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Future Airline Safety Instructions Will Be Given By Game Apps

The_Noid Makes sense (64 comments)

âoeTell me, and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.â

The safety instructions are mostly just telling, because the showing part is, for most passengers, too far away and happens too fast to be useful. Anything that forces the learner to actually do something with the material himself works much better than just telling the material.

about 5 months ago

Psychologists: Internet Trolls Are Narcissistic, Psychopathic, and Sadistic

The_Noid Re:Sadists are misunderstood (293 comments)

Can you imagine growing up as a sadist? How would you tell your parents? They would say, "oh, you're just trying to be mean."

And they would be right!

about 7 months ago

Time Warner Deal Is How Comcast Will Fight Cord Cutters

The_Noid Re:Cellular is the business model (424 comments)

The only regulation you need is one that states that the owner of the copper is not allowed to supply services over that copper, but has to lease out bandwidth on the copper to any company that wants to supply services.

about 7 months ago

The Death Cap Mushroom Is Spreading Across the US

The_Noid Re: News for the USA. (274 comments)

But they're not native to only one small environment, they're listed as "widespread" across Europe. How natively widespread does it have to be for you not to count it as "invasive for a continent". And when does it go from invasive to native?

about 7 months ago

The Death Cap Mushroom Is Spreading Across the US

The_Noid Re:News for the USA. (274 comments)

At that point it becomes a matter of scale. The death cap is native to Europe, where it is widespread. (according to a 1974 paper). If something is "native" to 90% of the continent and "invasive" in 10, do you still label it as "invasive to the continent" ? And after which timeframe does it stop being invasive and starts counting as native?

about 7 months ago

The Death Cap Mushroom Is Spreading Across the US

The_Noid Re:News for the USA. (274 comments)

Which brings up the question: How can something be invasive on every continent except Antarctica, unless it comes from either Antarctica, out of space, or out of a lab?

So, where does this mushroom come from? It comes from Europe, meaning it is NOT invasive there.

about 7 months ago

Finnish Police Board Wants Justification For Wikipedia's Fundraising Campaign

The_Noid Re:D1 (252 comments)

D1 is the *old* system, from before 2000 I think.

about 7 months ago

Finnish Police Board Wants Justification For Wikipedia's Fundraising Campaign

The_Noid Re:wikipedia (252 comments)

I'm one of the users that still use the old comment system, so for me you didn't change much in 2011. But since you implied that that won't be an option this time, users are not happy...

I would have expected you to make the beta feature complete before pushing it on 25% of the users. Then the feedback probably would not have been quite so negative.

If you wanted feedback on the design aspects I would have expected you to make a story about it, asking for feedback, like last time. But for a second round of feedback I would have expected a changelog, with details of what was done with the last feedback.

You can not get any other feedback from an incomplete site than on the design. If you want feedback on an incomplete site you have to give a big disclaimer before asking people for feedback, detailing which parts are still incomplete, and how they are planned to be changed. You can not just push something functionally broken like that on 25% of your users and expect anything useful.

about 7 months ago

Finnish Police Board Wants Justification For Wikipedia's Fundraising Campaign

The_Noid Re:wikipedia (252 comments)

Sound like minor tweaks to me, but I'm looking forward to the full list. Two questions:

What percentage of active users is still using the Classic Discussion System (D1)?

What kind of response where you expecting when you decided to push a broken, incomplete beta upon 25% of your users?

about 7 months ago

Finnish Police Board Wants Justification For Wikipedia's Fundraising Campaign

The_Noid Re:wikipedia (252 comments)

The beta looks pretty much the same as the last time you asked for feedback on it.
What feedback did you get back then, and what did you do with it? Because the general impression is that you did nothing with it, and that is why people are angry.

You should already have this information. You should be able to post, right now, what you did with the previous feedback and what you changed on the beta as a result, and which points you did not change, and why. This is data from months ago. Where is it? Why do you not publish it? Is it because you really didn't do anything with that feedback?

about 7 months ago

Bitcoin Plunges After Mt. Gox Exchange Halts Trades

The_Noid Re:Gold has value in a working economy (249 comments)

The main reason people in the real world value gold over bottle caps or fuel is that gold doesn't rust, doesn't evaporate and is reasonably easy to subdivide. If I buy gold I can be certain that in ten years that gold will still be exactly the same.

Bottle caps as currency is very unrealistic in a mad-max scenario.

about 7 months ago

Google Says It Has "No Current Plans Regarding Bitcoin"

The_Noid Re:Who would sign on? (157 comments)

Your partner would first have to find someone in the UK that changes BTC to GBP for an acceptable price.
And you'd have to hope that the value doesn't change too much while in transfer.

about 8 months ago

Office Space: TV Documentary Looks At the Dreadful Open Office

The_Noid Re:wanted: standing desk! (314 comments)

You mean one basement... With his mother still living upstairs.

