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RIAA Sues the Wrong Person

TheGreenLantern Re:Abolish copyright, and this won't happen. (686 comments)

Well, obviously I side with the RIAA because I am a corporate-controlled whore, sucking at the teet of big business interests and lining my pockets with the hard-earned money of the average American worker!

about 11 years ago


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Redundant Moderation Now Redundant

TheGreenLantern TheGreenLantern writes  |  more than 12 years ago It seems to me that since Slash has gone to displaying comment numbers in their new, long format, the redundant moderation tag is perhaps the most pointless, most abused mod around. Mods who throw this mod down now almost invariably do not bother to check the numbers to see if it is really redundant, or just far down the page in their Highest Score First view.

I realize that stupid moderators is nothing new around here, but it is very hard to easily tell now which comments came first and which came later, without spending a significant amount of time looking at all the post numbers. Is redundant something we really need anymore?

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