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Parents Investigated For Neglect For Letting Kids Walk Home Alone

Tangential I guess my folks dodged this bullet (784 comments)

From the ripe old age of 7-11 I hopped on my bike everyday and rode it 2.3 miles to school in the morning and back home in the afternoon. In the summers I rode 5-6 miles out to the municipal airport to hang around planes and generally goof-off. From age 6 on, my friends and I trick-or-treated alone, camped out alone, etc...

I can't imagine the trouble my parents would be in now for allowing such behavior.

about two weeks ago

The Biggest iPhone Security Risk Could Be Connecting One To a Computer

Tangential Re:Well insulated? That's debatable... (72 comments)

Its also very hard to remotely jailbreak the phone of another user that you don't have physical access to and expose vulnerabilities such as ssh login.

about 6 months ago

Rocket Scientist Designs "Flare" Pot That Cooks Food 40% Faster

Tangential How about one in cast iron? (204 comments)

I'm not much of an aluminum fan for cookware. Since its made via casting, how about an iron one?

about 7 months ago

Asteroid Mining Bill Introduced In Congress To Protect Private Property Rights

Tangential Re:Absurd (181 comments)

How can any nation grant right over something outside its sovereignty?

Indeed! It seems to presume a lot. Perhaps this just regulates the behavior of US companies mining asteroids.

about 7 months ago

Norway Scraps Online Voting

Tangential A good outcome no matter the reason (139 comments)

Give the state of today's technology, no form of electronic voting can be considered reasonably safe, accurate or secure.

It may be easy to find fault with their reasoning, but its hard to criticize the outcome.

about 7 months ago

Apple Says Many Users 'Bought an Android Phone By Mistake'

Tangential Different strokes (711 comments)

For different folks...

Choice is always good. In the world of notebooks and desktops that's why there's linux, OSX and a few other OS's available.

about 8 months ago

Should We Eat Invasive Species?

Tangential This is what the Everglades needs... (290 comments)

We need to stimulate a big demand for wild pythons and boas in South Florida. If they became a locavore food, then dealing with their invasion in South Florida would become much easier.

about 8 months ago

New Facial Recognition Software May Detect Looming Road Rage

Tangential I wonder if this qualifies (133 comments)

If yelling "get off your F-ing phone and drive" a lot while driving qualifies as road rage, I could be in trouble with a system like this.

about 10 months ago

"Microsoft Killed My Pappy"

Tangential It has nothing to do with the antitrust case (742 comments)

My dislike of Microsoft has nothing to do with the antitrust case (although I will admit that I enjoyed it when they were convicted.)

I dislike Microsoft because they so dramatically lowered users expectations for software and computing. Prior to Microsoft windows and before that MS-DOS, users did not expect software to be a continual fail. In the 70s and early 80s users never expected us to have to reboot our mainframes or minicomputers many times a day and users certainly didn't expect to lose a lot of their work. Microsoft changed all that. By the mid 90s users were conditioned that software was flaky, operating systems were buggy and that they were going to lose their work several times a day. It actually took mobile apps to get users back on the side of computing and software and Microsoft clearly had nothing to do with that.

about a year ago

BitTorrent's Bram Cohen Unveils New Steganography Tool DissidentX

Tangential We need a higher level of functionality (124 comments)

I'd like to see someone come up with a steganographic RAID-ish storage volume. I'd like a driver that scattered encrypted data throughout my media files but presented that data as an updateable storage volume. It would need enough redundancy to survive the loss of some of the files (hence the RAID-ish part.) If I could hide writeable encrypted data throughout my iTunes, Photo, Video files and access/update it without actually changing the size, mod dates, etc of the files it would be very handy and reasonably hard to detect.

1 year,14 days

A War Over Solar Power Is Raging Within the GOP

Tangential Like the man-on-the-moon (1030 comments)

To me we need clean affordable energy whether Global Warming is real or not. We need cheap energy to keep our economy going and we need our children's children to be able to drink clean water and breathe clean air.

What we really need is a President who will tackle energy with the same kind of committment that JFK gave us for the space program. As a country we invested mightily in the program and the process of getting that man on the moon created huge technical advantages for our nation. As a viable program it all went to crap after we reached that goal but we had already made the gains in technology that propelled us for the next few decades.

A similar effort that yielded clean affordable energy would also yield lots of new technologies. We need that and a coordinated effort by the Federal Government is probably the quickest way to get there. That being said, it cannot just exist as a way to reward the President's supporters and just end up as money stuffed into pockets like Solyndra.

about a year ago

Is It Time to Replace Your First HDTV? (Video)

Tangential I replaced my circa 2000 HDTV last year (418 comments)

I had several tube 4:3 HDTVs which I purchased for a lot of money in 2000. I am slowly phasing these old 1080i beasts out of my life. One of them took 3 people to lift and carry out.

about a year ago

Administration Seeks To Make Unauthorized Streaming A Felony

Tangential When streaming is illegal.... (398 comments)

Only criminals will have Slingboxes.

about a year and a half ago

Massachusetts Enacts 6.25% Sales Tax On "Prewritten" Software Consulting

Tangential Re:What is the reason for this tax? (364 comments)

A generic "business" or "consulting" tax would mean that (for example) lawyers would charge a tax on their services. What are the odds of a law like that passing?

about a year and a half ago

Verizon Ordered To Provide All Customer Data To NSA

Tangential Hence my simple rule... (609 comments)

I never vote for (or trust) anyone who voted for the Patriot Act or any of its extensions.

about a year and a half ago

iOS 6.1 Leads To Battery Life Drain, Overheating For iPhone Users

Tangential No Exchange, no problem (266 comments)

Everything I read points to interaction with MS-Exchange as the culprit.

