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New Facebook Update Lets You Choose News Feed Content

The Larch An anonymous reader, eh? (54 comments)

An anonymous reader linked a mashable.com article about Facebook? FRONT PAGE

about 3 months ago

The Largest Kuiper Belt Object Isn't Pluto Or Eris, But Triton

The Larch you give the Devil an inch (61 comments)

wow, these Big Kuiper Belt bosses just do whatever they please

at this rate, I predict half the planets and several Middle Eastern nations will be designated KBOs by the year 2025

about 3 months ago

Wi-Fi Router Attack Only Requires a Single PIN Guess

The Larch Re:WPS shoudn't be used anyways... (First!) (84 comments)

Thanks captain! This is real insightful! Also women should not wear dresses, and people should not buy consumer goods.

about 5 months ago

Homestar Runner To Return Soon

The Larch Kickstarter (57 comments)

From the interview:

Matt: I’d just love to be making cartoons with these characters again. If it looks like there’s a possibility of doing this full time again, that’s amazing I don’t want to set expectations too high, but needless to say, we’re jonesing to do this again.

If the Brothers Chaps really wanted to do web cartoons for a living, I bet a Homestar Runner Kickstarter would easily bring in a million or two to get them (re)started.

about 7 months ago

Update on SuperK Detector Failure

The Larch Re:Boy, that clears that up. (187 comments)

Crack mods, please mod the parent troll up, he's got a good point.

I'm so fucking tired of slashdot, I need to quit before I short out my keyboard with drool. And I think tonight the time has finally come. Browsing the comments on the Super-K followup, every single fucking comment at +3 or above has been "Funny" -- can you tell anything wrong with this picture?

Slashdot has degraded to the level of an irc channel. I'm off. Be good, all, and don't get horribly mauled by the schoolbus tomorrow morning.

more than 13 years ago


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