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New Snowden Leak: of 160000 Intercepted Messages, Only 10% From Official Targets

TheBilgeRat Re:What haven't they lied about? (201 comments)

Due to "security concerns" the NSA operates relatively autonomously, and, by design, even the president and courts have limited oversight.

This isn't true at all The President has ultimate authority over the actions of the intelligence agencies. The Congress has ultimate control of funding for the intelligence agencies. Further, both houses of Congress have intelligence oversight committees that were formed in the wake of multiple scandals from the 1960s and 1970s.

None of this is new. FISA was written as a direct result of the US Army spying on domestic protests by American citizens. The domestic and overbroad spying by the NSA is exactly the type of thing that FISA was originally intended to halt.

Every time we pass a law to stop some shitty corporate or military behavior, it gets slowly watered down over the years until it's incapable of meeting its original goals.

While all technically true, the problem happens when these agencies straight up lie to Congress or the president about their activities.

James Clapper, the Bay of Pigs, etc etc. If you believe those oversight committees are worth anything, well...

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: Correlation Between Text Editor and Programming Language?

TheBilgeRat Re: Uh, sure.. (359 comments)

This really all depends on the coder. I work on a very large commercial project written in C++/Qt and Tcl. The majority of the main programmers use Emacs and Eclipse. I use qtcreator and vim. IDEs don't get in the way of project specific tools at all - that is why you tell it where all your bespoke classes and tools are. Most all IDEs understand Git, Subverison and Perforce as well as project trees.

The reason I love the IDE I use is the ability to quickly follow inheritance back to parent classes from some class or function definition, quickly find all uses of some function in the project tree, and just overall ability to hop around, switch from header to source, etc. Qtcreator even has vim mode, so all the easy text editing I'm used to is right there. I'm sure some programmers have scripts that do these things, or some Emacs/Vim magic, but I don't know it, and don't have the time or desire to learn it.

In the end, no one gives two shits what you use as long as you're productive.

about a month ago

Interviews: Ask Lawrence Lessig About His Mayday PAC

TheBilgeRat Re:Should the US government censor political blogs (308 comments)

So, just because the Warren Burger led supreme court went 5-3 (Justice Stevens did not take part) in Buckley vs Valeo in favor of this line of reasoning does not make it correct. It simply means that our Supreme court believed that it knew better than the majority of Congress, who felt strongly enough about limiting campaign money to override Gerald Fords veto.

about a month ago

Water Cannons Used Against Peaceful Anti-TTIP Protestors: the Next ACTA Revolt?

TheBilgeRat Re:Silly Peasants (142 comments)

Well, to start with Reagan: And of course we have: -- Not really debatable.

about 2 months ago

MIT Designs Tsunami Proof Floating Nuclear Reactor

TheBilgeRat Re:Step 2. (218 comments)

Are you referring to this as the small pilot plant?

A 5 year operation is hardly unproven. It is well known that the light water reactor design was chosen for its ability to create fissile material for weapons. It was the perfect design for the cold war. We are no longer trying to beat the Russians on warhead count, so its probably time we revisit the design question. Thermal cycles make more sense than fast ones, liquid fuel makes more sense than pellet, breeder systems make more sense than non-breeder ones.

about 3 months ago

MIT Designs Tsunami Proof Floating Nuclear Reactor

TheBilgeRat Re:Step 2. (218 comments)

it almost seems to be a running joke these days.

"We gotta figure out how to do nuclear safely!"

"How about we use proven molten salt technology and burn thorium?"

"Naah...How about we build a huge floating light water reactor out in the ocean?"

about 3 months ago

Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr Released

TheBilgeRat Re:It's not bad (179 comments)

I've been running the beta as well. I can definitely recommend giving the ubuntu-branded lxde a go. It looks really really good, and is super fast. I was never really a fan of LXDE before this.

about 3 months ago

Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr Released

TheBilgeRat Re:*Yawn* I'll Wait for the Mint Edition (179 comments)

Or, we could choose Xubuntu (XFCE), Lubuntu (LXDE), Kubuntu (KDE), or even just install barebones and roll your own. I fail to see how Ubuntu is shoving a window manager or desktop environment down your throat.

about 3 months ago

Fluke Donates Multimeters To SparkFun As Goodwill Gesture

TheBilgeRat Re:Good PR Move (250 comments)

Not to mention much better multimeters!

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Will Older Programmers Always Have a Harder Time Getting a Job?

TheBilgeRat How many of these per week are we doing, Slashdot? (379 comments)

Which region? What country? What development area? What language?

If you are an old coder wanting to get some job at some startup mobile app social networking company, sure...probably you don't fit the profile.

For everything else, I am sure age trumps youth, as people who run companies tend to look at the extra they are paying you as a good return on investment when delays can cost you millions, or clients, etc. Experience wins every time.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: What Games Are You Playing?

TheBilgeRat Re:Kerbal Space Program! (669 comments)

This! :/

I had still been playing some civ 4 in concurrency with civ 5, but the biggest draw for that bundle was civ 3. I can't put the Civ smack down, ever since civ 1 on the Amiga. I still have a copy of civ2 floating around somewhere...

about 5 months ago

Utopia, Silk Road's Latest Replacement, Only Lasted Nine Days

TheBilgeRat Why in Western Europe? (83 comments)

Aren't there better countries for hosting black market silk road style servers? Like Russia, or Chechnya? Liberia?

about 6 months ago

Dyson Invests £5 Million To Create 'Intelligent Domestic Robots'

TheBilgeRat The problem with this is (125 comments)

...that Dyson only knows how to make things that suck...

about 6 months ago

Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

TheBilgeRat So annoying. (2219 comments)

The beta doesn't suck. The slow cantankerous site form the 90's sucks. Every armchair webdev who thinks they know best sucks. The fact that there are 300 posts in this thread at +5 informative without a single real criticism should speak volumes. Ignore the noise, and do the redesign.

Seriously. Tweaks I'm sure are necessary. The rest of the hatred is bandwagoning noise and bullshit. Take the real criticisms (if any) and listen. To all the jerkwads with the hashtag "fuckthebeta" nonsense and petulant "But they're gonna change it anyways! boo hoo me! I'll just go to reddit!", fuck off. You'll still be able to post "frosty piss!" just as easily on the beta as you are on this old dinosaur.

about 6 months ago

Why the Latest FISA Release By Google Et Al. Means Squat

TheBilgeRat Also don't understand the complaining. (131 comments)

I think the flat design is fine. I've been on slashdot since the 90s - it was time for a change.

about 6 months ago

Kansas Delays Municipal Broadband Ban

TheBilgeRat Not shocked at all (156 comments)

Koch brothers, creationism in the classroom... So glad i got out in the 90s. My home state is nothing but a source of shame on an almost daily basis.

about 6 months ago


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