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Goldman Sachs Demands Google Unsend One of Its E-mails

Tarlus Re:E-mail? (346 comments)

Sure! They had SSL enabled for all of their email clients. That makes it totally encrypted and secure, right?


about 2 months ago

Bug In Fire TV Screensaver Tears Through 250 GB Data Cap

Tarlus More appropriately... (349 comments)

Fire is burning up your data. Har!

about 2 months ago

Disappointed Woz Sells His "Worthless" Galaxy Gear Watch

Tarlus Re:watches? (242 comments)

Yeah, all those things are great for people who don't go outside.

about 2 months ago

Windows 9 To Win Over Windows 7 Users, Disables Start Screen For Desktop

Tarlus Re:One switch to rule them all? (681 comments)

Given that it has been their standard for seven years and over three iterations of Office, I don't think they have any plans to undo it.

You can just customize it though, just add your commonly used tasks to the home tab of the ribbon and you're set.

about 3 months ago

Parenting Rewires the Male Brain

Tarlus Re:I believe it because.. (291 comments)

It can certainly breed animosity when your close friends don't respect your life decisions. Nothing about second thoughts on said decisions, or lying to yourself.

about 4 months ago

The Earliest Bird To Sip a Flower

Tarlus Whew! (21 comments)

This question has been gnawing on me. I can sleep easy now.

about 4 months ago

Google Hit With Antitrust Lawsuit Over Default Search on Android Phones

Tarlus Re:and yet... (221 comments)

What irks me is how hiding the Bing shit from Windows Update is never permanent.

about 4 months ago

Siphons Work Due To Gravity, Not Atmospheric Pressure: Now With Peer Review

Tarlus How is this news? (360 comments)

This was all part of the standard curriculum in my high school physics class, decades ago.

about 5 months ago

Drone-Assisted Hunting To Be Illegal In Alaska

Tarlus Re:Sadistic (397 comments)

Hunting is not for everybody and not every person should be expected to understand the appeal. As a person who has hunted for most of his life, I will say that while I greatly enjoy the process of doing my research, learning the patterns of the animal, learning the lay of the land and practicing my skill set in such a way as to be undetectable when on the field. It is far more easily said than done and can be a tremendous challenge, depending on what it is you are trying to hunt. Most hunts you may not even find your quarry and you will wind up empty-handed.

All that said, I have never enjoyed nor will I ever enjoy killing things. But I do not waste them and I find it to be a far more ethical and healthy alternative to beef. It saddens me to say that not all people who hunt share my perspective, and there are some murderous sons-of-bitches who just like to kill things and create the negative stereotype you perceive, but please understand that does not describe the majority of us.

I wholeheartedly agree that the use of drones tips the scales unfairly and hope to see every other state government take queues from Alaska.

about 6 months ago

Drone-Assisted Hunting To Be Illegal In Alaska

Tarlus Re:Whats the poing of hunting as a sport? (397 comments)

As a responsible outdoorsman I will not attempt to sway your beliefs nor argue about pointlessness or justification, but yes, it is a far more involved process than simply pointing a gun and pulling the trigger. If you have ever attempted to hit a target the size of a paper plate from hundreds of yards using a rifle, you would understand that it requires a great deal of practice, fine-tuning, muscle control and serious consideration of your target and surroundings. Factors such as wind and trajectory have to be considered. Unless you can guarantee 100% that your shot will take the animal then and there, you have no business pulling the trigger. (Regretfully, not all outdoorsmen emphasize ethical and responsible hunting, though all who I associate with do.)

about 6 months ago

New Windows XP Zero-Day Under Attack

Tarlus Re:Too Bad (241 comments)

But Adobe won't.

about 9 months ago

New Windows XP Zero-Day Under Attack

Tarlus Re:Upate to the most current (241 comments)

Ya know if you weren't a raging fanboi

...followed by a "raging fanboi" rant. Classy.

You throw Torvalds' name around a lot but you don't really seem to know who he is or what he does, do you?

about 9 months ago

DragonFlyBSD 3.6 Brings AMD/Intel Graphics Drivers & Better SMP Scaling

Tarlus Re:Still a useless hobby project... (48 comments)

So are the vast majority of Linux distributions, but it sure is nice to have options, isn't it?

about 10 months ago

Only 25% of Yahoo Staff "Eat Their Own Dog Food"

Tarlus Re:Webmail is a goddamn disaster. (292 comments)

Same here. I very much prefer using a standalone mail client for a number of reasons. But at the same time, I really appreciate having webmail as a backup. Both have their niches and I would not be comfortable relying exclusively on just one.

about 10 months ago

Apple Developing Curve Screen iPhones and Improved Sensors

Tarlus Re:iWatch? (243 comments)


about 10 months ago

Apple Developing Curve Screen iPhones and Improved Sensors

Tarlus Re:Curved Display? (243 comments)

Calm down there, Bucky. It's just a phone.

about 10 months ago


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