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Nuclear Energy Now More Expensive Than Solar

TheLoneCabbage utter nonsense (635 comments)

The report compares running costs of a solar plant against the running costs of nuclear PLUS construction costs. Not only that but also chooses the most expensive plant designs, and takes the extremely high end estimates.

Taken from http://energyfromthorium.com/:

Fuel costs. Thorium fuel is plentiful and inexpensive; one ton worth $300,000 can power a 1,000 megawatt LFTR for a year – enough power for a city. Just 500 tons would supply all US electric energy for a year. The US government has 3,752 tons stored in the desert. US Geological Survey estimates reserves of 300,000 tons, and Thorium Energy claims 1.8 million tons of ore on 1,400 acres of Lemhi Pass, Idaho. Fuel costs for thorium would be $0.00004/kWh, compared to coal at $0.03/kWh.

Capital costs. The 2009 update of MIT’s Future of Nuclear Power shows new coal plants cost $2.30/watt and PWR nuclear plants cost of $4.00/watt. The median of five cost studies of molten salt reactors from 1962 to 2002 is $1.98/watt, in 2009 dollars. The following are fundamental reasons that LFTR plants will be less costly than coal or PWR plants.

more than 4 years ago

Man Invents Alternative To Cooking Gas

TheLoneCabbage Re:Available in Gaza (553 comments)

The 4 largest political parties in Israel (there are 43 this election season) support the creation of a 2 state solution, the dividing of Jerusalem, and peace negotiations. Together they represent more than 80% of the voters.

more than 6 years ago

If Programming Languages Were Religions

TheLoneCabbage Re:correlation is not causation (844 comments)

Religious people in Israel are discriminated against, because it's the secular 70% that dominate the country.

20% of the population is Russians, who are secular thanks to a century of communism.

20% of the population is Muslim, who is religious or not is to complicated to get into.

5% is Christian or other.

60% is ethnically Jewish. Of that, 70% keep any kind of affiliation or cultural identity (ie 30% eat piggy). 1/2 have family meals on the holidays. And 1/3 (of the 60%) choose to keep "all" of the laws and customs.

  The proportion of people who claim regular "church" visits, is less than the USA. In fact, Israel is the only place in the world where rabbinic financial arbitration has no force of law. There are religious aspects of the gov't that definitely exceed American standards for separation of church and state, but would be comparatively mild compared to British standards (the Israeli gov't structure is inherited from the Brits).

Calling Israel a religious state is pushing it.

In any case, the study has been peer reviewed (positively) in top Journals. The data was collected and analyzed according to scientifically accepted standards.

more than 6 years ago

If Programming Languages Were Religions

TheLoneCabbage Re:what the fuck are you talking about? (844 comments)

Actual research tells a different story. Communism, as evil as it is, is based on the idea of selflessness or at least the idea that humans are capable of acting selflessly.

A study last year, reviewed the success rate of Kibutzim in Israel (semi-autonomous communist enclaves). Love it or hate it, Israel is the only place in the world where Communism kinda sorta worked. The study broke down the Kibutzim (that's plural) into 2 groups, secular in religious. You can do that in Israel, because the divide between them is so huge, for ideological creations like Kibutizim, there is little grey area.

What they found was staggering. First, religious Kibutizim had 3 times the success rate(with 80% all Kibutzim failing after 60 years). Male members of kibutzim that met 3 times daily for communal prayer, were more likely to take care of children in the family, then those who didn't.

Oh, and no I'm not pulling this out of my arse:

more than 6 years ago

City Uses DNA To Sniff Out Dog Poop Offenders

TheLoneCabbage dog cr@p problems in Israel (252 comments)

I live in Modi'in (in Israel), city of the future. Apparently in the future most people refuse to pick up the poop of their horse sized dogs. This isn't a problem only in my city, this is nation wide. It's a weird cultural thing.

In any case, we are electing a new mayor, and at a public debate we heard from all of the candidates. It was running neck and neck until one stood up and said he'd sick the gestapo on anyone who doesn't pick up after their pets. Judging by the reaction he got, dude is gonna win by a landslide!

This method would let any city clean up it's streets without hiring more cops, which sounds great to me.

more than 6 years ago


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