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Stars Remain In Their Usual Places; People Panic

TheGeniusIsOut Re:This a re-org for the foreign offices only (468 comments)

Considering (s)he cared enough to actually make a post, I would say that they could care less, in that they could have not posted anything at all...

about 4 years ago

Meta-Research Debunks Medical Study Findings

TheGeniusIsOut Re:Reality check (261 comments)

The diligence continues the advancement of the science, slow and steady it may be.
Get a large enough pool of students however, and you are likely to find an Einstein, Shakespeare, Heisenberg or Hawking.

You don't need the geniuses around all the time, and in fact that can become problematic if the I.Q. density reaches critical mass,
as egos clash and brilliant flames are burned out too quickly trying to shine the brightest.

The occasional paradigm-shifting insight or perspective it all it takes to give guidance to the army of the diligent for the next period of refinement and progress.

This of course assumes the genius isn't burned at the stake for heresy or committed to an institution first.

more than 4 years ago

Apple Sues HTC Again Over Patents

TheGeniusIsOut Re:in re Bilski (263 comments)

If math cannot be patented, then digital logic, which is binary mathematics, cannot be patented, which makes hardware unpatentable as well. Of course, anyone so inclined, and with sufficient knowledge, can describe anything in mathematical terms, which by that logic would thus invalidate all patents. Certainly, since the one of the foundations of quantum theory is the many worlds hypothesis, which is mathematical in nature, states that all possibilities occur somewhere in the multiverse, all things are also prior art.

more than 4 years ago

USPTO Lets Amazon Patent the "Social Networking System"

TheGeniusIsOut Re:Patent Trolling (265 comments)

It looks like the buyout by Amazon does predate Friendster and MySpace... though to be honest, there's no way in hell this should pass any "obvious" test.

That may well be true, but, the website based social networking sites are far from the first to utilize this "technology"

'A networked computer system provides various services for assisting users in locating, and establishing contact relationships with, other users. For example, in one embodiment, users can identify other users based on their affiliations with particular schools or other organizations. The system also provides a mechanism for a user to selectively establish contact relationships or connections with other users, and to grant permissions for such other users to view personal information of the user. The system may also include features for enabling users to identify contacts of their respective contacts. In addition, the system may automatically notify users of personal information updates made by their respective contacts.'

This has a very strong similarity to "elite" status granted to users of old school dial up BBSs for uploading or otherwise providing coveted data or services. Such similar systems were even loosely in place within AOL, Compuserve, Prodigy, and other dial-up ISPs long before 1998. Even forum profiles could conceivably fall into this category.

more than 4 years ago

USPTO Lets Amazon Patent the "Social Networking System"

TheGeniusIsOut Patent Trolling (265 comments)

1) Buy company that "invents" un-patented technology everyone is using.
2) Patent said technology yourself, because the USPTO can't be bothered to actually think about what they are doing.
3) Wait for the other users of "your" technology to make a substantial amount of money.
4) Profit!

more than 4 years ago

Do Car Safety Problems Come From Outer Space?

TheGeniusIsOut Re:No. (437 comments)

I can't even begin to calculate the probability of a single bit flip due to impact from a cosmic ray causing unintended acceleration in multiple vehicles. Possible? Certainly, nearly anything is. Plausible? Maybe in a very broad sense of the world. Likely? Not very.

more than 4 years ago

Junctionless Transistor Could Simplify Chip Making

TheGeniusIsOut Re:Finally... (100 comments)

Too many divergent threads with faulty assumptions to respond to each individually, and obviously many of you did not bother to read beyond the summary, if that.

Just because your iPhone has a 600MHz processor does not make it equivalent to a 10 year old computer. It is not running a fully functional operating system, does not have the same capabilities as a desktop system of that era even in sheer number crunching capabilities, and if your portable device attempted such, it would quickly drain the batteries due to inefficient components that lose a significant portion of their energy to current leakage and heat dissipation, while at the same time overheating the components themselves to a point of failure. Try using you iPhone to render high polygon count 3D models and see how it performs. Besides these simple points, there were distinct leaps in production technology that allow this approximation of performance to even occur. More efficient chip based transistors being a primary factor of not needing a large cooling system attached to the back of your phone to allow your display to show you video at a decent framerate

A virtually ideal component is one that is almost 100% efficient, with little to no leakage and heat loss. With the reduction in waste heat, more components can be in close proximity to one another without interfering in their operation by skewing values due to heating. This new design is much faster than a traditional transistor, requires much less energy to bias, and is easy to manufacture.

From the second page of the article:

"The current flows in a very thin silicon wire and the flow of current is perfectly controlled by a `wedding ring` structure that electrically squeezes the silicon wire in the same way that you might stop the flow of water in a hose by squeezing it. These structures are easy to fabricate even on a miniature scale which leads to the major breakthrough in potential cost reduction," explained Professor Colinge.

