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DOJ Launches New Cybercrime Unit, Claims Privacy Top Priority

Tanman Privacy is the top priority . . . (61 comments)

Yup, I bet it is. They definitely need to find a way to sidestep privacy ASAP so all these damned civilians can be properly monit^H^H^H^H^H kept safe.

about 2 months ago

Ebola Has Made It To the United States

Tanman Re:Completely Contained? (475 comments)

It's pretty obvious that this patient had been . . . wait for it . . . DECONTAINENATED!


about 4 months ago

CBC Warns Canadians of "US Law Enforcement Money Extortion Program"

Tanman These stories make me feel sick to my stomach (462 comments)

I hate stuff like this. I hate it because it is crooked and evil. I hate it because there is very little recourse for the average citizen to make against an attack like this.

Contact your congress reps, local and federal. Try to get them to change the law. What is happening in these stories should be illegal.

about 5 months ago

New White House Petition For Net Neutrality

Tanman Won't win this fight with philosophical arguments (248 comments)

As bad-taste as it is to post another submitted story in a front-page story, here is another whitehouse.gov petition story that addresses net neutrality from an angle that is actually winnable:


That links to this: http://wh.gov/lfOKl

In order to win this fight, we need to make people understand that net neutrality is a services-paid-for issue. They paid for something, but they are being robbed out of getting what they purchased. To win net neutrality, you MUST sell that point to people.

about 9 months ago

'CandySwipe' Crushed: When Game Development Turns Nasty

Tanman Re:One of life's great mysteries (251 comments)

When comparing how much people give for charity, percentage is all that matters. If someone makes $50k/yr and gives $5k/yr to charity, and someone else makes $5,000,000/yr and gives $20k to charity, do you really consider them to be more generous since they gave FOUR TIMES the amount? No, they are less generous. They would be giving 0.4% of their salary vs. 10.0%. The impact on their lives would be non-existent. The point of charitable giving is that you are giving up something for other people -- you are saying "my life will be harder so that other people's lives can be easier."

But yeah, I guess you could say they gave quadruple the amount to charity, if you wanted to be disingenuous.

about a year ago

'CandySwipe' Crushed: When Game Development Turns Nasty

Tanman One of life's great mysteries (251 comments)

One of life's great mysteries is how achieving wealth tends to make people more greedy. For example, studies have shown that, as a percentage of income, charitable giving tends to be inversely proportional to income. Here you have a company that has found tremendous success, and in response to that success they become more greedy and try to shut everyone down.

I think human nature is not to just want success. Human nature is to want to win and stomp on the corpses of your competition.

about a year ago

Lessons From the Healthcare.gov Fiasco

Tanman "unlikely you'll be the one responsible?" (501 comments)

"Unless you're the head of a major federal agency or a huge company launching an online initiative targeted at millions of users, it's unlikely you'll be the one responsible for a project (and problems) on the scale of the Health Insurance Marketplace."

Going by budget, even if you are the head of Facebook and Twitter, you are still not going to be responsible for a project on the scale of the Health Insurance Marketplace.

This farce is wholly, completely, and unarguably inexcusable.

about a year ago

Voyager 1 May Be Caught Inside an Interstellar Flux Transfer Event

Tanman The martians! (120 comments)

Right now, there is a space alien laughing its ass off while it pulls voyager back into our solar system with a magnetic tractor beam.


about a year ago

EFF Wins Release of Secret Court Opinion: NSA Surveillance Unconstitutional

Tanman What is the public's recourse? (524 comments)

I just want to make sure I have the right series of events here, from the public perspective:

1. A previous elected official and congress enact some overreaching laws in response to a terrorist attack
2. A politician who makes a bunch of promises against these programs is elected the new President
3. The now-elected politician strengthens and enforces those programs rather than shuttering them
4. There is some kind of a court decision but it is sealed/secret. FOIA requests are made by EFF.
5. A whistle blower comes forward and exposes the illegal activities to the public because his bosses and the elected official have continued said operations. Since his bosses are the Executive Branch and responsible for enforcing the law, he has nobody to report his findings to other than the public.
6. The elected official and members of congress declare said whistle blower a traitor for exposing their methods.
7. It is revealed that the court had previously, as in years ago, ruled that the activities reported on by the whistle blower are illegal. Meaning the whistle blower is not just reporting the activities, but he is reporting that the President of the United States, the heads of major departments, the Attorney General, and a bunch of other People In Power have been knowingly breaking the law to empower the government. Not only, in fact, are they doing something that the court already ruled is illegal, but they sealed the court's decision so that the public would not know about it.

Did I miss anything?

Oh yeah,

8. Snowden is probably still fucked.

about a year and a half ago

Cell Phones As a Dirty Bomb Detection Network

Tanman This is NOT low-cost (103 comments)

If they are talking about enough users having this running to be effective, then they are talking about a tremendous number of users basically setting their phones to drain their batteries out as-fast-as-possible. What are the electricity costs of such an endeavor? Significant, I'd wager.

And the number of false-positives that would be generated would be huge, I'd imagine.

about a year and a half ago

Where Will Apple Get Flash Memory Now?

