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Oculus Rift CEO Says Classrooms of the Future Will Be In VR Goggles

Teresita Re:why? (27 comments)

Actually the biggest issue these days is when people go "Where's the phone on my phone?" People look at their cell phone and wail, "Where the hell is the phone on my phone?"

about an hour ago

Treasure Map: NSA, GCHQ Work On Real-Time "Google Earth" Internet Observation

Teresita Re:it's over: the media (in the US) have moved on. (104 comments)

What they don't tell you is anyone can do this in a few hours with a port scanner, at least the IP4 flavor of cyberspace.

3 hours ago

Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

Teresita Re:god (695 comments)

Where did vacuum fluctuations come from? That's like sailing across the Atlantic and running aground at Land's End, then asking "Where did that come from?" It's just there.

11 hours ago

Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

Teresita Re:Atheism is not science (695 comments)

I disagree that atheism has nothing to do with science, they share a common procedure, in that hypotheses are rejected when they are demonstrably false. An omniscient god is demonstrably false when he is recorded as calling "Mulligan" on creation and staging a do-over after the Noahide flood.

12 hours ago

Original 11' Star Trek Enterprise Model Being Restored Again

Teresita Re:Saw it at the Smithsonian a few years ago (78 comments)

If Lucas had created Star Trek rather than Roddenberry, then the Original Series model at the Smithsonian would have DS9 era warp nacelles ret-conned on it and the phasers could never be fired until the shields were below 50% strength because of course Kirk never shoots first.

13 hours ago

US Patent Office Seeking Consultant That Can Stamp-out Fraud By Patent Examiners

Teresita Re:I have a method (117 comments)

Not every patent office flunkie can go on to write important papers on relativity.


Early iPhone 6 Benchmark Results Show Only Modest Gains For A8

Teresita Re:Good news for those who still like small phones (198 comments)

If the 5S and 6 have comparable performance, it means the 5S remains a long term option across OS upgrades. No need to keep a tablet in your pocket...

Is that a tablet in your pocket or are you just moving higher on the Mohs Hardness Scale?

2 days ago

Curiosity Rover Arrives At Long-Term Destination

Teresita Re:Knee-jerk reaction (33 comments)

There's no sharp boundary between the plain and Mt. Sharp.

2 days ago

Software Patents Are Crumbling, Thanks To the Supreme Court

Teresita Re:Double-edged sword (107 comments)

So you want the justice to be less when they rule something is obscenity? "I know it when I see it."

2 days ago

Liquid Sponges Extract Hydrogen From Water

Teresita Re:Electrolysis still required, says TFA (113 comments)

So this is click-bait, people are going to think these sponges do passive electrolysis. Well, I suppose the sponges need to be used for something, since the cold-fusion thing didn't pan out.

2 days ago

Kickstarter's Problem: You Have To Make the Game Before You Ask For Money

Teresita Re:False (210 comments)

I need crowdfunding so I can quit my day job and become a sculptor, but it's a chicken-and-egg problem because no one will chip in until they at least see one of my works. Obviously this is a fundamental problem with crowdfunding!

2 days ago

Windows Tax Shot Down In Italy

Teresita Re:And five people will be happy. (407 comments)

For that $59 refund you can get a five year old computer at RE-PC and put whatever operating system you want on it. The growth curve on clock speed and such has pretty much flattened out, and PCs that came with Vista or XPSP3 installed are quite serviceable.

2 days ago

Chrome OS Can Now Run Android Apps With No Porting Required

Teresita Re:Why not just run Chrome on Android on Chromeboo (122 comments)

Here's why ChromeOS (and Chrome and Chromiumn) is not idiotic: I'm tired of having to install the latest Flash player just so the ads don't crash the whole shooting match. So to hell with it, I have a Chromebox attached to the living room TV for Youtubes and Netflixes, let Google keep the thing updated. If I install 7 on something, I get Firefox and DON'T add Flash. Life is good. For Slashdot I use Lynx since there's no pictures anyway, it's faster, loads ALL the comments on one page, and has a much smaller RAM footprint.

3 days ago

Microsoft Killing Off Windows Phone Brand Name In Favor of Just Windows

Teresita Re:garbage phone (345 comments)

If you can't move files off your phone, file a Freedom of Information Act and make the NSA give you a copy of their copy of your file. After all, it's a Windows phone.

3 days ago

Chrome OS Can Now Run Android Apps With No Porting Required

Teresita Re:Wow (122 comments)

That makes my little Chromebox that much more awesome. Redmond be very afraid.

3 days ago

Microsoft Killing Off Windows Phone Brand Name In Favor of Just Windows

Teresita Re:Abject brand mismanagement (345 comments)

I don't hate Windows. I saw the screenshots for Windows Nein on a German site today. Objectively, it should be called Windows 8.2 by the looks of it. So it's just something that bores me, not something to hate.

3 days ago

Microsoft Killing Off Windows Phone Brand Name In Favor of Just Windows

Teresita Re:Oversimplification vs. overcomplication (345 comments)

So if everything is just Windows, that's going to turn tech support into a major Charlie Foxtrot. "Exactly what Microsoft product are you complaining about today, sir?" "Uh...Windows."

3 days ago

Universal Big Bang Lithium Deficit Confirmed

Teresita Re:Do what I do (169 comments)

Lithium is no longer available on credit.

3 days ago

X-Class Solar Flare Coming Friday

Teresita Re:Hallmark (145 comments)

We should be able to get a reading of the shield up or down. How can Earth be jamming unless they know we're...coming?

4 days ago

Hidden Archeology of Stonehenge Revealed In New Geophysical Map

Teresita Re:abattoir == slaughterhouse (28 comments)

Britain is full of savages, who also happen to be Muslims, only they don't call them that, they call them "Asian militants".

4 days ago


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