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The World's Best Living Programmers

Tal Cohen Re:No Mel? (285 comments)

Melvin (Mel) Kaye is an obvious example of a legendary programmer. However, this is a list of living programmers, and Mel passed away in 2008.

about 7 months ago

NoScript Adds Subscriptions To Adblock Plus

Tal Cohen Re:I would complain (408 comments)

Here's the thing: NoScript does have a way to make money -- it nags you for a contribution (every time it is updated, and it is updated pretty darn often).

Back when I was using FireFox, I did pay for NoScript. I a bit sorry for doing that, now.

more than 5 years ago

Mac OS X Versus Windows Vista

Tal Cohen Re:.NET (697 comments)

"Objective-C inherits its object model from Smalltalk" -- this actually explains everything. Much thanks for the detailed answer!

about 8 years ago


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