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South Carolina Woman Jailed After Failing To Return Movie Rented Nine Years Ago

TeddyR Re:I was once filed an order to pay for a tape onc (467 comments)

Yup... The blockbuster in Amarillo at the time insisted that I did not return the items. They were rude and tried to bill me full price for two DVDs. It was only when I insisted that they watch some security tapes from the night in question that clearly showed me returning the items did they stop harassing me. That was when Netflix was first starting in 1997..It was a no brainer to switch from Blockbuster to Netflix right then and there and I am still with Netflix... And people wonder why Blockbuster went out of business.... :-0

about a year ago

Neiman Marcus and Other Retailers Breached, Credit Card Details Stolen

TeddyR What about EMV (chip and PIN) cards in the US? (151 comments)

One reason that you may not hear of these breaches in places outside the US is that many use PIN and CHIP cards that make it MUCH more difficult to use or steal the credit card numbers.

Visa and MasterCard and Amex already use these outside the US... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EMV and they are supposed to be mandatory for the us in the next couple of years. Maybe the deployment should be expedited? For a standard that has been in wide use for over 15 years elsewhere, its about time that the US finally catches up....

1 year,18 days

Dial 00000000 To Blow Up the World

TeddyR Password? (306 comments)

well... at least is not as confusing as having the password be "password"

General:: the deactivation password is "password"
Operator: whats the password...
General: "I Said... the deactivation password is PASSWORD"
Operator: ok but whats the password.......
Genaral: The....."; oops too late

about a year ago

California Outlaws 'Revenge Porn'

TeddyR long memory (528 comments)

The problem is that the internet has a VERY long memory...not just "nudes", but other items as well. Once its out there.... there really is no way to get it back...

Just a one example.... Many people that used to post on USENET in their "younger" days are now finding that items that they had thought were LONG gone off the USENET "spool" are now coming back to haunt them. This is because when google first started its google groups service, one of the items that they had done was to purchase old backup tapes of USENET posts and indexed all of that into their engines. Google bought Deja-News and other usenet providers to gain access to the data. Suddenly stuff that normally would have been gone in 18months is now available to search/find.

The only way to post nowadays to assume that the information will be seen by the ONE person you may not want to see the info in 5-10-20 years.. So be careful what gets out there...Slashdot included.

about a year ago

Generic TLDs Threaten Name Collisions and Information Leakage

TeddyR .local issues (115 comments)

Old news. This has been an issue for YEARS.

Microsoft used to use and even advocate .local in many of its articles and educational documentation even after it became used by Multicast DNS / mDNS and other systems (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.local)

It was only recently that they stopped when the SSL registrars will no longer accept .local for certificates.

I have also seen several networks using .int for internal domains even though those were used for international organizations for a LONG time. Same as with .local and SSL is when these companies finally understand that the RFCs are there for a reason... .:-)

about a year and a half ago

Why Your New Car's Technology Is Four Years Old

TeddyR Re:Not to mention... (455 comments)

I wonder who took the lead from whom?

Apple iDevices. anyone?

about a year and a half ago

British Woman's Twitter Comments Spark Expensive Libel Claims

TeddyR Depends on your definition of "Prompt" (303 comments)

I guess it really Depends on your definition of "Prompt" either legally or culturally. In some cultures payment of invoices after 30-120 days is considered normal business practice.

about 2 years ago

GameSpy's New Owners Begin Disabling Multiplayer Without Warning

TeddyR remove your facebook Like (247 comments)

Well... Time to use facebook system against them. They currently have 881 likes. Time for all those people that "liked" their page to unlike it. This would be one easy way to send them and their advertisers a message.....

more than 2 years ago

Should Hacked Companies Disclose Their Losses?

TeddyR California has laws that are relevant.... (68 comments)

California actually has laws governing this if personally identifiable information or medical info is breached. Unfortunately many companies do not know about these laws or do not follow them. Also, by the nature of how the law is worded, it may effectivly affect companies all over the US (anyone that does buisness with CA or a CA resident)...



more than 2 years ago

Trouble For Microsoft Developers With the Windows Store

TeddyR This seems like a reoccuring theme.... (232 comments)

This seems like a reoccuring theme....

