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Ask Slashdot: How/Where To Start Watching Dr. Who?

Thag Watch the new stuff, then try some of the old (655 comments)

I suspect you will find the newer stuff more accessible. I would start with the Christopher Ecclestone season and watch through to the present day.

After that, you may want to sample some of the older stuff, so here are a few suggestions for the various Doctors:

William Hartnell: An Unearthly Child, The Daleks, The Dalek Invasion of Earth. The first two are included in a set called In The Beginning

Patrick Troughton: The Tomb of the Cybermen

Jon Pertwee: Spearhead from Space, The Sea Devils

Tom Baker: Robot (his introductory episode), Genesis of the Daleks, Pyramids of Mars, Robots of Death, Deadly Assassin, City of Death

Peter Davison: Earthshock, The Caves of Androzani

Colin Baker: Revelation of the Daleks

Sylvester McCoy: Remembrance of the Daleks

In my opinion, seasons 12-15, the first four seasons of Tom Baker, are the best of the older series. But the list above should give you a taste of the whole thing. See what you like.

more than 3 years ago

Should Younger Developers Be Paid More?

Thag Re:Keep up or shut up (785 comments)

Top-drawer leadership is more valuable than gold. And way more valuable than a newbie programmer with a background in the flavor of the month. Why? Because top-drawer leaders can build top-drawer teams, and a top-drawer team will outperform any hotshot solo programmer. A top-drawer leader will make everyone in their team significantly more productive, by cutting out the bullshit, and by making the team members happy to be working on the project. There is also the huge benefit of knowing what not to do, and how to limit the scope of a new project or feature early in the design phase, which makes every phase after that much, much easier.

about 4 years ago

Ares 1-X Ready On Pad, Launch Set For 1200 GMT

Thag Re:Number one in what exactly? (260 comments)

Comparing the Falcon 9 to the N-1 is like comparing a Honda Civic to a Trabant.

The N-1 was a half-assed design from the beginning, it didn't even have the fuel tanks integrated into the structure of the rocket because the Soviets were too cheap to build the tooling necessary. So they built it with spherical tanks like a Goddard rocket, giving it a lousy mass to thrust ratio. Then the Soviets compounded the problem by only testing selected engines out of each production batch, instead of test-firing all of the engines. Lastly, their design didn't cope with engine failure at all well, which is a problem when your testing regimen guarantees engine failure.

The Falcon 9, on the other hand, uses a thoroughly modern design. Its engines are more reliable than the N-1's, and have been test-fired as a group successfully. Plus, it shares many components with the now-proven Falcon 1a design.

It is possible that they will still have problems with the Falcon 9, just like they did with the Falcon 1, but I think it is very likely that they will overcome them.

more than 5 years ago

7-inch Android Netbook From GNB

Thag Re:I've got one already... (150 comments)

Another good site for that line of machines is Little Linux Laptop.

I've got one, and am now running 3MX on it. 3MX makes it better, but still has some issues.

more than 5 years ago

Is Salacious Content Driving E-Book Sales?

Thag Re:Selective memory (215 comments)

Porn doesn't drive development of anything, it's an early adopter. There's a difference.

Hugh Hefner doesn't fund research into new media, but he'll be glad to sell his wares anywhere he can.

Mainly, I think, because porn doesn't necessarily have to be good in order to sell.

more than 5 years ago

Is Salacious Content Driving E-Book Sales?

Thag Re:Nothing New (215 comments)

That's because porn doesn't have to be good in order to sell. It will sell on novelty alone, at least for a little while. So it is an ideal early adopter for new media.

more than 5 years ago

Is Salacious Content Driving E-Book Sales?

Thag Re:Nothing New (215 comments)

That is pure unfounded supposition on your part. :)

more than 5 years ago

Palm Pulls the Plug On Palm OS

Thag So what upgrade/emulation options exist? (300 comments)

I am using a Zodiac 2 now, and have a TX in storage if the Zod dies, but I am wondering what options exist for moving/using my data on other platforms?

I know Access has sold their ALP platform to a couple companies, it's on at least one digital camera, too. They also put out a PalmOS compatible layer for the Nokia internet tablets.

I think there is a company that emulates the basic built-in apps on WinCE and iPhone/iPod Touch. Haven't heard great things about that.

Are there other options out there?

more than 5 years ago

PS2 the Most Played Console In 2008

Thag Re:Noone is surprised that the PS2 is still played (172 comments)

Seriously, with BC, upgrading to the PS3 from the PS2 is a pretty obvious choice.

Without it, if you're going to upgrade to something that can't play PS2 games, why not a 360?

I know several people who were once interested in the PS3, but completely lost interest once they found out you can't get PS/2 BC any more. They're in wait-and-see mode now, waiting for Sony to bring back BC.

Though, they still play PS1 games, FWIW.

about 6 years ago

Getting Away With a Cheap Graphics Card

Thag Re:Cooling (290 comments)

That or being just really wimpy. My computer uses a GeForce 5200 card, which is passively cooled, and has lasted for years. It's pretty weak for gaming, though: forget Crysis, it struggles with Sam & Max. And forget about playback in HD.

But for everything else, it's been great: quiet, produces great output, and it doesn't heat up the whole room during the summer.

more than 6 years ago


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