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Ask Slashdot: Is There a Good Device Holster?

TemplePilot Versipacks. (296 comments)

Grab yourself one of the Maxpedition Jumbo Versipacks, perfect every day carry gadget bag. Dress it up with morale patches too or just run down to your local headshop and buy up all the patches you can find affix velcro and you're in business :p Geek it up Tactical style! And yes in states that allow CCW, its a no brainer. This is the bag you want.

1 year,14 days

Compared to my 1st computer's memory ...

TemplePilot ... MOAR ... (587 comments)

Just STFU & gimmeh MOAR RAM nao!

about a year ago

Ad Blocking – a Coming Legal Battleground?

TemplePilot Re:Hardware level adblocking is the future. (686 comments)

+1 Absolutely! We go full out! Enough of this in your face advertising! It doesn't need to be every conveivable place in existence!

about 2 years ago

Advertisers Blast Microsoft Over IE Default Privacy Settings

TemplePilot Nowai, Do Not Track ! (558 comments)

Corporatist are not entitled to stalk people...get over it advertisers. Choke on your greed and DIAF.

about 2 years ago

Dogs Rid Beaches of Microbes

TemplePilot Squadrons (1 comments)

Seagull Strategic Command says, BIRDS FLY! And Seagulls are known for airborne ca ca bombing. Dogs and puppies on a beach are no deterrent.

about 2 years ago

US DOJ drops charges against two seized websites

TemplePilot Nowai! (2 comments)

> Forfeit the sites to the U.S. government? > N E V E R ! Not in this world. Not in any country outside U.S.A. Not for anything. What, they going to go after cell phone or landline telephone numbers next? Your street name? Your house number? Not Happening.

about 2 years ago

RapidShare Urges US Government to Punish Linking Sites and Not File-sharing Site

TemplePilot STFU (2 comments)

Linking is not a crime you mofo's gotta understand that. Without links the interwebs wouldn't exist. Greedy greedy greedy shameful pieces of shit.

about 2 years ago

Slashdot Style Twitter Accounts

TemplePilot Follow (1 comments)

Follow the leader... the leader, the leader, follow the leader... everywheres he goes.

about 2 years ago

.gay, .wine, .porn and .sexy among gTLDs objected to by Saudi Arabia

TemplePilot Prejudiced against bigots (1 comments)

Simple solution, bigoted countries can just geoblock those gTLD strings. Problem solved. But no, they have to have a costly viscous all out war over every little scrap, cause they're pissants like that.

about 2 years ago

In Vietnam: Being a Blogger Could Land You In Jail, Cost You Your Life

TemplePilot rawr (1 comments)

The governments of veitnam are spoiled children. Its that simple. Greedy meanie stuck up megalomaniacal cowards, nods. Craptastic fools that run veitnam are dirty piggies corrupted to the bone. The whole world knows it. Piss on 'em I say. Piss on everything they stand for. Piss in their gardens, piss in their foods oppressive pinheaded governmental lack of sight committee's really swallow that sort of swill. Don't hate the veitnameese, just their pig headed overlords. Piss on 'em and piss 'em off.

about 2 years ago

Legitimate eBook Lending Community Closed After Copyright Complaints

TemplePilot What is an eBook? (288 comments)

I guess that settles it. I'll consign myself to buying up whatever dead tree editions I can; and completely forget about buying any eReader or eBooks if these "Authors Guild" idiots are going to be a rabid crowd of money mongers. Unionized writers and publishing houses, like these belong on a do not buy list. And so the world grows smaller once again. Thanks to Greed.

about 2 years ago

'Wi-Fi Police' Stalk Olympic Games

TemplePilot IOC is SUCK (268 comments)

This practice actually raises my hackles. Alarm bells and klaxxons go off. Really they have NO BUSINESS doing this dystopian crap. This is exactly the very sort of thing that makes people angry. I for one wouldn't pay those mofo's one bluidy red cent. My wifi my business not theirs. Its not a crime. And they can't make it one just because. SCREW YOU, you damn'd IOC & your lame limpicks. DIAF and all that!

about 2 years ago

There is no Tablet Market, Only a iPad Market

TemplePilot Shill much? (1 comments)

Apple, apple, Apple, apple. OMGZ go away stupid vendorship!

about 2 years ago

Why the Tablet Market is Really the iPad Market

TemplePilot Re:People want cheaper tablets (657 comments)

Pay no mind to Apple shills. iPad is just another greedy shit. Consumers want what consumers want. And for the most part we want to pick and choose the things we need for our little fiefdoms at reasonable price points. We do not want this so called vendor lockin crap. Nor do we want to be babied by control freak app stores.

about 2 years ago

Ask an IT support pro: Why I hate live chat

TemplePilot Text is the medium! (1 comments)

Text is a hella lot more efficient IMHO. Then again I live in IRC, so I guess it goes without saying. The great equalizer is balanced by the mind behind the fingers.

about 2 years ago



New CRTC Chief Named

TemplePilot TemplePilot writes  |  more than 2 years ago

TemplePilot (2035400) writes "Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, Ottawa insider and veteran public servant Jean-Pierre Blais has been tapped to chair Canada’s telecom and broadcast regulator. Mr. Blais is appointed for a 5-year term. The appointment is effective June 18, 2012"
Link to Original Source

TV +Sets+Are+Connected+To+Internet+In+38%25+Of+Homes

TemplePilot TemplePilot writes  |  more than 2 years ago

TemplePilot writes "Interconnectness of SmartTV's in homes are rising with 38% reported by MCN, a trend thats likely to increase as more consumers purchase DLNA and WiFi capable home entertainment centers. This could also be a wake up call for big content providers as convergence technology cascades through the world and more consumers are tempted to adopt cord cutting measures while in pursuit of on-demand and over the top service, choice, flexibility and personalization for their entertainment needs."
Link to Original Source



Vanishing Mod Points, eh?

TemplePilot TemplePilot writes  |  about 2 years ago

*Blinks* @ slashdot, so Yesterday I had 5 mod points that don't expire until Sept. 9th but nothing to use them on... and today none of those mod poits are available? How does this actually work?

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