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Foodtubes Proposes Underground, Physical Internet

The-Pheon Re:Bush was right after all (431 comments)

... so it's like a series of tubes, right?

Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) said that, not Bush.

more than 4 years ago

Microsoft Rumored To Buy Second Life

The-Pheon Re:reason for the acquisition (223 comments)

They have decided that the scripting language is far superior to Jav... er, C# and .NET.

The Second Life scripting language compiles to run on the CLR. Second Life has embedded mono in their client.

more than 4 years ago

Open Data Needs Open Source Tools

The-Pheon Use Open Standards (62 comments)

People could start by documenting their data in standardized formats, like DDI 3.

more than 4 years ago

Canadian Android Carrier Forcing Firmware Update

The-Pheon Re:Uhm, I thought it was open? (238 comments)

and in other news, my sister is going to do this? good luck with that.

about 5 years ago

DynDNS.com Acquires EveryDNS

The-Pheon Re:As a current free DynDNS user... (125 comments)

EveryDNS is more like the "custom DNS" feature in DynDNS which uses their servers to provide nameservers for your own domain. DynDNS's custom DNS service is $30/year if you aren't hosting with them, while EveryDNS is/was free.

ThatIP only charges $10/year for the same "custom DNS", and now started doing dedicated ipv6 nameservers too!

about 5 years ago

Mass Speculation Suggests Oracle May Kill OpenSolaris

The-Pheon Re:Look at the bright side -- ZFS for Linux! (205 comments)

I've long been immensely frustrated that you can't get kernel-space ZFS (sorry FUSE) compiled into a Linux kernel because of inane licensing issues*....

Well it is a good thing FreeBSD does not have a restrictive license like that. FreeBSD 8.0 will have ZFS with zpool 13, and here is how to use it.



more than 5 years ago

Slashdot Launches User Achievements

The-Pheon Re:Missing Achievements (1582 comments)

* UID is a prime number. (no wouldn't get it myself, i'm a couple of digits off)
* Has been moderated (-1 troll) more than 5 times
* " " Flamebait " " etc

Any others?

I like it, how about UID can fit in a 16bit uint?

more than 5 years ago

HP Creates First Hybrid Memristor Chip

The-Pheon Re:size? (155 comments)

Does anyone know what size features the chip was etched at? um? nm? That might give a clue how close it is to being used in other products.

The memristors made in April were 50 nm wide

more than 6 years ago


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