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Of the following, I'd rather play ...

TheNinjaroach Euchre (273 comments)

Short of the missing CowboyNeal option, I'd play euchre.

5 days ago

Ask Slashdot: When Is It Better To Modify the ERP vs. Interfacing It?

TheNinjaroach Blend It (209 comments)

We use an Oracle-owned (bought) ERP as well. We had pretty fantastic success during ERP upgrades with the external systems that used the API - which remains remarkably consistent across versions. I find it to be cheaper, quicker and more robust to build and maintain tools around the ERP than within it.

In any case, that business data absolutely belongs in the ERP, all I'm talking about here is the manner in which the data gets there.

about three weeks ago

What Are the Weirdest Places You've Spotted Linux?

TheNinjaroach Airline Flight (322 comments)

I was on an airliner once that had movies running to screens built into the back of each seat. I wasn't watching the movie, but at some point the host announced there was an issue with the movie playback and that they had to restart the system. A minute later I was looking at the Linux boot process scrolling across every screen on the plane.

about 6 months ago

Mark Shuttleworth Complains About the 'Open Source Tea Party'

TheNinjaroach Re:Yikes (419 comments)

Tea Party "values" were the primary cause of a 2-week federal government shutdown. A complete shutdown. That wasted $26 billion. All of those salaried federal employees are still going to be paid for all that sitting around we told them to do. That is not fiscal responsibility, but the Tea Party was right there in the very middle of it. There is no contrived caricature here, the Tea Party is a fucking joke.

about 10 months ago

The Chip That Changed the World: AMD's 64-bit FX-51, Ten Years Later

TheNinjaroach Re:What kills AMD is a per-core license. (259 comments)

Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise costs $6,874 [] per processor core.

Ha! Did you know that Microsoft reduces "per core" licensing costs for SQL Server on AMD processors, because otherwise nobody could justify buying them?

about a year ago

Android 4.4 Named 'KitKat'

TheNinjaroach Advertising Company (247 comments)

This is the result of what happens when an advertising company makes an operating system.

about a year ago

Researchers Reverse-Engineer Dropbox, Cracking Heavily Obfuscated Python App

TheNinjaroach Re:Waste of resources (242 comments)

Don't provide the verification tool to the client until they call. Support then loads a single program that verifies the integrity of the rest of system.. checksums of application code would just be one of the tests.

about a year ago

Researchers Reverse-Engineer Dropbox, Cracking Heavily Obfuscated Python App

TheNinjaroach Re:Waste of resources (242 comments)

Wouldn't file checksums do a good enough job of identifying tampered code?

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Get Open Source Projects To Take Our Money?

TheNinjaroach Re:Varnish Moral Licence (301 comments)

The first useful and informative comment in the thread gets no attention. This makes me think that OP's situation is not as unique or as stupid as most Slashdotters are making it out to be.

about a year ago

PS4 Launch Date: November 15th

TheNinjaroach Re:Given Sony's Track Record (151 comments)

Given the shitfest that was the Nintendo Wii (tiny VirtualConsole releases, horrible Internet experience), the XBOX360 (RROD, XBox Live Gold) and the PS3 (Other OS removed) there's no way in hell I'm interested in any next gen gaming system.

1 year,1 hour

My SSID Is...

TheNinjaroach "Hidden" (458 comments)

No, quite literally, the name of my hidden SSID is "hidden"!

1 year,7 hours

Illuminating Window-Less Houses With a Plastic Bottle

TheNinjaroach Re:Prior Art (240 comments)

Please read this comment regarding - or at least check their "About" page first.

1 year,7 days

Want To Record Xbox One Gameplay? Get Ready To Pay

TheNinjaroach Re:Xbox Live (203 comments)

You have not always been able to cancel XBOX Live service using a webpage.

1 year,11 days

TOR Wants You To Stop Using Windows, Disable JavaScript

TheNinjaroach Re:Don't use Firefox bundled by TOR (341 comments)

That's how I used to run TOR, until I found out about the Tor Browser Bundle a few months ago and made the swtich. That was the "secure" way to do it, they said.

Now I'm thinking I should have just stuck to modern Firefox Private Browsing + FoxyProxy.

I'd post anonymously, but oh hell what's the point?

1 year,14 days

TOR Wants You To Stop Using Windows, Disable JavaScript

TheNinjaroach Sold (341 comments)

You missed the most obvious option. Microsoft didn't 'give' that signature away to the state. They sold it at a very hefty price, boosting their bottom line without putting as much as a ding in our defense budget. That corporations would sell our sensitive secrets to a government that promises to protect them from any legal fallout is a given. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, everyone, they're going to sell out that data and trust without thinking twice.

1 year,14 days

Sprint May Have Unlimited Data Plans, But Not Unlimited Customers

TheNinjaroach Re:Carrier Lock Not That Big An Issue (207 comments)

I agree with you that most people won't care. However, if that were my iPhone 5, I would have sued Sprint immediately had they refused to unlock it.

1 year,21 days

Sprint May Have Unlimited Data Plans, But Not Unlimited Customers

TheNinjaroach Adios, Sprint (207 comments)

I used Sprint for over 10 years, always with "unlimited" data and texting. That same service over doubled in cost during that 10 year timeframe. They never once updated coverage in my area. One time last year I was stranded in the center of downtown Dayton, Ohio and couldn't even get a signal to make a call!

Shitty reception, shitty prices, shitty customer service, shitty marketing, Sprint is just shitty all the way around.

1 year,21 days

"Slingatron" To Hurl Payloads Into Orbit

TheNinjaroach Re:Limited cargo use (438 comments)

Astronaut pudding? My favorite!

1 year,22 days

A Radical Plan For Saving Microsoft's Surface RT

TheNinjaroach Locked Bootloader (391 comments)

That bootloader is locked and won't allow you to disable UEFI Secure Boot or change the keys on it, so Surface RT (the hardware) is still dead to me.

1 year,28 days

Discovering NSA Code Names Via LinkedIn

TheNinjaroach Re:Simple explanation (201 comments)

Want an NSA Clearance?

That grammar is not incorrect. Phonetically, the "N" begins with a vowel sound so "an NSA" is correct.

about a year ago


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