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Speilberg (And Kubrick)'s A.I.

The Deep Blue Funk Re:QuickTime (202 comments)

It's just such a petty, silly, and childish thing to crusade about. I mean, who really cares. Don't like Windows, don't use it- there's alternatives.

I was about as rabid an MS-hater as there ever was at one time, but in hindsight I think it was just due to the fact that I spent an unhealthy amount of time with computers (instead of people) and I had acquired this incredible tunnel vision where everything was black and white and anything non-computer-related just didn't matter to me. I've since grown up a lot.

Seeing people like Rob get that extreme and emotional and dramatic about it just seems really bizarre and silly, not to mention intellectually dishonest. I tend to dismiss such people as still being stuck in the phase that I was in, and hope they grow out of it eventually. Even if MS was twice as bad as people like Rob make it out to be (and they've certainly done plenty of stupid and/or arguably unethical things), it still wouldn't justify the level of emotion and drama and hyperbole that the MS-haters spew all the time.

The computer industry is just not collectively significant enough in the grand scheme of things to justify getting that worked up over one of its more powerful and Machiavellian citizens.

Finally, Rob's brand of MS-hating is of the shrill, whiney variety that ends up getting totally ignored by everyone who isn't just as bad about it as he is. Whenever anyone goes off on a shrill MS rant in any kind of social setting, inevitably whatever the person is saying gets ignored or forgotten, the only lasting result being the earning of a few hundred dork points in the eyes of his unfortunate audience.

Sorry, I guess this was a rant too. :) It's just something that's close to home...been there, done that, saw the light, and now spend my time worrying about things that actually matter.

about 14 years ago


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