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"Install Other OS" Feature Removed From the PS3

Tetard Re:Greedy idiot kids (739 comments)

Err, Sony is a media corporation, they have a vested interest in pretending to fight piracy wrt. shareholders. George Hotz didn't precipitate Sony's actions - I think he's doing a favor by showing that DRM is pointless in the end and only harms consumers. Columbia pictures/film is actively tripping up the tech division, and this is why Sony is in the media race with one leg tied. It's why Apple has taken the lead in so many areas. The fact that the PS3 doesn't even talk Bravia protocol to the Sony flatscreens is beyond any logic. Surprisingly, the X360 hasn't broken through into the living room. It's amazing that in 2010, one has: an MPEG2/4 capable Full HD TV, a supercomputer class gaming console, and neither of them can really function as a dedicated PVR, and you still need a set-top-box of some kind to decode encrypted channels for satellite contents. The markets are segmented, I still have 5 remote controls (PS3, STB, TV, amplifier, squeezebox). The future is not what it used to be.

more than 4 years ago

How an Android Phone and Facebook Helped Route Haiti Rescuers

Tetard Re:A more general solution (114 comments)

As pointed out elsewhere, Android just happened to be what the author had in his pocket at the time. Of course, a lot of factors made it possible. What's very inspiring about this is the amount of work that was done, without any prompting or formal coordination from any "official authorities". The people on the ground, together with their friends and colleagues from around the world (Google, http://www.nsrc.org/, http://www.afnic.fr/, http://www.pch.net/, US State Department, etc...) made it happen. To illustrate this, check out how continuity of the .HT ccTLD was ensured while the people running it on a daily basis in Port au Prince were unreachable:


  No prior agreement had been made for "disaster recovery" but even so, the right decisions were taken. Of course things would have been much smoother if there had been some sort of contingency planning, but taken into account the circumstances, this was pretty amazing.


more than 4 years ago

Simple, Cost-Effective, Multiroom Audio?

Tetard Re:squeezebox family (438 comments)

I'll second/third/XXth this. It just rocks. Will be buying more stuff from them over the coming year. Not dirt cheap, but not insanely priced either. That and a SUMOH digital amplifier or the Squeezebox Boom, presto!

more than 5 years ago

Sprint Cuts Cogent Off the Internet

Tetard Bad excuse, Cogent could just buy transit (413 comments)

That Sprint is doing something stupid might be so, but I don't think we have the whole picture.

Cogent customers are being fed the excuse that "it's sprint's fault". That's bull, if they really wanted to help the customers and honor their side of the deal (towards their customers) they could buy transit through someone else to talk to Sprint. Sprint isn't blocking Cogent IPs, it's only dropped peering with them.

more than 6 years ago



Tetard Tetard writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Tetard writes "USB keys are very popular — they're the floppy of the new decade. We've all heard about company policies tightening up on bringing USB keys to work, or even PCs having their USB ports removed. But the fact remains, USB keys are here to stay. And while USB keys can be erased and reused, nothing short of dd'ing zeros over the entire device will clear evidence of previous files. A friend of mine pointed out how easy it was to, upon inserting a USB key someone had loaned you, to have a background process (Win32 or UNIX) dump all the blocks to a file, while normally accessing the key via the FS layer. When the user has left your desk, it's trivial to run undelete, recoverjpeg or some other tool to view fragments of or even entire files that had been erased, unbeknownst to the user. We're not talking embarassing pictures, but also confidential documents, business proposals, etc... So to the question is: apart from PGP Desktop for Windows, are there any tools out there that will "wipe free space" on a filesystem, whether it be FFS/UFS (BSD), ext2/3fs, ReiserFS, ... Or options in same filesystems to "zero freespace on release", not just updating the freespace bitmaps, as a mount option ?"


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