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Microsoft's "New Coke" Moment?

Theoden Re:OSX is better anyway (786 comments)

You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. I'm head IT manager so let's use my company as an example. I checked when our bosses wanted to get a mac for media editing (which is comical by itself). It works with exactly zero of our software suites. ZERO. No CRM, no office, no database apps, nothing. In fact, Firefox and Safari don't work with our ASP software either. Macs are toys for clueless rich people and have no place whatsoever in a professional environment. Forget compatibility, just go with cost. It's an idiotic choice.

"Doesn't work in my environment" != "in any professional environment."

This is /. - your "head IT manager" credentials are just a drop in the bucket here. As another "head IT manager," I support an increasing number of Macs and iPads alongside a long standing Windows setup, in a diverse company that covers several industries. Beyond the initial learning curve, I'm finding the Macs are a lot easier to support and maintain. And, in 2013, compatibility is becoming increasingly less of an issue as so many business apps are moving to the browser.

What's an idiotic choice for your narrow section of the world doesn't make it an idiotic choice for everyone. And so long as Apple keeps with their separate plan for what is a desktop OS and what is a mobile OS, I think they'll be on track to displace a number of traditional workplace PCs. Meanwhile, Microsoft's garbled inconsistent half hybrid will becoming increasingly insignificant.

about a year and a half ago

Ubuntu Touch Beats Firefox OS For 'Best of MWC' From CNET

Theoden Cnet? That's a credible source... (152 comments)

Stopped caring about CNET reviews after their parent company pulled their review of the Dish Hopper because it's a competing product.
Now, I actively avoid their site.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Android Apps For Kids Under 12 Months?

Theoden So many condescending 'parents' (311 comments)

OP asked a legitimate question. Don't think he was looking for advice on how half of /. feels like they're better parents by limiting their children's use of technology (any many of the opinions here seem a little hard nosed.)

My two year old uses my tablet and smartphone regularly.
Do I limit how often he uses it? Absolutely. But there is some great interactive content that does benefit him as well. He's by far developmentally advanced (both physically and cognitively). I do expose him to the real world most of the time. However, I also expose him to technology that his world will undoubtedly be enveloped with as he gets older. He can navigate and use an iPad better than his grandparents, and he has a health outdoor routine, social activities...

Obviously anything is bad in excess. I don't see interactive apps being anything but beneficial in moderation.

But I suppose - this is the Internet. Someone asking a legitimate question is clearly asking for people's opinion and stories about how they're better.

more than 2 years ago

Learning HTML Through a Board Game

Theoden It's so unfair... (34 comments)

...you guys ALWAYS make me play as IE! I'm not playing ever again! Pft!

more than 2 years ago

Open-Source Movements Bicker Over Logo

Theoden Bickering? (158 comments)

Open source groups bickering over something insignificant? Really? Better fork it!

more than 2 years ago

Thin Mini-ITX Platform Enables DIY iMacs

Theoden Re:You can't do that! (206 comments)

You're advocating violating the OS X EULA!

Pretty positive TFA is about building an all-in-one similar to an iMac, not installing OS X. :P

more than 2 years ago

New Mac Trojan Installs Silently, No Password Required

Theoden Re:OSX - soon to be the Windows of the computer wo (300 comments)

I love my MacBook, but this goes to show that security through obscurity isn't a great way to go.

Security through obscurity has always been a myth. :P If it was truly the case, why did (does?) malware on pre-OS X (System 7.5 - Mac OS 9) greatly outnumber that on OS X systems? :P

more than 2 years ago

Is It Time To End Our Love Affair With the QWERTY Keyboard?

Theoden Uh, looks pretty standard? (557 comments)

This Dextr keyboard looks like basically the abc layout with the Z over on the left.
I'm no human interface professional - but I can't imagine it being any more usable than an actual number pad, and maybe even less usable.
Certainly not revolutionary.

more than 2 years ago

Verizon To Begin Offering "Text To 911" Service

Theoden This is stupid. (194 comments)

As a firefighter/aemt, we already get multiple, redundant calls with no information because the caller is "driving by the scene and thought you should know." So now we'll get a text message with no way for the operator to try and pull more information from the caller.

"omg im dying plz help"

So we dispatch two ALS ambulance crews, an engine company and local first responders to find some idiot who broke his toe.


more than 2 years ago

Apple To Face Challenge At WWDC

Theoden Re:Cool. (264 comments)

I've seen it said before on Slashdot: If the rest of the MP3 player market would get together and make a single, unified interface and protocol like the iPod's docking cable that allowed control and audio output without having to care who made the device, what model it is, etc, etc, THEN Apple would be on the run.

Wait a second...

I've seen it said before on Slashdot: If the rest of the linux market would get together and make a single, unified interface and protocol like the Windows/Mac OS X interface that allowed control and blah blah without having to care who made the distro, what DE it is, etc, etc, THEN Apple/Microsoft would be on the run.

Knew I'd seen it on /. before. :)

more than 5 years ago

How to Protect a Home When Away in Winter?

Theoden Neighbors?? (433 comments)

Really, why do slashdotters always look for the most expensive, technical solution? I've lived in Maine my entire life and leaving a house for a winter really isn't a huge deal.
Drain the pipes, turn off the damn furance, put your temperature sensitive stuff in storage. A property of mine spent two winters like this and needed minimal check-ins.
And, why not just ask your neighbors to check in for you if you plan on being away for an extended period of time?

But I suppose, dealing with all the setup and installation and debugging of X10, etc would be much easier. Don't forget to add a float to your oil tank to let you know when you're low.
Just doesn't seem financially feasable to me :)

more than 8 years ago


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