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GORM 1.0 Release to Take on GNOME/KDE?

TheMadPenguin So they mean... (451 comments)

this is going to take on modern GNOME/KDE? I'll try to contain my fear... But with that I must say I will welcome our 1995 overlords with cookies and milk that has past its expiration

more than 8 years ago



TheMadPenguin TheMadPenguin writes  |  more than 7 years ago

TheMadPenguin (662390) writes " spammed its list of users (current AND past) to let them know that all their data had been lost due to some partition misfortune. Without backups. In the email (and on their site), EggDisk stated "We're hosed. I am so so so so so sorry. And I, personally, would totally understand it if you were to not only abandon EggDisk as your file host, but also tell everyone you know that EggDisk sucks." So there you have it. Shouldn't be too hard to spread the word, right? It should also be known that EggDisk will ignore any and all requests to have your account removed, so don't bother trying that if you're a current subscriber. You'll be subject to their endless spam until the sun burns out, or you finally decide to filter them out of your inbox... whichever comes first."


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