Another account of the issues with the Windows Phone app store is also mentioned by a Developer working for Ceton (though the posts are from his personal blog...)

Blog post detailing the problem: http://www.motzwrit.es/post/33309406053/a-broken-process
Initial thread discussing delays in the process: http://www.thegreenbutton.tv/forums/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=3093

more than 2 years ago

Will Your Books and Music Die With You?

TeddyR Re:Too personal to be widely desirable (248 comments)

This also can be applied to video games. I tend to stay away from "download only" games and get the physical media versions just for that reason. This is why it annoys me that some of the console game publishers are now going to a model where to play online you need an "online pass" or keycode that can only be used once to enable functionality that in the past would have been considered as part of the package.

more than 2 years ago

Will Real Name Policies Improve Comments?

TeddyR the net has a very long memory... (264 comments)

Unique accounts should be required. But not "real names". The problem is that many HR departments (I know of at least one that does not admit to doing it but I know for a fact does) will as part of their research/vetting of a potential employee actually check for the name/email/phonenumber on resume on MANY online sources (myspace, facebook, google, and USENET) at the very least.

The problem is that once the information is out there, there is no way to control what it is used for. Many poeple that were active on usenet in the 90s would never have thought that their posts would last longer than the longest USENET retention period of the time. Google ended up purchasing dejanews and all their backup spools (http://googlepress.blogspot.com/2001/02/google-acquires-usenet-discussion.html) to be included in googles archives. [BTW; Google also aquired MANY other backups of USENET spools from other sources as well to round out gaps in their archives]

- An innocent comment about "Apple" now for example may cost someone their job in 3-5 years when Apple buys out the company that they work for which is currently competition...

Another problem that I have with Real Name requirement is that it would make it extremely easy for the crooks to impersonate someone and commit identity theft.....

more than 2 years ago

Why Amazon Wants To Pay Sales Tax

TeddyR not walmart... best buy or frys will feel the pain (647 comments)

The one that I see that will be having issues is not Walmat, but Best Buy and maybe even Frys. The question is how will they adapt.. (Frys might be able to do it, but I doubt best buy has the agility...

more than 2 years ago

Cisco Pushing 'Cloud Connect' Router Firmware, Allows Web History Tracking

TeddyR Re:Upgrade Instructions for STUPID OWNERS (351 comments)

I had already disabled the automatic update. Currently running regular firmware

I wanted to download the latest 2.0.37 to make sure I had a "backup" of the firmware....

Problem is, at least for the E4200v2 cisco has pulled 2.0.37 from the official download page. The only way to get it is to call them to complain and get a download link for the pre-cloud firmware, which is now "unsupported"...

more than 2 years ago

US-CERT Discloses Security Flaw In 64-Bit Intel Chips

TeddyR good hosting providers already patched... (181 comments)

I am surprised that it took this long for it to reach /.

Linode.com had already patched the items last month. During an emergency but scheduled update round (took less than 30mins per host) and most users did not notice any issues since they were given more than 7 days advanced notice of the emergency update. [linode uses XEN on intel].


more than 2 years ago

Support Site For Hospital Respirators Found Riddled With Malware

TeddyR Re:Hello, HIPPA? (48 comments)

They can be fined if any user identifiable medical data was proven to be compromised as a result of the malware.

They also have to do regular internal security scans (IE: Anti Virus scans and other steps) to ensure that they are not infected or allowing people that should not have access to the user identifiable data that they should not)

This also includes regular security training for their staff; which means that the download pages should not have had a "just click on run to install the software"


more than 2 years ago

After Launch Day: Taking Stock of IPv6 Adoption

TeddyR Re:I Tried Anyway... (244 comments)

Front line tech support and supervisors have NO idea what ipv6 is or how to get it to you.