Tanman Apple can spend their "locked up" foreign money (245 comments)

I don't understand why Apple doesn't just spend all their $billions locked up overseas to build an overseas manufacturing facility. They have plenty. Probably plenty to do it multiple times. Then, they get the best of multiple worlds: 1) they are not as reliant on Samsung, 2) they get to use that money tax-free, 3) they can have some meaningful diversification

And if the thing goes belly-up? Then they "buy" the whole thing from their foreign subsidiary with US cash and get a tax rebate on the business expense in addition to never having paid taxes on it in the first place.

about 2 years ago

Judge Koh Rules: Samsung Did Not Willfully Infringe

Tanman Re:Samsung wasn't the beligerant party (111 comments)

Allow me to rephrase:

I don't work for samsung, I'm a definitely-not-Samsung-person, buuuuut . . .

The monolithic competitors to the small, agile little tech/phone startup company, Samsung, want to squash it with legal action because they have no prayer of defeating the high-value, unmatched technological innovations Samsung is or will be offering shortly! Samsung's victory is inevitable! ALL HAIL SAMSUNG!

I say again, I am not a Samsung employee. However, as an insightful, intelligent employee, I am looking at employment there in the coming years (and maybe you should too, fellow insightful employees of Samsung's doomed-to-be-destroyed competitors!).

about 2 years ago

Male Scientists More Prone To Misconduct

Tanman Majority far more likely to collude than minority (300 comments)

I'm willing to bet that this discrepancy is more a factor of groups vs. individuals than male vs. female. Aka "peer pressure" aka "everyone is doing it" etc.

about 2 years ago

Astronauts Could Get Lazier As Mars Mission Progresses

Tanman TLDR (145 comments)

Too Lazy Didn't Read

about 2 years ago

EFF To Ask Judge To Rule That Universal Abused the DMCA

Tanman Re:Meh (139 comments)

It sounds to me like you are describing extortion since these cases are already legal and not in violation of copyright law.

more than 2 years ago

Apple Maps Accidentally Reveals Secret Military Base In Taiwan

Tanman In other news . . . (131 comments)

In other news, a giant art sculpture designed to be visible from space located in the northernmost reaches of Siberia is mysteriously blurry when viewed from the latest satellite photography through Apple's new maps application.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: How Much Is a Fun Job Worth?

Tanman Quality of Life is #1 (397 comments)

At 40, you should know by now that it isn't what your reward is, but how much you are enjoying it.

If a job offered me a 100% raise, but I had to commute an hour each way, I'd say no. My current commute is 7 minutes. That would mean I lose almost 2 hours of personal time in the evening every single day, and that is not worth doubling my salary to me. However, other people have different priorities for what they are looking to achieve.

If being closer to home and earning a little more money is more important to you and will bring you a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfillment than your current situation, then make the change. But if money isn't that important to you, you are "close enough" to home, and you are really happy at your current position, be sure you aren't just moving because "the grass is greener."

more than 2 years ago

EA Sues Zynga For Copying Sims Game

Tanman Shame you can't copyright ideas . . . (197 comments)

EA is pretty reckless with this. iD could sue everyone for copying the idea of 1st person shooters with the guns popping out the bottom of the screen, et al.

Of course, they can't WIN such a suit. I hope the judge dismisses with prejudice. This is a potentially patent-troll-esque precedent case.

more than 2 years ago



Whitehouse.gov Net Neutrality Petition

Tanman Tanman writes  |  about 9 months ago

Tanman (90298) writes "There is a new whitehouse.gov petition that addresses net neutrality from a different angle than covered by most of the media — it portrays the charging of content providers as a protection racket and seeks to outlaw the practice based on contractual obligations to the customer. Please take a look!

make it illegal for ISPs to lower customers' data rates below the advertised amount based on the content being accessed.

Internet service providers (ISPs) currently engage in the practice of charging customers different rates for different levels of internet access. For example, a provider may have 5mb/s, 25mb/s, and 50mb/s plans. If a customer has a contract with their ISP for access at a premium speed, then the ISP should not be allowed to reduce the customer's internet speed based on what content is being accessed. Doing so amounts to a breach of the good-faith agreement between the ISP and the customer. The ISPs practice this policy to engage in a protection racket in which they charge content providers additional fees to ensure that the content will reach the customers at the speeds expected by those customers. There is a huge incentive for content providers to pay up to avoid losing customers."

Link to Original Source

DreamWorks Animation releases volumetric tech to open source community

Tanman Tanman writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Tanman (90298) writes ""DreamWorks Animation's technology in the hands of our artists has created our rich, iconic characters and worlds. Our OpenVDB technology in particular has been the focus of intense industry interest," said Dr. Lincoln Wallen, Head of Animation Technology at DreamWorks Animation. "We have benefitted from using Open Source, and we are pleased to contribute back into the Open Source community in sharing OpenVDB.""
Link to Original Source

EU banning sexism in commercials

Tanman Tanman writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Tanman (90298) writes ""Ms Svensson said: 'Gender stereotyping in advertising straitjackets women, men, girls and boys by restricting individuals to predetermined and artificial roles that are often degrading, humiliating and dumbed down for both sexes.'"

I guess those EU consumers need protecting. From sexy. How unfortunate — I thought they were more sexually liberated than us stuffy Americans."

Link to Original Source

US Court Tosses Another Wiretap Case

Tanman Tanman writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Tanman (90298) writes "A court threw out a case related to the secret, illegal wiretapping performed since 9-11. According to the article, the court did not specify a reason for the dismissal, although a previous court had dismissed it because it was impossible to determine if any surveillance had taken place."
Link to Original Source


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