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Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Maker Mojang For $2.5 Billion

Therad Re:An end to XBox? (305 comments)

Xbox has never sold well in japan. If anything, the real problem for the game division is the lower than projected sales in the other territories.


Net Neutrality Is 'Marxist,' According To a Koch-Backed Astroturf Group

Therad Capitalist 'murica (531 comments)

In capitalist America, network owns YOU!

about three weeks ago

Nintendo Posts Yet Another Loss, Despite Mario Kart 8

Therad Re:Here's an idea! (203 comments)

The same is true for the ps2. And will probably be the same for ps4. The console that sells the most, attracts the most shovelware.

about a month and a half ago

Free Copy of the Sims 2 Contains SecuROM

Therad Re: Anti-piracy (234 comments)

I often download car analogies from /.

about a month and a half ago

Microsoft Doesn't Have Plans For a Dedicated Handheld Gaming Device

Therad Re:Controller Supporrt? (84 comments)

I think they mean dedicated buttons and sticks on a tablet or phone.

about 4 months ago

iPad Fever Is Officially Cooling

Therad Re:Shuffles (386 comments)

Don't think phones will go down in size anytime soon. But you could always buy a bluetooth headset, but you will still need your phone.

about 5 months ago

Nokia Turns To Android To Regain Share In Emerging Markets

Therad Re:...and the high end? (146 comments)

If (and that is a big if) they release android phones, they will not be high-end, since that would compete with windows phone and I doubt microsoft wants that.

about 7 months ago

OneDrive Is Microsoft's Rebranded Name For SkyDrive

Therad Re:It'll be fun to watch. (197 comments)

ThreepointelevenDriveforworkgroups will be sooo much better than ThreepointoneDrive.

about 8 months ago

Open Source AMD Driver Now Supports OpenGL 3.3 — and It's Getting Faster

Therad Re: 4.0? (100 comments)

Because 3.3 is a subset of 4?

about 8 months ago

Valve's Steam Machines Are More About Safeguarding PCs Than Killing Consoles

Therad Re:499 US dollars (296 comments)

And where is the free multiplayer? And the steam sales? And backwards compatibility? A steam machine will be cheaper in the long run. No questions about it.

about 8 months ago

Development To Begin Soon On New Star Control Game

Therad Re: No Faith (160 comments)

You should try out fallen enchantress: legendary heroes. It is quite good and it is free for those of us that bought elemental.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Easy Wi-Fi-Enabled Tablet For My Dad?

Therad Re: iPad (370 comments)

Every tablet made by asus?

about 9 months ago

Research Suggests One To Three Men Fathered Most Western Europeans

Therad berlusconi (253 comments)

Wow, his bunga-bunga parties must really draw a lot of women!

about 9 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Why Are Tech Job Requirements So Specific?

Therad Re: To hire specific people (465 comments)

Sure! To bad he is Larry Ellison...

about 10 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Why Are Tech Job Requirements So Specific?

Therad Re: To hire specific people (465 comments)

My last 2 jobs had about 10 reqs each i didn't have. it is all about hr don't see the difference between nice to have skills and requirements.

about 10 months ago

Smartphone Sales: Apple Squeezed, Blackberry Squashed, Android 81.3%

Therad Re:Apple made the same mistake (390 comments)

I wouldn't be surprised if the teenager has more "phone needs" than the parent.

about 10 months ago

What Are the Genuinely Useful Ideas In Programming?

Therad Re:Stuff you should learn (598 comments)

It could be changed to "Learn the underlying structure". For example if you program in .net, how does .net execute your code?

Also, learn the overlying structure. Who will use my code, is it another programmer, a customer or another program? How will they use it? How can I simplify their process?

about a year ago

Microsoft Exec Says Xbox One Kinect Is Not Built For Advertising

Therad Re: MS will lose this gen unless price drops $200 (75 comments)

Steamboxes will be cheaper than the other consoles. The hardware will be more expensive. But if you count things like paying for online, mods, backwards compatibility and steam sales, they will be cheaper in the long run. Valves problem is that most people rather buy stuff cheap and pay monthly payments.

about a year ago


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