I have Charter cable, and "just for fun", called tech to ask about if they had native ipv6 availible, and if not, if they had better "regional" tunnels or 6rd gateways. Note that I already had the info from http://www.myaccount.charter.com/customers/Support.aspx?SupportArticleID=2665 working with my Linksys E4200v2; I just wanted to see if there was a closer 6rd tunnel gateway to my location. Over 45 mins and no help at all from the support or the supervisor. Neither had any idea about ipv6 even after I directed them to their own internal support article.

more than 2 years ago



Google/Samsung changes to SD card behaviour in KitKat (4.4.2) breaks apps.

TeddyR TeddyR writes  |  about a year ago

TeddyR (4176) writes "With the widespread release of Androif 4.4.2 (kitkat) to many Samsung devices worldwide and specifically now with the US rollout by major providers in the US it seems that Samsung has decided to implement Googles latest API regulations for SD Card storage. This breaks MANY third party applications since only the Google/System/OEM/Carrier signed apps can now write to the external SD Card thus making MANY paid applications useless.

Confirmed affected: TMobile and Sprint Samsung Note 3 and potentially the Galaxy S4 and upcoming Galaxy S5. This change affects ALL Samsung KitKat 4.4.2 devices, including the Note 2, S3 once KitKat is released to those devices.

Time to call your carrier and lodge a complaint to ask that they request that this "feature" be returned to the original behavior.



Link to Original Source

How useful is ipv6 depends on the destination webs

TeddyR TeddyR writes  |  about 3 years ago

TeddyR (4176) writes "IPv6 enabled TOP 1000000 websites as of Jan 8 2012
From the site:
"Here is a list which contains all popular sites (according to Alexa) with an IPv6 address. Out of the 990068 tested websites only 14229 have one or more IPv6 addresses. That is 1.44%.
  Out of the 24500 IPv6 addresses 18766 are connectable. That is 76.6%."

Even more shocking is that many of the top ipv6 sites are not the "goto" sites for many users and are not US based sites, showing how far the US must go in order for ipv6 to be useful.

A question for slashdot maintainers: why isnt slashdot.org on the list by now?"

Link to Original Source



I may have a stalker.... rant....

TeddyR TeddyR writes  |  more than 10 years ago

It seems that I have myself one of those internet stalkers.

Normally I would ignore the flame bait that such a stalker would be spewing, but in this particular case I have a very strong feeling that I know whom it may be. There are certain items that are public information, but others that very few know. Unfortunately I do not have 100% proof so I am not able to mention the persons name in a public forum like /.; and this person HAS shown very strong propensity for using their "good 'ol buddy" connections to sue people.

At first it was only on /., but recently it seems that the stalker has now decided to follow me and others onto other sites. All I can do is to request from the site webmasters the IP information for the messages.

Un/Fortunately most are refusing to send me the information without a law enforcement request. {There are mixed feelings on that matter for obvious reasons}. Since I work in the industry I know of the issues relating to computer and network security.

My next step might be to request an official restraining order be sent to them; but then I have to fill out a whole bunch of paperwork and such...

I have always known that having a presence on the internet meant that it would be easy for someone to find out some information about me.

This led me to do a quick set of "vanity searches" to see where my information has appeared.

The first place that I checked was google. It seems that google has now increased the offerings that it returns dramatically. Just for laughs, search for "yourname, city, state" and it may return your address and phone number. Google does have a way for you to "opt out" of the address/phone number feature.

Another search would be "email address" or "nickname".

There are several phone (forward or reverse) directories on the internet which may have your number.

Then there is the forgotten information that may still be in older databases and profiles from those IM services that you may have used once and forgot about. A perfect example is the information contained in the profiles of services like ICQ's whitepages. Things like Birthdates, phone numbers, etc.

If you have a domain name, then it is trivial to check the whois records for information about you (including email and phone number)

Then come all the "reunion" sites like classmates.com who may have bought or received access to old databases and alumni records.

"One of the most practical of our present safeguards of privacy is the fragmented nature of personal information. It is scattered in little bits across the geography and years of our life. Retrieval is impractical and often impossible. A central data bank removes completely this safeguard." Frank Horton

To paraphrase something I once heard.... I may be paranoid, but that does not mean that they are not after me....

It seems that the "internet" as a whole has become such a central data bank....

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