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New Book Argues Automation Is Making Software Developers Less Capable

Thiez Re:And Self-Actualization is not the goal. (212 comments)

Also, memory protection creates lazy programmers. If you have to reboot every time you screw up you will quickly learn to screw up a lot less.

So what's it like programming on DOS in 2014?

about two weeks ago

College Students: Want To Earn More? Take a COBOL Class

Thiez Re:Weeding Out (270 comments)

Your statement is shit. "Some guy I knew a long time ago once used threads for some unspecified purpose and when he got to thousands of threads it become very slow". Well that is just great. What was he trying to do? How was he trying to do it? You act like your anecdote proves something but without this information it contributes nothing to what could have been an interesting discussion.

Since the discussion was originally about COBOL, are you suggesting that language is more suited to massive multithreading than Java? If so, why? And if you truly need thousands of threads, perhaps you need Erlang?

about 2 months ago

College Students: Want To Earn More? Take a COBOL Class

Thiez Re:Weeding Out (270 comments)

Are you seriously suggesting COBOL is more suitable for massive multi-threading than Java?

about 2 months ago

Google Wants To Test Driverless Cars In a Simulation

Thiez Re:Simulations are limited by imagination (173 comments)

Irrelevant, an actual testdrive is also not going to cover all possible scenarios, and appears to be sufficient at this time. Remember, perfect is the enemey of good.

about 3 months ago

Suddenly Visible: Illicit Drugs As Part of Silicon Valley Culture

Thiez Re:The only good thing (511 comments)

Someone who deliberately cuts off their own legs with a chainsaw don't get sympathy. So why should addicts?

I imagine someone who would do that on purpose must be suffering from some serious mental problem, or must have been blackmailed or under some kind of duress. Certainly they do deserve sympathy and help.

about 4 months ago

The View From Inside A Fireworks Show

Thiez Re:Illegal and Dangerous? (200 comments)

If it flies at approximately the same height as where the fireworks explode, how would that happen?

about 5 months ago

Overeager Compilers Can Open Security Holes In Your Code

Thiez Re:Functionally correct, but insecure (199 comments)

Volatile tells the compiler it may not eliminate or introduce reads and writes to a variable that did not exist in the source code. They also cannot be reordered with respect to other volatile variables.

about 5 months ago

Overeager Compilers Can Open Security Holes In Your Code

Thiez Re:Old news (199 comments)

What "undefined" means here for most compilers is that it will make the best attempt it can under the C rules but the results may vary on different machines. Ie, it will use the underlying machine code for adding two registers, which may wrap around or possibly saturate instead, and the machine may not even be using tw's complement.

No, that would be implementation defined behavior.

about 5 months ago

Human Blood Substitute Could Help Meet Donor Blood Shortfall

Thiez Re:Let gay men donate (172 comments)

While one might argue that forbidding them from donating is unfair, or has a basis in incorrect assumptions, let us not pretend that allowing gay men to donate blood would make a significant difference if a shortage exists. What percentage of the population is a homosexual male? Perhaps 3%?

about 6 months ago

Frigid Brown Dwarf Found Only 7.2 Light-Years Away

Thiez Re:So this is Planet X? (142 comments)

Since the sun gets about 10% brighter every billion years we'll be dead long before either of those things happen.

about 7 months ago

First Outdoor Flocks of Autonomous Flying Robots

Thiez Re:Nails, wires or anything that can swat them (84 comments)

Any flock of flying robots, autonomous or not, over my head or my property will encounter bags of nails, wires and other terrible obstacles designed to swat them.

Remember kids, what goes up must come down... in unrelated news, people who oppose drones can be recognized by the nails, wires, and other 'terrible obstacles' that embedded in their face.

about 9 months ago

MenuetOS, an OS Written Entirely In Assembly Language, Inches Towards 1.0

Thiez Re:The only Secure OS.. (372 comments)

Not this compiler-inserted backdoor crap again... Look, an assembler could insert a backdoor as well. And any of the developers could insert a backdoor. Did you read the entire source code? Even if you did, do you think you could find a cleverly hidden backdoor?

Besides, all you need to do to get rid of the hidden compiler backdoor (assuming there is one) is write your own compiler, use it to compile the suspected compiler, then use the generated compiler to compile itself, and presto, the backdoor is gone. Writing an interpreter instead of a compiler is also an option. Since you only need to do this whole process once, your compiler doesn't need to do any smart optimization and it's acceptable for the whole process to take some time (a week? a month? who cares).

