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Take Big Brother on Vacation with You

The_Guv'na Turn the tables!!! (144 comments)

If We The People(tm) are gonna get off our lazy whining arses and actually combat this shit, then we need insiders.

People who can dig up dirt on high-profile figures, and not even blackmail, just release it. no amount of money can equate to something like a destroyed reputation, or a more informed electorate.

The purpose of all this crap is to crush dissent. Read Nineteen Eighty-Four [by George Orwell, if you live in a remote Hebridean cave]. It can be done imperceptiveley, like stopping you traveling, making credit/loans more expensive or not available, stopping you getting good jobs, etc.

Conspiracy theory? Yes, I could look up proof but I'm too busy. Ford in the UK is one example though, had MI5(6?) filter out anyone who would like a worker's union.

You have [ok, had] freedom. The government and $BIG_CORP stand to gain loads of you lose that freedom and more information about you is readily available.

Do you really want to entrust your freedom and privacy to groups of people with a proven record of corruption, megalomania, disregard for human life, and brutal crushing of disent, who stand to gain plenty from you losing those rights altogether?

- The Guv'na

Hey, you yanks, whats that over there in the toilet bowl? Uh, I think it says, umm... "Con...", "Cons... tit... ut... something". Hmmm nevermind, you probably weren't using it anyway.

more than 11 years ago


The_Guv'na hasn't submitted any stories.



That's it, I'm outta here, tying up lose ends.

The_Guv'na The_Guv'na writes  |  more than 11 years ago

Yup, as anyone reading this has probably noticed, I have not been around lateley.

I'm kinda cooling off computer news and politics, and taking an interest in things more rewarding and social. slashdot was really pissing me off anyway, just becoming more of a kid's playground. I can fully understand Profane Motherfucker's decision to leave.

From now on I'll be mainly hanging around www.overgrow.com and www.smokedot.org as "Little Greenthumb". I'll also be getting more into politics and maybe one day I'll be causing some real trouble for modern day democratic dictators. Manufacturing consent is hte name of the game, people!

Peace and good luck to all of you! :) I can be contacted on icq, as I check that account occasionally for messages to pick up.



I rule!!!.... Ph33r m3!

The_Guv'na The_Guv'na writes  |  more than 11 years ago +--------------------------------------+
¦ COMMANDER ALI                        ¦
¦ System:       DIZAONER               ¦
¦ Hypersystem:  DIZAONER               ¦
¦ Fuel:         0.3 Light Years        ¦
¦ Cash:         1374.6 Credits         ¦
¦ Legal Status: Offender               ¦
¦ Rating:       Elite                  ¦
¦ EQUIPMENT:                           ¦
¦ Missile (4)                          ¦
¦ ECM System                           ¦
¦ Fuel Scoops                          ¦
¦ Military Laser (Fore)                ¦
¦                                      ¦
¦                                      ¦
¦                                      ¦
¦                                      ¦
¦                                      ¦
¦                                      ¦
¦                                      ¦
¦                                      ¦
¦                                      ¦
¦                                      ¦

I nabbed it from http://www.classic-trash.com

For the youngsters/hermits among you, the game is called "Elite", and it's one of the coolest games ever made.

Personally, I prefer the BBC Micro version.



Resistance is futile.

The_Guv'na The_Guv'na writes  |  more than 12 years ago
First m0d access, Karma = excellent, +1 option... I 0\/\//\/!!

Ahem, anyway, no spam in that hotmail addy I set up to trap spam. I think the spammers simply just like hotmail addresses, or hotmail addresses are ones that used to be used, then abandoned, then signed up again. I have at least one address like that, and the "high" spam filter is next to useless.

Have a nice day.



Hotmail spam, the difinitive guide.

The_Guv'na The_Guv'na writes  |  more than 12 years ago
I made a throwaway hotmail address when /. did a poll on spam. I have not used it at all. I will periodically check it for messages. it is nosp4mm3rcouldeverguessthis{random_digits}@hotmail.com

There are no messages in this folder.

OK, then. But it's early days, but to be honest I really do not expect any spam any time soon.

Aditionally, my job is damn boring and I'm still poor.


New Job

The_Guv'na The_Guv'na writes  |  more than 12 years ago
Well, that was the second day of my new job [selling crystal], and its bloody boring... nothing more to report.

I can't do jack-shit computer stuff while I've got only 1 machine running and £500 debt. :-(


Well, here goes... and i need help.

The_Guv'na The_Guv'na writes  |  more than 12 years ago
I thought I might as well start my lameass journal seeing as I've been reading /. for well over a year now...

What has prompted me is the fact that I don't really have any tech-head friends and we all need a shoulder to cry on. Well, my tears are usually computer related, so my usual friends aint much use when they can't even understand whats pissing me off.

I'll most likeley be writing about anything I wanna get off my chest, or otherwise need to express.

So whats on the "Things pissing Ali off" list today? Well first off a rather untimeley hard disk failure, meaning my 80gb RAID is offline. I was running 2 of them, striped. Nothing critical lost thank fuck, but many hours of savegames and configuration. I'm writing this on my old system. I will not be buying any more IBM hard drives. Nope. Never!

Secondly, every piece of damn hardware I get from C.E.X. is shot to shit, and overpriced. A friend of mine worked there and I can tell you it's definiteley a place to avoid at all costs! You have been warned!

Help me out here: What hardware manufacturers do people recommend? I know F.I.C. suck fat loads, but who has had long term reliability from their hardware? Something that benchmarks cannot show.

Any help greatly appreciated :)


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