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GPLv3 - A Primer on Open Warfare in Open Source

TechnologyX FUCK OSS (449 comments)

And fuck stallman, fuck him for trying to tell ME what I should do with MY software that I created. I don't want people forking it on sourceforge, and I actually want to pay bills.

Open Sores is fucking bullshit.

more than 8 years ago


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Slashdot Commentors are morons

TechnologyX TechnologyX writes  |  more than 9 years ago

If you weren't aware of it before, you probably know it by now. Anything interesting or useful that rears its head on Slashdot will likely be ripped to shreds by what has quickly become the nets most vicious and petty peanut gallery.

Slashdottians know nothing, they accomplish nothing, and their opinions are worth nothing. They are uniformly bitter, small-minded geeks who overestimate their own importance and their own skillz. They are, for the most part, losers. Their biggest accomplishment is in insulting others' spelling and grammar, attacking the GPL license despite their grade level understanding of it, and tricking people into clicking on goatse.cx links. They are know-it-all blowhards who use their computers primarily for Pornography and online gaming, at which they cheat regularly to offset their complete lack of motor skills.

Despite touting the wonderous greatness of linux and open source, they all use Windows and Internet Explorer. They like Macs because of OSX, but want it to run on X86 so they can steal a copy and give nothing back. They will eventually buy a Mac due to their inability to run Windows without crashing it constantly by their own stupidity, and become raving unbalanced lunatics who do more harm than good for the Mac community by claiming that the G4 is quadruple the speed of a dual 3Ghz Xeon box.

They lie about their own experience to make their case, and when you win an argument with them, they post anonymously in order to tell you they've had sex with your mother.

Don't become a regular here, you will become retarded.



TechnologyX TechnologyX writes  |  more than 9 years ago Yeah! These stupid motherfuckers are fucking retardGoD MOTHER FUCKING ASLKDFJ FUCKING SHIT GOD FUCKING PIECE OF BUSH LOVING FUCKING CUNT BOX LICKING SHIT FUCK

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