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Microsoft Engineer Discovers Android Spam Botnet, Google Denies Claim

The Darkness Re:Is it just Yahoo? (152 comments)

How many of these yahoo accounts were the contact address for a LinkedIn account and used the same password?

more than 2 years ago

Apple and Google Face Salary-Fixing Lawsuit

The Darkness Re:Cold calls? (402 comments)

"Hi Mr. X, we'd like to pay you 25% more to come work for us if you're a good fit for the team."

I love my job and the people I work with, but if Google called with that offer, I would listen. I would be stupid to not listen and at least give my boss the opportunity to make a counter-offer.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Money-Making Home-Based Tech Skills?

The Darkness Re:Proof Reader and Typesetter - I kid you not (332 comments)

< and > are HTML markup characters. You have to type &lt; to get < and &gt; to get >. You also have to type &amp; to get &.

about 3 years ago

The New Transparency of War and Lethality of Hatred

The Darkness Re:How the "explitive deleted" is this tech relate (591 comments)

Read the fine summary.

New information technologies make it easier for people who share a hatred to organize around it...

The impact of technology on society is just as newsworthy here as the next incremental improvement in graphics engines.

about 3 years ago

Court Reinstates $675k File Sharing Verdict

The Darkness Re:remember what a jury is (388 comments)

Doesn't matter; if you're not willing to behave as an automaton and judge just the facts rather than the law, you won't get on a jury.

The attitude matters. It's one thing to be called and then not asked to serve. It's another thing entirely to shirk your duty because you think you're "too smart" to be on a jury. The fact that they want a biased, ignorant jury is a different issue.

more than 3 years ago

Court Reinstates $675k File Sharing Verdict

The Darkness Re:remember what a jury is (388 comments)

My coworkers and I attempt to counter balance this by treating jury duty as a civic obligation.

All of the "smart people" that get out of jury duty because they're "smart" can go screw themselves. They're the reason that stupid decisions like this are made and become precedent for other stupid decisions.

more than 3 years ago

Litigious Rambus Wins Again

The Darkness Re:Rambus vs. JEDEC (161 comments)

negating a bad moderation. new discussion system + mobile browser = bad idea for moderation

about 5 years ago

NASA Offers $1.5 Million For 200MPG Aircraft

The Darkness Re:Misunderstanding? (146 comments)

You're allowed to spend a gallon per passenger for every 200 miles traveled. So if you have 10 passengers you can spend 10 gallons to go 200 miles.

10(passengers)*200(miles)/10(gallons)=200 Passenger Miles/Gallon.

10(passengers)*400(miles)/20(gallons)=200 Passenger Miles/Gallon.

And so on.

more than 5 years ago

Netflix Comes To Tivo, AppleTV, Linux

The Darkness Re:Linux? Really? (190 comments)

Not entirely true. I stream Netflix Watch Instantly selections in Firefox by using the IETab extension (it fools the server into thinking that you're using IE instead of FF). It works in Opera, too. Alas, only on Windows, though, not Linux.

You aren't using firefox to view netflix. IETAB actually runs IE in Firefox, so you're still using IE. Note the lack of Linux support on the IETAB page.


IE Tab, an extension from Taiwan, embeds Internet Explorer in a Mozilla/Firefox tab.

Emphasis mine.

more than 6 years ago


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