I'd pass, I find my electronically-height-adjustable desk much more valuable ;)

about 8 months ago

Building a Better Bike Helmet Out of Paper

The_Noid Re:Bike helmet? (317 comments)

If you're going 30MPH I'd advice you to wear a helmet too, but most people ( are not going anywhere near 30 MPH, or even 20 KmPH.

If you're going 30MPH you're probably also doing it on a bike like this: or this: and not a nice classic city bike like this:

The bike type has a huge impact on safety and I expect the chance of head injuries and thus the effect of wearing a helmet to also change significantly with bicycle type.

about 8 months ago

Bitcoin Payments Go Live At Overstock — Two Quarters Early

The_Noid Re:Fantastic news (182 comments)

Bitcoins don't have an inherent value, they're just numbers. Gold has an inherent value because it can be used for stuff. Bitcoins don't.

If Bitcoin is meant to replace the US Dollar then the total value of all Bitcoins will have to equal the total value of all US Dollars.
There was approximately $1.24 trillion in circulation as of December 25, 2013.
There can be no more than 21 million bitcoins
This puts the value that a bitcoin should have at the time it totally replaces the US Dollar at: 59047.6 US Dollar.

Of course there are issues with this simplification, but it's a nice place to start.

about 8 months ago

Google Nexus Gets Wireless Charger

The_Noid Re:Power efficiency (223 comments)

If everybody on the planet consumes 1 hundredths of a percent more power... then we'll globally use 0.0001% more power.

If something is insignificant on an individual level, then even if you scale it up to everybody it's still insignificant.

about 10 months ago

UK Court Orders Two Sisters Must Receive MMR Vaccine

The_Noid Re:Good. (699 comments)

Even cooler, when you donate plasma, they hook you up to a machine, your blood goes through a filter, and when the vessel is full, it gets pumped back into you :D
It usually takes about 6 or 7 of these passes and about 45 minutes.

about a year ago

U.S. Government: Sorry, We're Closed

The_Noid Re:Fucking idiots (1532 comments)

Compromise is the basis of any proper democracy.

Unfortunately, the USA has a broken electoral system that forces politics to a two-party system. In a two-party system the need for compromise is gone. In a 3+ party system a party can negotiate with several other parties, and form a coalition with the best match. That means parties have to compromise, or they end up outside of the coalition and thus with no power. In a two-party system you either have a majority or you don't. You either win or lose. There are no coalition negotiations, there is no compromising. If you lose you shift a bit more in the direction of the other party to win some of the votes back and try to win next time.

The fundamental problem is the broken electoral system.

about a year ago

Dart Is Not the Language You Think It Is

The_Noid Re:There are problems with new languages (312 comments)

Unless you don't assign a value at the time of definition, which is 90% of the cases.
Or you assign the return value of a method call.

In most cases you can't visually determine the type from the value assignment, so you'd have to specify the type any way. And that makes the var keyword superfluous.

about a year ago


The_Noid hasn't submitted any stories.



Multitasking in Desktop Environments

The_Noid The_Noid writes  |  more than 2 years ago

The last few months there has been a big uproar about desktop environments. Gnome3 completely rethinking the desktop and Ubuntu making Unity no longer an option. My biggest problem with many of the new desktop environments is that they use the wrong definition of multitasking, or to be more precise, the wrong definition of "task".

It seems the DEs see any use of multiple windows as multitasking.

For me, a task can use multiple windows of different programs. Different tasks can use different windows of the same program. For example:

Task: Programming. Windows:

  • Netbeans
  • Browser (for documentation)
  • Terminal
  • File manager

Task: Photo managing Windows:

  • Browser
  • File manager
  • Gimp
  • Terminal

When I'm programming I need to be able to quickly switch between the windows belonging to the programming task. That switching should require as little cognitive load as possible, so I do not lose momentum in what I'm doing. Programming mosty only uses 1 browser window, so when I'm programming and my mind goes "get browser" it should be easy to get to that one window associated with that task.

Gnome 2 did this perfectly. I could put all windows of a task on the same virtual desktop and the taskbar would only show those windows, Alt-Tab would priorise those windows and show nice big clear icons. As a result I could switch windows within the task with little tought. Switching between tasks was just a matter of switching to a different desktop.

When I want to switch to a different window within a task I do not want to see a list of all windows of all tasks. Identifying the correct window in that list is a heavy cognitive task since for instance all terminal windows look the same. Grouping windows of the same program is equally bad for the same reason.

Alt-Tab should show icons, not windows. When my mind goes "get browser" it can easily pick the colorfull chrome icon out of the list, but since windows tend to look all the same, picking the right one out of an alt-tab list of window shots is hard work for the mind.

Windows 7 is also horrible in this respect. It not only has no multiple desktops, it groups together windows of the same program (instead of the same task) and it has only one taskbar for multiple monitors, meaning you can't even switch to "that browser window on the right monitor" because all browser windows are in the same list and that list is on the other monitor.

For this reason I've been reluctant to upgrade from the last Ubuntu that had Gnome 2. Does Mint do the multitasking right? XFCE does.

Proper multitasking support might not be beginner friendly, but no-one is a beginner for long.

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