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New Jersey Auto Dealers Don't Want to Face Tesla

Tanktalus Don't get it (342 comments)

The right wing should be opposed on free-market principles. The left wing should be opposed on environmental grounds. So which politicians should be in favour of this regulation again?

about a month and a half ago

Major Wikipedia Donors Caught Editing Their Own Articles

Tanktalus Re:Where is the big problem? (125 comments)

Right!. That's how scientific research works too. Write a paper for a journal run my you and your friends then right a new paper sighting the published one and submit to a more prestigious journal, who's reviewers are also colleagues. Now it's all fine

I see what you did there.

(It's "citing". I'd tell you to look up that word in wikipedia, but I'm guessing it's been illicitly edited by some research journals trying to skew the definition their way.)

about a month and a half ago

Major Wikipedia Donors Caught Editing Their Own Articles

Tanktalus Re:Where is the big problem? (125 comments)

And sometimes you can find out it had a lot more information previously, but someone removed it because it was untrue, false, libelous, or, cardinal of all sins, lacked citations.

The reality is that you can't really know why that information is gone without more information. It may have been removed legitimately. Or it may have been removed as part of a whitewash to clean up an image. So now, which is the better article? The one before or after the subtractions? We don't necessarily know.

about a month and a half ago

Consumer Reports Says Tesla Model S Is Best Overall Vehicle

Tanktalus Re:This is old news (318 comments)

Sounds exactly like the buzz about Obama back in about 2007...

about 2 months ago

Complete Microsoft EMET Bypass Developed

Tanktalus Re:Is anyone surprised? (116 comments)

So, you don't use a club on your steering wheel, you don't bother hiding valuables in your trunk, leaving them in plain view, and, really, since a professional can get in the car anyway, just leave the doors unlocked. It's all smoke and mirrors anyway.

If a malicious attacker/user is portscanning your system and finds that port 22 is open, they're going to assume an ssh attack. If they find port 1234, they may move on to another target that has port 22 open instead. Of course, if they're really after you, and not just throwing a wide net, then such shenanigans aren't going to stop them, though it might slow them down for a little while while they try to figure out what's listening on which non-standard port.

If a script kiddie is doing the same, most likely port 1234 would be enough to fool them, and they'd never get in.

Seems like smoke and mirrors are a useful tool in a secure system's administration, but should never be the sole tool.

about 2 months ago

White House Responds To Net Neutrality Petition

Tanktalus Re:Translation: Piss off, Peasants (245 comments)

What I'd have Obama do is be completely fucking honest with us instead of bullshitting us about it.

But I'm an idealist, what do I know?

about 2 months ago

China's Jade Rabbit Fights To Come Back From the Dead

Tanktalus Re:Serves them right (76 comments)

Price is a lot.

First, you have to amortise the cost of the item over its lifespan. That blender that is two bucks cheaper may last just as long as the solidly-built one, especially if I only have light-duty uses for a blender. Or the TV I bought a week ago for $200 has a planned lifespan of no more than about 5 years by which time I hope to have a plan for a better, complete entertainment system - so there's no point in buying a $500 TV that's going to get replaced in 5 years anyway. Or the car that costs $20k and lasts 5 years is still a better deal than the car that costs $50k and lasts 10 years.

Second, you have to look at opportunity costs. Even comparing a $20k vehicle that needs replacing after 4 years (a real stinker) and comparing to a $50k car that needs replacing after 10 (a bit of a stinker, but these numbers provide nice, round numbers), the $20k vehicle is still a better deal - I only need to come up with $20k now, if I need a loan, I only pay interest on whatever I can't pay outright on $20k, not the extra $30k, and the rest of the money can be used for other purposes for 4 years, perhaps in a GIC or other investments, or paying off other loans (credit cards, mortgage, etc.).

And, finally, you have to look at money available. If I need a blender, don't need anything fancy, and don't really have anything budgeted for it, the cheaper one fits that budget better. Maybe it's better to have the blender than not, but I don't have money for it. Blenders may make less of an issue here, but often vehicles and food fit here better - this becomes one of my issues with organic foods - by driving up the cost of good, nutritious whole foods, you force a bunch of people who are struggling financially (i.e., the poor) to buy less nutritionally beneficial processed foods because they can no longer afford wholesome foods. Yes, it's better, but if you don't have the money, you just don't have the money.

about 2 months ago

Former Dev Gives Gloomy Outlook On Linux Support For the Opera Browser

Tanktalus Re:Opera is dead. (181 comments)

It's just a disfunctional Chrome with Opera branding now.

Chrome is just a dysfunctional Webkit, which is just a dysfunctional Khtml....