This squeezing is a biasing voltage, and no actual current flow through the gate is required, only a potential. Since there is no valence junction to bias before current can flow from source to drain, you do not need to supply signals of sufficient voltage to be registered, again requiring much less energy to operate.

Cost reduction is another key benefit of this technology, rather than having to grow the silicates with an inaccurate doping method over a preformed substrate, which leads to inefficiencies in power consumption and the need for large transition zones due to no two junction type semiconductors having the exact same biasing voltages, which is why standard CMOS is off at 0.8V or lower, and generally on at 2.0V or higher, depending on tolerance. Transistors using less power to transition from one state to the other require less powerful power supplies, enabling even more compact designs, and to top it off, the technology is robust enough to directly interface with CMOS.

I realize it takes more than a cursory knowledge of electronics to understand the true implications of this, which is why a number of you have made incorrect assumptions, but with a bit of extra reading, I firmly believe that at least some of you could become as excited about this breakthrough as I am.

more than 4 years ago

Junctionless Transistor Could Simplify Chip Making

TheGeniusIsOut Finally... (100 comments)

Something to get excited about in the field of basic electronic components. Virtually ideal transistors that are easy to fabricate will revolutionize the nanoprocessor industry. I can see cell phones with the computing power of todays desktops in the next 5-10 years from this.

more than 4 years ago

"Immortal Molecule" Evolves — How Close To Synthetic Life?

TheGeniusIsOut Re:Computational Beauty of Nature (270 comments)

It is interesting how much that diagram resembles the path of creation and destruction from Wu Xing. Having not read the referenced book, I do not know if this was independently derived, or built upon from this ancient Chinese philosophy, but it is intriguing nonetheless.

more than 4 years ago

Lego Robot Solves Any Rubik's Cube In 12 Seconds

TheGeniusIsOut Re:This Video is FAKE (224 comments)

If you watch carefully, the "Full Solve", which states such and claims to be a "totally random cube (Honest)", takes 10.75 seconds, including inspection. The 2.01 second solve is a demonstration of the MINIMUM time required for "inspecting and making one twist" on an unsolved cube. It is the blogger, and not the video, who makes the claims of solving in 2.01 seconds, and while it technically is a solve, the inventor rightfully does not claim such. The world record human solve of 7.08 seconds is not including the untimed inspection period. I would not consider this a dishonest video, since the video does not claim anything but the 10.75s solve to be a real solve, which by the rules of the second video's competition, would actually be an 8.74s solve....

more than 4 years ago

Five Years of YouTube and Forced Evolution

TheGeniusIsOut Re:life in the old browsers yet (329 comments)

There are also (sit down, this might be a bit of a shock) lots and lots of people who rarely, if ever visit youtube.

Just like there are also lots and lots of people who can't get anything better than dialup.

While both of these statements may be true, that does not make them equate one to the other. There are many people, myself included, with a broadband connection of >10Mbps that do not use YouTube for the simple fact that there is rarely anything of intellectual interest to be found within its pages. The rare YouTube video that does fill the role of intellectually stimulating is usually found through the dissertation pertaining to the content rather than browsing YouTube.

more than 4 years ago

Fallout: New Vegas Coming This Fall, Trailer Released

TheGeniusIsOut Re:That is fast! (100 comments)

All Fallout games have been referred to as simulations in their respective manuals, the premise from the original Fallout being that these were simulations experienced by Vault dwellers to prepare them for life outside the vault.

more than 4 years ago

Free-To-Play Switch Going Well For D&D Online

TheGeniusIsOut Re:The game (201 comments)

There's nothing like that in DDO. The store has some stat boosts and potions, most of which you could get from vendors in-game with the "fake" money you earn on quests. You can also use real money to buy in-game money.

The DDO Store has been balanced so you can NOT make in-game money from store transactions. The items bought with Turbine points are bound to character or account, and cannot be traded or sold. There are no items purchasable through the DDO store that cannot be found in game with the exception of the cosmetic items that have no gameplay impact. For less than the price of a year's subscription, you can buy every Adventure (Content) Pack, Warforged, Monk, a shared bank tab, and have enough left over for a couple of extra character slots, making your account access the same as a VIP (subscriber), while keeping access to this content without ever paying again. With Turbine running sales just about every weekend, you could likely end up will all content for less than that if you are patient and vigilant. I like being able to get the equivalent of a lifetime subscription when I know it is a game I would have spent that much on in the long run anyways. You can also get access to Adventure Pack material without committing to the entire pack's purchase by someone who already owns the content getting a guest pass for you. VIPs who already have all content and get the 500 bonus points a month, and are not total social reprobates, are usually willing to get a guest pass for guild mates or friends to run a particularly good quest chain with.

more than 5 years ago

Stargate Universe

TheGeniusIsOut Re:Troubleshooting skills. (829 comments)

>>>First, why did the point of origin for the 9 symbol address have to be Earth's symbol? They weren't on Earth, and they weren't using the Earth gate.

