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Will MacIntel Kill Apple Open Source Efforts?

Tarnar Re:No boom today, boom tomorrow (557 comments)

From the limited sample I have met personally, yes.

Anecdote is not the singular form of data.

If you found a passionate Apple user, you know what they own. If you find someone with a Mac and a PC who doesn't care about one over the other, you'd NEVER KNOW they were a Mac owner, as they never spoke up.

However you only tend to see blind loyalty and striking out at any disent on the doomed platforms.

No, blind loyalty and striking out at dissent is par for the course of any platform. There are still Windows users who believe Microsoft can do no wrong, I find them in my industry. "Oh, sure, they make a few mistakes, but they are the best out there" they'll say, while recommending end-to-end Microsoft solutions.

You also see blind loyalty in other industries, especially the car industry. I know a lot of smug VW owners, for example.

And apparently you won't find many who have owned a Mac for more than a couple of years who haven't join the Cult of Mac.

Maybe. More likely, anyone who's owned a Mac was fairly satisfied with the experience and is ready to point that out to others. Graduating to the Cult of Mac is more reserved for the people who hang out on Apple rumor websites and trade pre-release copies of the next OSX release.

more than 8 years ago


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