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Fast Wi-Fi's Slow Road To Standardization

The Ancients Re:Blueray of Wifi (140 comments)

BG is good enough, tied to residential/office network, and hard to notice the benefit of N.

Do you do much copying of files at all? We can see a huge difference on our network (have had n since the first 11n Airport Extreme), with speeds 3-5 times faster than G in the same environment. For us, 11n actually made wireless an acceptable alternative.

more than 4 years ago

Fast Wi-Fi's Slow Road To Standardization

The Ancients Wi-fi (140 comments)

= Wi-fight?

Guess not.

Are we due for a new, faster, standard now, since it has been 5 years for this to come to fruition?

more than 4 years ago

ZFS Gets Built-In Deduplication

The Ancients Re:This is good news... (386 comments)

Use open source, get cutting edge things.

Cutting edge is nice for the functionality; unfortunately it more often than not comes with unintended functionality. I like standing back a bit - not too much mind you, but enough to avoid the bleeding edge.

more than 4 years ago

ZFS Gets Built-In Deduplication

The Ancients This is good news... (386 comments)

...and would normally make me happy; except I'm a Mac user. Still good news, but could've been better for a certain sub-set of the population, darn it.

File systems are one area where computer technology is lagging, comparatively speaking, so good to see innovation such as this.

more than 4 years ago

Mozilla Slams Chrome Frame As "Browser Soup"

The Ancients Important point (236 comments)

...Chrome Frame will end in growing fragmentation and loss of control for most of us, including Web developers.'

A very important point. Those of us who build the web finally thought we were seeing some movement with the increasing adoption of Firefox (mainly) causing Microsoft to build better browsers in IE7, and more so, IE8. We really looked forward to moving from a development model where 50% of the time was spent building the site to standards, and 50% hacking for Internet Explorer.

more than 4 years ago

"Going Google" Exposes Students' Email

The Ancients Google's version of... (244 comments) networking.

Taking it to a new level, no joining or other conscious actions required to share everything about your life.

about 5 years ago

Watered Down Phishing Protection In IPhone OS 3.1?

The Ancients Slight catch in that last sentence (98 comments)


If you work for Apple, please comment on why you went with watered down phishing protection on the iPhone.

If anyone from Apple does comment, we'll not know for sure as they'll not be able to identify themselves sufficiently. As such, everything we do see will just be guesses. Some may make sense and quite probably be right, but who knows...

about 5 years ago

Bootstrapping a New Technology?

The Ancients Out of left field (360 comments)

I gave up on reading all the comments. A lot of cynics, and a lot of people knocking the guy. Yet it is people like this who have historically driven so much innovation. So he's focused on product, and not on all the structure around it, which may or may not be his downfall. Is this such a bad thing? It is not a product driven by marketing, but by engineering, and these types of product are becoming harder and harder to come by. To the AC who said "You are at the blunt end of failure and you want help from slashdot." - having a functioning example is far from the blunt end, which is populated by those who can't quite make their products work. Sure, the guy has limited business nous, but at least he knows enough to know he needs help to go further. If one was to take the majority of comments here on slashdot seriously, almost everyone has startling intellect and experience in all fields pertaining to the world.

about 5 years ago

Magician Threatening SW Developer With Litigation

The Ancients Face off! (6 comments)

A head to head battle; whoever makes the other disappear wins!

more than 5 years ago

City Sues To Prevent Linking To Its Website

The Ancients Re:don't do what? (429 comments)

Have you looked at the code and graphics on that site?

It should be illegal to link to it.

about 6 years ago



Record labels launch new music video site

The Ancients The Ancients writes  |  more than 6 years ago

The Ancients writes "The record labels have banded together to create PluggedIn, a music video site featuring over 10,000 high resolution music videos. The quality is said to be high enough to watch in full screen mode comfortably. Other features of the site include the ability to create and share playlists, and the option of giving or receiving recommendations. As with many similar offerings, the content is only available in the U.S. and Canada.

This follows hot on the heels of a previous article on slashdot about Why the RIAA really hates downloads."

Link to Original Source

New Zealand ISP to reward users with 1TB of data?

The Ancients The Ancients writes  |  more than 6 years ago

The Ancients writes "New Zealand based ISP Slingshot are poised to announce a referral reward of 1TB of data to existing customers who refer 10 people who sign up to the company's broadband product. While this may not sound so generous to many in U.S.A., Europe, and Japan with unlimited data connections, New Zealand is geographically remote, connected by 1 main undersea cable, and data caps start from 200MB per month and average 2GB a month, with 'unlimited' data plans enjoyed by most other countries almost unheard of. As such the plan has created quite a stir in a country with data caps, which appears to be where many other countries including the United States could be headed. Is this what's in store for the future?"
Link to Original Source

Hack into Windows with a firewire cable

The Ancients The Ancients writes  |  more than 6 years ago

The Ancients writes "There is an article in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning about a New Zealander who developed a method of hacking into Windows using a firewire cable and a simple command line tool. The author notified Microsoft about this 2 years ago, but since they still haven't done anything about it, and didn't consider a security vulnerability, he released it publicly today."
Link to Original Source


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