American officials had been relocated, and that building then came under attack"

More information at http://www.inquisitr.com/330504/ambassador-stevens-was-raped-before-his-murder-reports-claim/

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