1 year,11 days

Google Releases Raspberry Pi Web Dev Teaching Tool

Thiez Re:mixing software and hardware development? (68 comments)

Most kids are going to have access to a normal computer anyway, which would include a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. They can use ssh access or some kind of remote desktop to control their RasPi. No extra support hardware required, apart from a power supply, a sd card (they're dirt cheap) and a UTP cable to connect it to a switch/router. Your 'well past $200' estimate is completely ridiculous.

about a year ago

Using Java In Low Latency Environments

Thiez Re:Troll much, slashdot? (371 comments)

Except that you could have used the exact same technique in java, recycling the same object.

about a year ago

Using Java In Low Latency Environments

Thiez Re:Python has advantage of Java (371 comments)

> So if you code in Java there is no way to compile parts of it to get a needed speed boost.

Modern VMs already compile when you need a speed boost.

> The last time I coded a low latency system (in C++) we disabled timer interrupts to the Linux OS to prevent the process getting swapped out

Did that really make a meaningful difference? I imagine the interrupt handlers would have very little code and would never ever result in pages getting swapped out.

about a year ago

Hardly Anyone Is Buying 'Smart Guns'

Thiez Re:Three things... (814 comments)

What's your point? By the same logic you could build a tank that will ignore the puny bullets of smart guns and dumb guns alike. It won't be cheap, but you can do it.

about a year ago

big.LITTLE: ARM's Strategy For Efficient Computing

Thiez Re:More efficient programing languages help? (73 comments)

> I was once a programer when i was in High School. Since then I've noticed and been told friend who are programers/coders that programming languages now are sloppy when it comes to memory.
Garbage-collection performs better when there is more memory available, and many modern languages use garbage-collection. Then we have JIT, which requires a bytecode-compiler and a bytecode-interpreter to be in memory (unless you compile the whole program on startup). Basically we're trading memory for things like safety, platform-independence, and performance (e.g. when caching data). Which usually makes a lot of sense and works very well for powerful systems with a lot of RAM, but not so much in other situations.

> I've heard also that old languages like Basic, C and other were better at keeping memory processing needs to a minimum.
What do you mean by 'memory processing needs'?

> Would a modern language using the smaller memory/processing requirement help things with ever need come with more efficient chip?
Sorry, I can't parse 'help things with ever need come with more efficient chip'.

If you're asking if a theoretical language that uses less memory and (magically) less processing power would remove the need for more efficient chips the answer is 'no'. The advantages of being more efficient are cumulative so until we arrive at the point where our phones have 100-year battery times having both would always be better than having one or none.

about a year ago

Web of Tax Shelters Saved Apple Billions, Inquiry Finds

Thiez Re:Did they break any laws? (716 comments)

> If all my options are pay taxes and live in country A, OR go to hellhole country B where I will get killed but don't pay taxes, then you're not really giving me the option.
Have you considered that maybe the world is trying to tell you something? Do you see a pattern? If every place without taxes is a hellhole where you'll get killed, maybe that means something. Perhaps the place you imagine, one that has no taxes but is not a hellhole, cannot exist in the real world?

> Nor did you ever intend on giving me the choice, because you gave me no avenue for recourse via this system you call democracy.
Sure we do, just vote for politicians who support having no taxes at all. If there aren't any, become such a politician and get elected. Doesn't work? Guess what, most people don't agree with your point of view and democracy works as planned.

> Now that I think about it, what you propose is actually a protection racket. "Live in my neighbourhood and get my protection, give me protection money for it, though."
That is how public services work, yes. What separates them from protection rackets would be that the government actually offers you something useful in return, and you get to affect policy by voting.

> Heck, you don't even allow us to claim a piece of unused land in the middle of nowhere as our own to govern as we wish with like-minded individuals.
Countries don't like to lose territory. Are you truly surprised they don't allow you to just 'claim' a piece of land? Suppose you had your hypothetical tax-free country, how would you feel if another guy just walked in and just claimed it as its own? I imagine the situation would quickly turn the place into something one might refer to as a hellhole.

> You don't even allow us the chance to BUY that land from you. How is that freedom? How are you giving us an option/choice?
Do you think everything should be for sale? Replace 'land' by 'slaves', or 'nuclear bombs', or 'smallpox'. The same whiny 'argument' applies. You have the freedom to attempt to change your country through democratic means. That is the freedom/option/choice you have. Freedom does not mean you can do whatever you want.

> Personally, I think the only real alternative is giving people direct control over government spending.
By all means, vote for someone who will change your country like that.

> Give me a bunch of damn sliders and categories so I can fine-tune the damn budget how I see fit by assigning my tax money to each cause/agency/whatever.
By all means, go ahead. It will be hilarious to observe.

> Give me a bunch of damn sliders and categories so I can fine-tune the damn budget how I see fit by assigning my tax money to each cause/agency/whatever.
I suppose this will leave the unemployed to pay the unemployment benefits?

> People aren't nearly as selfish and greedy as you think, when given the chance and responsibility.
Perhaps most are not, but they are irrational and will act often against their own best interests when given the chance. Many people will refuse to spend any money on things that don't benefit them or their close friends/family directly. A part of me wishes you get what you want, so that in 10 years we'll be able to use you as an example why this doesn't work at all.

about a year and a half ago


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