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McAfee Feigns Fear at Mac Security

The_Real_MrRabbit Wow! And I thought I didn't get along with others (403 comments)

"First off, Mac users on average pay more for their computers, are self-selected because they tend to know more about technology than your average PC buyer, and by and large are a bit more affluent than those who buy cheapo commodity Windows PCs..."

Code Words Dictionary

Self-Selected = Chosen Ones
Average PC Buyer = Stupid Ones
Bit More Affluent = Upper Class

I would take defenders of the Mac platform (not that anyone should really have to defend any platform honestly) more seriously and actually read their articles thoroughly and in-depth if they didn't toss verbiage like the above around.

I want arguments that are straight to the point, avoid emotional slapstick comments - and more importantly let the pure unadulterated data carry the case.


more than 8 years ago


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