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Using Two Monitors Makes You More Productive?

Teancom Re:At my work we got a choice (602 comments)

I was one of the sysadmins pushing those monitors out. And (like other people mentioned in this thread), there was a *lot* of whining about "they got one before me!" Enough such that we had three groups where the managers just decreed that "everyone in my group will get the 24", there will be no duals, and that's final." So you do have to account for people being stupid...

more than 7 years ago



Teancom Teancom writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Teancom writes "In an email sent to all (international wireless ISP) Clearwire resellers this morning, Matt Saunders (Boise Idaho's regional sales manager) highlights some changes that have gone into effect as of September 1st. Of interest is the one below:
2. Beginning September 1st all subscribers will be held to their contract obligations even if they are redeployed or reassigned within the military. Our attorneys and outside counsel have reviewed the Soldiers and Sailors Act. Their determination is that the act does not apply to Clearwire service. To avoid chargeback's, and disgruntled customers, please make this very clear to all military prospects at the point of sale.
While this isn't the only customer-unfriendly change (they are also dropping their 30-day guarantee and are now charging a cancellation fee if you move out of their coverage area during your contract), this is seen as another blow to the families of those that — whether you are for the war or against — are dying in our name."


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