Except that I find more websites work when I enable the KWebKitPart plugin in Konqueror than when I use KHTML for the renderer. So, while they may have had similar origins, WebKit seems to be getting more love.

about 3 months ago

Congressmen Say Clapper Lied To Congress, Ask Obama To Remove Him

Tanktalus Re:Get Ready (383 comments)

Ah. The old, "He may be a liar, but he's my liar" argument.

How about giving yourself some credibility and calling out liars on both sides of the aisle?

about 3 months ago

Bitcoin Exchange CEO Charlie Shrem Arrested On Money Laundering Charge

Tanktalus Re:I was wondering when that would happen (330 comments)

The thing is, however, that Bitcoin spreads by the same mechanisms that allow(ed) FOSS to become so enormously successful. Hence and ergo: Bitcoin can not be stopped. Certainly not by some rednecks paid by the US government.

FOSS did not compete with the government. Bitcoin does. Trivialising this difference renders your analogy moot.

about 3 months ago

Bitcoin Exchange CEO Charlie Shrem Arrested On Money Laundering Charge

Tanktalus Re:HSBC (330 comments)

Or in New Jersey, if not arrested, at least not punished by the Governor's staff...

Or his whip. If you're into that kind of thing.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

about 3 months ago

Global-Warming Skepticism Hits 6-Year High

Tanktalus Re:It is about development (846 comments)

Wow. Really?

If your doctor tells you that you need antibiotics, you weight the risk and cost vs the reward to determine your course of action. In this case, the risk to you is low, the cost is similarly low, the reward is that your infection likely goes away faster (in extreme cases, saving your life, but not in general).

If the AGW politicians tell you that you need to sacrifice your entire standard of living in order to curtail a problem that they still don't understand (and, let's face it, they don't understand it because they still can't predict it, even on a decade-by-decade basis, nevermind year-over-year), the risk is high (no understanding of likely outcomes), the cost is even higher (likely resulting in many human deaths), and the rewards are vague.

Those aren't even kind of similar. For an analogy to work, there must be a reasonable amount of similarity, and your analogy has almost none.

I'm all in favour of technology improving our cheap-energy viability. But the problem is that the only realistic cheap-energy that is currently technically viable is nuclear. And that has the same group of environmentalists opposed to it as are trying to decry AGW. They're shooting their cause in the foot.

Other than oil executives, most of the rest of us don't care where our energy comes from. But we know we need it. And most of us don't want to double (or more) our energy costs. We have a viable alternative. Use it. That will kill more opposition to AGW changes than any "scientific" argument you can come up with. Make our lives easier for less cost, and it will be adopted overnight (relatively speaking). Use your scientists to proclaim the actual safety of the nuclear industry. You'll do far more to remove carbon emissions than anything else currently being tried.

It's the old adage - catching more flies with honey than vinegar. Don't accuse us, attract us with what we want. Cheap, reliable energy. Remember Aesop's fable about the North Wind vs the Sun. The man wears a coat to keep warm - blowing a cold wind only makes him hold it harder, but give him warmth and he sheds his coat willingly. Give us what we want, cheap, reliable energy, and you get what you want, fewer carbon emissions.

about 3 months ago

Court Rules Against Online Anonymity

Tanktalus Re:Yelp? They should have ruled against 4Chan! (314 comments)

I'd recommend making your own. All reviews of AC's popcorn are negative. Complaints about oversalting with arsenic and strychnine, largely, though one customer complained about insufficient amounts of butter.

about 3 months ago

Cheerios To Go GMO-Free

Tanktalus Re:The corn starch? Gimme a break! (419 comments)

All corn is GM corn. The stuff we call "corn" did not evolve naturally, but by extreme pressure by human farmers. The stuff we eat cannot grow without human intervention and is anything but natural. Just because we didn't modify its genetics through a test tube doesn't make it non-modified genetically.

about 4 months ago

Searching the Internet For Evidence of Time Travelers

Tanktalus Re:But seriously speaking ... (465 comments)

I have also had the case where a celebrity or politician comes to mind a day or two before they die unexpectedly. More often than not, I have a general feeling that something is wrong right before it happens.

