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What Really Happened To Ubuntu's Edgy Artwork?

TheCarlMau Re:I'm assuming this is the artwork.. (297 comments)

Uhh... that's the artwork that is actually in Edgy. I suggest that before you *assume*, you actually look at the artwork in Edgy and Dapper.

more than 8 years ago



TheCarlMau TheCarlMau writes  |  more than 8 years ago

Mau writes "Most of Slashdot is probably aware of hosts. Most hosts do not support third-party scripts or even the programming languages they have installed on their servers, but do you think they should? Should you be able to ask your host how to get a PHP script working, just as you would ask for help on setting up email? Of course, the host isn't legally bound to support the very own languages they have on their servers, but I'm interested in if you think they should."

TheCarlMau TheCarlMau writes  |  more than 8 years ago

TheCarlMau writes "YoungCoders, a community for young computer enthusiasts, has started a new project that aims to teach five people how to create a standards complaint website from start-to-finish. From the announcement: "As a premier community for the next generation of programmers, graphic designers, and entrepreneurs, YoungCoders has decided to launch a new initiative to teach beginners how to construct from scratch a standards compliant, cross platform, fully-featured personal website using XHTML and CSS for free...This initiative is aimed at people who have not yet created a website, don't know how to do this or where to start, but would like to have a web site of their own." If you have ever wanted a website, but don't know how to do it "right," this is your chance!"


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