Precisely. Which is why it didn't work until they changed their point-of-origin to the new planet. Please pay closer attention to the fake, make-believe magic incantations. ;-)

Apparently you were not paying attention, as they were using the planet's symbol for point of origin and it did not work until they changed to the Earth symbol. The 9th chevron was obviously not a point of origin, rather a code lock, as was stated in the episode,

>>>if no one has been on the ship since it was launched, why are the CO2 scrubbers full of gunk?

For the same reason why your car's engine oil would turn to with gunk if you left it sitting-around for 10,000 years.

Over 100,000 years, not 10,000, this was launched long before the Ancients even left for the Pegasus galaxy, which was, interestingly, the first leg of Destiny's journey. The scrubbers were using a chemical reactant for cleansing the air, which would degrade over time even if not used, though with the amount of damage to the ship, it is likely there have been inhabitants on board in the past.

>>>if the air has been leaking out of the ship since it was damaged, where is the new air coming from?

Good point. It's funny how all these problems just suddenly "happened" on precisely Day 3.6 Million of the ship's log, and humans just happened to be there.

The ship would only have to stop by a planet with a suitable atmosphere and remotely dial the gate on the planet to get an incoming wormhole to the ship, pressure differential would allow air to flow from the planet to the ship..

more than 5 years ago

Stargate Universe

TheGeniusIsOut Re:Troubleshooting skills. (829 comments)

Would I find this book about imaginary technology in my college library? ;-) Oh and by the way photon torpedoes are warp-driven vessels filled with antimatter - they don't pass through the ship when they impact, even though they are traveling at warp speed.

1) The Physics of Star Trek by Lawrence M. Krauss is a very enlightening book, if a bit outdated, that discusses the physics behind the warp drive, inertial dampeners, transporters, and other things. Warp drive is a localized warping of space-time which allows the vessel to travel faster than the speed of light relative to distant objects, local objects within the warp field are relatively stationary with respect to the vessel.

2) Photon torpedoes use an impulse drive for propulsion, not a warp drive. If they used a miniaturized warp drive, there would be no need for a warhead, just initiate a core breach, and no variable yield to the torpedo either.

I do agree there were some solutions to problems that could have made the ship more powerful, such as combining replicator and transporter technology to beam replacement parts into place as soon as they were damaged, but this is a fictional show, and would grow quite boring if the ship was nigh indestructible.

As for SG:U, the Senator's sacrifice was a dramatic plot element, which will have a greater impact than just cutting off one of the air leaks. The ramifications will reverberate through the characters' relationships, and will serve as motivations for the future. If you insist upon a technological explanation, consider that the Ancients were an intelligent race of engineers, who would not want something as important at the rear hatch of a shuttle to be opened or closed by a falling object, and would likely include biometric sensors to determine if the contacting appendage was living or not. For remote operation of the door, there were internal systems of the ship itself, that have obviously degraded over the hundreds of thousands of years the ship has been traveling.

Destiny is not traveling through hyperspace, as I have seen some say, rather it is moving faster than light through normal space. Some would say this is impossible as it requires infinite energy to accelerate any mass to the speed of light, and they would be correct except that Destiny does not appear to accelerate at all. From the visual effect used, I would venture a guess that there is a form of transporter beaming technology being used to shift the entire ship instantaneously from sub-light speeds to FTL without acceleration.

more than 5 years ago

Creating a Quantum Superposition of Living Things

TheGeniusIsOut Re:One possible definition of life (321 comments)

Just because a formula is unknown does not mean it does not exist.

Chaos is simply something of a high enough order as to be too complex for current knowledge to accurately describe.

Any technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic.

If we knew all the laws of the universe, and the current state of all variables involved, we could accurately predict the outcome of any situation. There is no free will, only the guise of such due to a lack of understanding of the underlying mechanics.

more than 5 years ago

NASA Developing Nuclear Reactor For Moon and Mars

TheGeniusIsOut Re:WHere do they put the heat? (424 comments)

Ok, great, they put the heat in one side of the Sterling Cycle Engine, and it moves to the other side and we get motion, but what do they do with the heat? There's no air/water to bump against a cooling fin to get the activity of the molecules. Does the "icy vacuum of space" actually cool things very well?

Heat is only transferred through conduction or radiation, with radiation being the most efficient, convection is a movement of heated materials, but the heat itself is only ever conducted or radiated away.

If it did, why wouldn't a sterling cycle engine with one side in the shade and one side in the sun work pretty darn well anyhow?

I suspect that it DOESN'T, in which case they'll need to bore a big hole to put the heat in via fluid transferring to lunar dirt.

The key to the operation of any type of thermo-electric device is temprature differential, the greater the difference in temperature from one end to the other, the greater the power output. Sitting in the sun on earth, there would be a maximum of about 20-30 degrees difference in the most ideal situations from the sunny side to the shaded side.

more than 5 years ago


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