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MIT Uses Machine Learning Algorithm To Make TCP Twice As Fast

Tagged_84 Re:All Jokes Aside... Still No. (250 comments)

Oh thanks! I was wondering what time it was here on Earth!

1 year,2 days

HFT Nothing To Worry About (at Least In Australia)

Tagged_84 Re:Oz is such a contradiction (152 comments)

But apparently we get lots of the PRISM goodies in return for being good lap dogs!

about a year ago

Dmitry Itskov Wants To Help You Live Forever Via an Android Avatar

Tagged_84 Re:lol (383 comments)

As per usual if you RTFA you would see that the first goal in 2020-2025 is to transfer the actual brain to an avatar. Have been following this project for the last year, there are a lot of big names showing interest in this. The article even mentions a few really big ones that are yet to announce their support publicly, no doubt due to the plebs being frightened of new magic..

about a year ago

Snowden's Big Truth: We Are All Less Free

Tagged_84 Re:Snowden is fucked (583 comments)

I think you might have the problem, I read that the same way too.

about a year ago

Video Gamers See the World Differently

Tagged_84 Re:But is it permanent? (160 comments)

The brain reacting quicker is the most likely scenario. The excessive repetition of an activity results in the the axons building up a nice fat layer of myelin sheathing, which have insulation properties that speed up the electrical transmission.

about a year ago

Video Gamers See the World Differently

Tagged_84 Re:Faster isn't better (160 comments)

I usually place 1st in fast paced FPS games like Team Fortress 2, have won numerous local tournaments back in the day for Quake 3 too. From what I recall, many of the pro CS players used to include physical workouts in their training regime too. While I code and design games more than play these days, I still push hard to keep my 10km runs under 40 min. Recently I just so happened to get an achievement in Runkeeper for tracking my 1,000th km.

We are out there :)

about a year ago

NSA WhistleBlower Outs Himself

Tagged_84 Re:Modern Jesus (860 comments)

So very true! As an Australian I can attest to the power on voting for the other groups, last federal election we managed to score 2 seats for greens! The amount of difference that has made for just 2 seats is amazing, I can only hope that in the upcoming election later this year we can get a few more and really start to change things.

about a year ago

Fear of Death Makes People Into Believers (of Science)

Tagged_84 Re:Observation: (434 comments)

I like to say that the greatest trick the devil ever played wouldn't be convincing the world they didn't exist, but rather convincing the world they were god. I mean god is a nasty motherf&cker with an appitite for destruction and death.

Plus everyone knows stories are better with killer plot twists, just ask M. Night Shyamalan

about a year ago

Fear of Death Makes People Into Believers (of Science)

Tagged_84 Re:Observation: (434 comments)

Hmm, last I checked no one had confirmed the existence of free will. I tend to favour the theory of Howard Bloom that free will is only likely if electrons and photons have it, and the world of science is only just starting to delve into the new theory of quantum communication afaik.

about a year ago

When Will My Computer Understand Me?

Tagged_84 Re:Maybe.. (143 comments)

Again this is what a hierarchical hidden markov model does, it's the closest simulation of our own neuronal network. It learns by experience just like we do, just at a much faster pace.

about a year ago

4K Computer Monitors Are Coming (But Still Pricey)

Tagged_84 Re:Weak! (286 comments)

It's Extreme Tech and they admit to making up the price in the article. That site is extremely opinionated and I wouldn't trust it with my bookmarks!

about a year ago

Judge Orders Child Porn Suspect To Decrypt His Hard Drives

Tagged_84 Re:FBI shits on the constitution. (802 comments)

It clearly means the poster isn't paying any rent to his mum for the basement.

about a year ago

3D-Printed Gun May Be Unveiled Soon

Tagged_84 He's crazy but... (625 comments)

I watched an interview with Cody recently.

While the guy is a little nuts (ok, maybe more than a little) he does actually have a point. Gun control in the age of 3d printing is going to be virtually impossible. In the next decade we'll move from plastics to metals and from niche to mainstream for 3d printing, any 15 yr old with an internet connection and a (no doubt cheap) home printer will then only need to buy bullets to arm themselves to the teeth.

Politics are always behind the curve, it would be nice for a change to see any of them try to tackle inevitable changes to our civilization before they become an issue. FYI I'm Australian and lucky enough to be in a country that has proven gun laws work.

about a year ago

WikiLeaks Party Launching This Week

Tagged_84 Re:declare that I am not a member of another party (52 comments)

Standard affair. If I wasn't a member of the pirate party I would sign up for Wikileaks. Best of luck to all of them, anything is better than the two major parties who are only interested in bickering amongst themselves and each other.

about a year ago

USPS Discriminates Against 'Atheist' Merchandise

Tagged_84 Re:Maybe... (1121 comments)

Tell that to the Prime Minister of Australia, she might be a red head but she makes up for it by being and out and proud Atheist.

about a year ago

Seniors Search For Virtual Immortality

Tagged_84 A case for big data? (209 comments)

I think posters are completely ignoring the potential this would have on understand humanity more. Once we have a million detailed lives we could run it through software AI to come up with unique connections and insights we would never have picked up on before?

about a year ago



The world's 100 richest people could end global poverty

Tagged_84 Tagged_84 writes  |  about a year and a half ago

Tagged_84 writes "According to a report by the charity Oxfam, In 2012 the world's 100 richest people earned enough money, $240 billion net income, to end world extreme poverty four times over. Ben Phillips explains "You don't normally hear us talking about wealth. But it's gotten so out of control between rich and poor that one of the obstacles to solving extreme poverty is now extreme wealth,""
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