It may be an Apple bug related to interacting with Exchange, but since Exchange is a proprietary and non-standards compliant interface, such things happen from time to time.

I've experienced better battery life since going to 6.1 on my 4S. Of course I don't (and hopefully won't ever) use Exchange.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Buying a Laptop That Doesn't Have Windows 8

Tangential Re:Try NewEgg (570 comments)

Well, I have been on a Mac since they went Intel and I have both Fusion and Parallels. I tend to start one of them occasionally to run Linux and once or twice a month I resume a machine to run IE for local testing for a few minutes.

I can't imagine why a mac user would spend most of their time in Windows unless there was a specific program tying their hands. Even then they can somewhat seamlessly blend it into their OSX desktop.

There are some real advantages to the VM approach. Properly done it reduces or eliminates the need for AV software in the VM and increases the safety of the overall system. There's a reason that almost every security researcher you see runs OSX and uses VMs for testing.

All that being said, I wouldn't spend 100% of my time in a foreign VM on my notebook unless it was all virtualized with a bare metal hypervisor.

about 2 years ago

At my current place of employ, snacks are ...

Tangential Beverages but no snacks (172 comments)

Soft drinks, coffees, teas, water and lunch brought in a few times a month but no snacks (not even Twinkies.) Everyone brings their own.

about 2 years ago

Apple Angers Mac Users With Silent Shutdown of Java 7

Tangential I hadn't noticed. (451 comments)

I'm running ML I could be very upset but actually, I hadn't noticed the blocking of Java. Perhaps the fact that I have it and Flash (along with a lot of other cruft) disabled in my browsers masked that fact.

about 2 years ago

US Gives $120M For Lab To Tackle Rare Earth Shortages

Tangential Why not manage the recycling process as well (170 comments)

Seems like step number one is to stop sending anything with rare earths to Asia to be recycled.

Step 2 would be to try and attract foreign components containing rare earths here to be recycled. If its that important bite the bullet on not-cheap labor and other environmental issues (and develop better processes for doing it.)

At the same time of course, turn the geologists loose to find more.

about 2 years ago



No In-State Masters Students anymore at Cal-State?

Tangential Tangential writes  |  about 2 years ago

Tangential (266113) writes "Looks like Money Rules everywhere. From the Bloomberg article "How Foreign Students Hurt U.S. Innovation", "International students are attractive to strapped colleges because they tend to pay full tuition or, in the case of public institutions, pay more than full price in out-of-state rates.
Last year, this was taken to a new level at California State University, East Bay, a public institution just south of Oakland. The school directed its master’s degree programs to admit only non-California students, including foreign students." Or is this a comment on Californias secondary education system?"

Link to Original Source

Study: Wind Power Raises CO2 Emissions

Tangential Tangential writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Tangential (266113) writes "New study is out which finds that the inefficiencies associated with wind power actually raise emissions. From the study: "the frequent ramping up and ramping down of other power sources to compensate for wind’s unpredictable variability causes such inefficiency in power generation that overall carbon dioxide emissions rise. The effect is similar to that of automobile gas mileage. A driver who sustains a consistent speed of 60 miles per hour will get better gas mileage than one who frequently accelerates and decelerates between 45 and 75 mph. The inefficiency caused by frequently ramping up and ramping down vehicle speed is substantial enough that the vehicle driven at variable speeds will burn up more gasoline than one with a lower fuel economy rating driven at a consistent speed.""
Link to Original Source

Magic Water - The Miracle Cleaner

Tangential Tangential writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Tangential (266113) writes "From the LA Times Story:
It's a kitchen degreaser. It's a window cleaner. It kills athlete's foot. Oh, and you can drink it.
Sounds like the old "Saturday Night Live" gag for Shimmer, the faux floor polish plugged by Gilda Radner. But the elixir is real. It has been approved by U.S regulators. And it's starting to replace the toxic chemicals Americans use at home and on the job.
The stuff is a simple mixture of table salt and tap water whose ions have been scrambled with an electric current. Researchers have dubbed it electrolyzed water — hardly as catchy as Mr. Clean. But at the Sheraton Delfina in Santa Monica, some hotel workers are calling it el liquido milagroso — the miracle liquid."

Tangential Tangential writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Tangential (266113) writes "An article on Adamant by Russell Seitz discusses the incredibly high cost of Hydrogen.
From the article:
H is for Hydrogen — the cleanest fuel there is . As long as it is made out of water. Which it is — right ? Dream on- hydrogen produced from H2O is a rare and precious commodity , costing a quarter its weight in silver because of the high price of American electrical power — most of which comes from coal. But don't count on cashing in the contents of your bathtub just yet . Though the hydrogen in a pound of water is worth $22 on paper, pure hydrogen produced by water electrolysis can't compete with the ordinary stuff, made from natural gas — it sells for $6.00 a kilo liquefied . The two processes costs don't cross until electrical power gets _almost _ too cheap to meter — under thee tenths of a cent per kilowatt hour."

Tangential Tangential writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Tangential (266113) writes "I've got several vacation rental homes which I both use and rent out. I want to equip each one with a cable modem and a wifi router so that my guests (and I) can have internet access. It would be free to my guests, but I don't want to just open it up to everyone in the neighborhood. I don't really want to provide tech support to my guests, so I don't want to use WEP or WPA. I'd prefer to have a login screen (like hotels do) and a password (that I could remotely administer.) That would simplify connections and allow me to include a TOS (terms of service) screen. So far, in researching this, it looks like EWRT might be what I want, but I am not sure if that is the correct choice. I want the solution to be self-contained (ir: in the router) and not require access to a remote authentication server. I also don't want to spend an arm and a leg, since I'll also be paying for the cable modems at each house and some sort of dynamic dns so I can remotely access them. Any recommendations?"


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