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Google Takes the Fight With Oracle To the Supreme Court

TheSunborn Re:Oracle (146 comments)

Nobody ever said that Microsoft could not ship their own version of the JRE, and Microsoft newer made their own JRE.

Microsoft distributed a modified version of suns jre, based on source code licensed from Sun. And it was sourcecode licerse, which gave Microsoft problems. If they had just made their own jre, anything would have been fine(Except for the fact that they might not have called it Java(tm)

about two weeks ago

Lennart Poettering: Open Source Community "Quite a Sick Place To Be In"

TheSunborn Re:Stay out of our business then..... (993 comments)

Sorry, but that is just wrong. He wrote a better(Or worse, depending on who you ask. I would say better) init system, but the decision to use it and thus to wrack your* init system was taken by the different Linux distributions.

*And no it's not your init system. Using something does not make it yours. It would only be yours if you had your own distribution, and in that case you could continue to use what ever backward init system you wanted.

about two weeks ago

Apple Sapphire Glass Supplier GT Advanced Files For Bankruptcy

TheSunborn Re:How can you (171 comments)

If you have a debt of more then 578M, and no way to earn more money.

about two weeks ago

Google Introduces HTML 5.1 Tag To Chrome

TheSunborn Re:little ridiculous (94 comments)

How it it "semantic nonsense" ?

The design is responsive, in that it respond to changes in the size of the viewport(Screen/Window size). Makes perfect sense to me :}

about 2 months ago

A Fictional Compression Metric Moves Into the Real World

TheSunborn Re:It really works? (133 comments)

He said it did work, it's just not as effective as other existing compression solutions.

about 3 months ago

First Phone Out of Microsoft-Nokia -- and It's an Android

TheSunborn Is it because Windows is to slow on the low end (193 comments)

Is it because Windows is to slow on the low end hardware that they need to offer an Android phone?

The phone don't have access to Play store, so it can't be due to the many Android Apps they are doing it.

about 4 months ago

Unisys Phasing Out Decades-Old Mainframe Processor For x86

TheSunborn Re:Well, (113 comments)

When Eclipse is crashing with a segmentation fault, it is almost always in swt. So the problem is with the native code which swt calls in order to interface with the underlying operation system.

That can only be solved by writing the entire Operation system in a safe language, but nobody is working on that.

I have newer seen Eclipse segfault outsite swt code.

about 4 months ago

Android Needs a Simulator, Not an Emulator

TheSunborn Re:x86 Android Virtualisation: native performance! (167 comments)

Yeps. I can confirm that. On linux it just works with Eclipse, and my emulator is running my software faster then the Android device I am testing on. (But I am testing on an old Android 2.3 device. I am sure a new Android device would beat my emulator).

about 4 months ago

Google Engineer: We Need More Web Programming Languages

TheSunborn Re:Why? (309 comments)

There are already such translaters.

I am using GWT(Google webtoolkit) which take java code, and compiles it to javascript which can run in a browser.


about 4 months ago

Apple Announces New Programming Language Called Swift

TheSunborn Re:Compatibility is no problem, before or after sw (636 comments)

Don't this code have the problem that you call some_work from the gui thread, and thus will block all updates of the graphics userinterface while some_work is running?

That problem can be solved, but it is always things such as long running tasks, and async callbacks which causes problems. Especially if you need to populate the gui with the work from some_work, while some_work is still doing its work.

about 5 months ago

Amazon Wants To Run Your High-Performance Databases

TheSunborn Re:AWS is too expensive (142 comments)

Yes I can buy it, but then you need to include hardware installation price and hosting price.

And if the Amazon computer hosting my vm dies, the system will just boot up on a new computer and restart the vm, without me even knowing it. With the dell I would have next day business service aka far to much down time.

The reason the company I work for uses vms(Not from amazon however) is that if there are hardware problems we just reboot, and if there are to many problems with our host, all we have to do is a dns change, a scp, and a database copy(Or restore from backup) and then we can be online in a new data center.

I would however be cautious with a big database server at amazon, because I don't think their io performance is that good, and than is the thing a huge database server really need.

about 5 months ago

Robyn Bergeron Stepping Down As Fedora Project Leader

TheSunborn Re:How about sympathy for the victims? (53 comments)

Unstable?? My Fedora 20 install with KDE have been rock solid and even pulse audio is working nice. And having a per-program audio volume is nice :}

about 5 months ago

With the Surface Pro, Microsoft Is Trying To Recreate the PC Market

TheSunborn Re:A pretty good work device (379 comments)

None of Matlab, Mathematica, Mendaley, Lyx, Cubase, Photoshop run on Surface RT. (Blame Microsoft marketing for that misunderstanding).

about 5 months ago

30-Day Status Update On LibreSSL

TheSunborn Re:"OpenSSL C dialect" (164 comments)

It's most likely the subset of C, which was supported by most compilers 10 years ago.

about 5 months ago

Programmers: It's OK To Grow Up

TheSunborn Re:Buzzzzz word compliant. (232 comments)

Lvalue/rvalue is a thing most languages have, but most developers don't really use these terms unless they have taken a compiler writing course.

But languages which uses references includes java and php (And i guess c#/.net). Just try to google "does java use pass by value" to see the confusion. (Which is sourced in the fact that nobody have a definite definition of what a reference or pointer* is.

*I would argue that a pointer is simply a memory address, and that the value of a pointer is an memory address, but there are people who disagree.

about 5 months ago

Next-Gen Thunderbolt: Twice as Fast, But a Different Connector

TheSunborn Re:Intentional sabotage? (178 comments)

No, I would use 10/40/100 (Depending on how fast I really need it) gigabit ethernet.

It seems like people can't find a good reason to use Thunderbolt. Yes you can connect a monitor, but I already have hdmi and dvi, so no need to make an new standard for that. And for anything else, either ethernet or usb is the thing to use.

about 6 months ago

Vintage 1960s Era Film Shows IRS Defending Its Use of Computers

TheSunborn Re:Uproar? (146 comments)

Really? Is it true that the tax from is not pre-filled in USA?

So are values such an interest paid to the bank, and income from stocks not pre-filled?

about 6 months ago

Google Android Studio Vs. Eclipse: Which Fits Your Needs?

TheSunborn Re:I've been using Eclipse since before it was Ecl (140 comments)

Which is why you should use the x86(intel atom) version instead of the arm version. It is much much much faster. Once you have downloaded the atom version, you can choose between arm and intel when creating a new emulator.

Why Google have chosen "download arm only" as the default, I really don't understand. But this is a case studio in "Defaults matter".

about 7 months ago



Oracle Ordered to Keep Making Itanium Software for HP

TheSunborn TheSunborn writes  |  more than 2 years ago

TheSunborn writes "A California judge of Wednesday ruled in favor of Hewlett-Packard's claim that Oracle is contractually obligated to develop software for HP's Itanium server products. The requirement covers all "Oracle software products that were offered on HP's Itanium-based servers at the time Oracle signed the Sept. 20, 2010 Settlement and Release Agreement, including any new releases, versions or updates of those products," Kleinberg wrote in his opinion."
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