When Princess Diana was killed in an auto crash, the media fawned over her. I remember asking my coworkers if Mother Theresa would get as much publicity if she died. It couldn't have been too long after that, since the two only died, what, 6 days apart? I didn't find the prediction of death freaky, I found the prediction of apathy from the media disappointingly predicted.

about 4 months ago

DoD Public Domain Archive To Be Privatized, Locked Up For 10 Years

Tanktalus Re:Legality vs Enforceability (183 comments)

Given that he can't be re-elected no matter how well or poorly he performs ... no, no one you can hold accountable.

about 4 months ago

Target Has Major Credit Card Breach

Tanktalus Re:Chip and Pin (191 comments)

Why do you think chip and pin would be an update to security practices? We've had that discussion before. Multiple times. It's more security theatre, and I doubt that this attack would have been much more difficult to co-ordinate with chip/pin cards.

about 4 months ago

New Ford Mustang May Have Electronic "Burnout" Button

Tanktalus Re:Burnouts are illegal. (290 comments)

Have you seen some of the real stop signs out there? I'd say many of them were arbitrarily placed by untrained, though authorized, personnel. Seriously, most of them could be replaced with yield signs, which is what they effectively are since few people do more than roll through them, and allow our traffic enforcement to focus on issues that might actually make a difference.

about 4 months ago

Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Yahoo Form Alliance Against NSA

Tanktalus Re:congrats guys and gals (293 comments)

Until this got leaked out into the public sphere, they were gagged by the same surveillance orders. They couldn't say anything without admitting they were served with secret subpoenas. Now that this is public knowledge, they can refer to those that were leaked and say this is bad for business/citizens without breaking the law on any further subpoenas.

So, maybe they didn't care. Or maybe they did and just couldn't say anything about it due to the same evil law. From this vantage point, we still can't tell for sure.

about 4 months ago



IBM, Novell Offer A MS-Free Desktop To UK Users

Tanktalus Tanktalus writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Tanktalus (794810) writes "CNN reports that IBM and Novell will be putting together a desktop solution without Microsoft. "The so-called IBM Open Collaboration Solution uses open document format, or ODF-based software, running on Suse Linux, a version of the Linux open-source operating system software owned by Novell." "IBM estimates that a customer can save between $600 and $800 per computer compared with using the Microsoft Vista operating system and Office productivity tools." Is 2008 actually the year of Linux on the desktop? Apparently, IBM and Novell are counting on it."



More on tolerance, open mindedness...

Tanktalus Tanktalus writes  |  more than 9 years ago

Following on the topic of the last entry ... Another post of mine which seems to cause similar knee-jerk reactions.

  • 2 new friends. (welcome!)
  • 5 new foes. (really open-minded of y'all...)
  • And moderators who want to punish people for having differing opinions - differing from their populist (and recently outdated) assumptions. I wonder if there are any open-minded people left here...


tolerance, open mindedness?

Tanktalus Tanktalus writes  |  more than 9 years ago

Anyone else expose their religious beliefs, and, within 24 hours, have others (yes, plural) put you on their "foes" list? And here I thought that not only are religious people a protected group from hate crimes, but that modern society was all about tolerance and accepting. I suppose that if you aren't politically correct, then we don't need to be tolerant nor accepting? <sigh>


/. mods

Tanktalus Tanktalus writes  |  more than 9 years ago

Sometimes, I gotta wonder if there is a significant population reading /. while still on drugs or something ... ok, so I can understand that someone may not quite follow Dilbert with this one, but "overrated"? Come on. That should at least rate one "Funny" mod. Or how about this one - insightful? Maybe a bit. But +4? Sheesh.

Oh, and while on the topic ... not that anyone cares, but those rare times I get mod points, I find myself with a bit of bias: I don't mod AC's up. Not because there's no point (i.e., no karma changes), but because if you really want to say something, I think that you should have the decency to say it with your name (pseudo-name) attached. In that regard, I suppose I disagree with the site owners...


Politics and Slashdot

Tanktalus Tanktalus writes  |  more than 9 years ago

Random musings...

  • Yes. I'm a Repub-fan.
  • No. I don't necessarily like everything that Bush or the Repubs do. Do you like everything that your chosen party does? Honestly?
  • No, actually, I'm not an American. Some of the things America does I may like, others I may not like, but, like it or not, America does impact most of the rest of the world, for good or for ill, so awareness of how the "world cop"/"world bully" operates is essential. I see no reason to complain about the fact that there is such a nation (England, France, and Spain viewed themselves similarly in the past, and became conquerors and empires), any more than I see a reason to complain about the existance of politics - again, something that is drastically affecting our day-to-day lives in so many ways.
  • Mods who insist on modding based on how much I agree or disagree with their views are being even less impartial than the news media.
  • Other posters who agree/disagree with me - that's fine. What I find incredibly interesting is the way that those disagreements (and agreements!) are phrased. Those who can express themselves with plain, polite language are amazingly rare on slashdot. At least when Bush, Iraq, or Microsoft are brought up, anyway. What is it about these things that cause so many people so much fear that their only method of expression is cussing and irrationality? If anything were to get me to move to Windows from Linux, it would be these people.

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