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Sand-Based Anode Triples Lithium-Ion Battery Performance

ThreeGigs Correct me if I'm wrong, but... (60 comments)

Looking at the actual research paper, all I see is improved durability, _not_ increased capacity. Yet the article claims you'd only need to "charge every three days instead of every day".

Am I reading the research paper wrong or is everyone else?

about 6 months ago

Google Cracks Down On Mugshot Blackmail Sites

ThreeGigs 3rd party solution (251 comments)

Contract with 3rd party photographers to take the pictures, with a suitable license agreement (perpetual use by police/courts/etc.). Let the photographer sue for unlicensed commercial use by other sites.

The problem will be solved rather quickly.

about a year ago

NASA and ESA To Demonstrate Earth-Moon Laser Communication

ThreeGigs Re:tax dollars at work (74 comments)

we have been bouncing a laser off the moon since the late 60's

And receiving back only a few photons out of billions, making any meaningful data transfer impossible, unless you consider 1 bps meaningful.

can we please for the love of god end the multimillion dollar experiments that a 12 year old does on instructables?

Can we please educate people enough so that they understand that shining a light across a room is much easier than detecting it from 250,000 mies away?

about a year and a half ago

Gartner Says 3D Printers Will Cost Less Than $2,000 By 2016

ThreeGigs Re:Wow (170 comments)

Enterprise class simply means:


will be displayed at random intervals.

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Dealing With Anti-Spam Service Extortion?

ThreeGigs It's not extortion (279 comments)

Obviously anyone giving you legal advice has failed due diligence. From their site: "Every IP listed will expire 7 days after the LAST abuse is detected, and FREE of charge."

So, find out whoever is spamming, and put a stop to it. It might be different if your ASN is listed, but I'd still be looking for spam sources on your own network.

more than 2 years ago

The Physical Travelling Salesman Challenge

ThreeGigs Re:This is pointless... (59 comments)

It can't be trivially reduced, though. Remember you're travelling _through_ a point, with speed, direction, momentum and orientation dependent on the point _before_ that.

So if you have 12 points, there are 10 different 'distances' between the last two. For example, in points A through L, the distance from K to L depends on whether you arrived at K from A, B, C, etc.

The original table would have 11 entries for each point, while the current challenge would require a table of 110 entries for each point.

The complexity increases from (n-1) to (n-1)*(n-2). Not quite squared, but close enough. IMHO that's the opposite of a trivial reduction.

more than 2 years ago

Slashdot Coming Attractions

ThreeGigs Please add a 'funny' comment filter! (410 comments)

One thing I'd appreciate is the ability to filter out posts that have been moderated as funny. Humor is cool, but sometimes it's just clutter to me.

more than 2 years ago

Toronto Police Use Facebook Picture in Online Lineup

ThreeGigs Re:It wasn't a lineup. (227 comments)

Sorry, but _you_ need to read more carefully and thoroughly.

"She described it as "outrageous" that someone could "scroll down the friends list for the bar and point out someone that had brown hair and bangs" and that would be enough to enter someone into the justice system."

Note the "friends list for the bar" bit. Meaning, she must have friended the bar to be on its friends list.

You seem to have failed at either reading comprehension, or simple deductive logic.

more than 2 years ago

Paypal Forces E-Book Publisher To Censor Erotic Content

ThreeGigs They agreed to it when they signed up (301 comments)

There are many things you are not allowed to accept money for on PayPal. Most of them are illegal, but some, like guns and erotica, are not. But I do remember in PayPal's TOS that they did exclude sellers from taking payments for adult material.

So yeah, don't take PayPal and then complain because YOU didn't follow the rules.

However I will grant that the definition of what is, and isn't 'erotica', could be subject to wild swings of interpretation. However any merchant with enough volume has their own merchant account and doesn't need PayPal anyhow, so shouldn't need to worry about PP's interpretation.

more than 2 years ago

Successful Test Flight and Landing for Xombie Rocket Lander and GENIE

ThreeGigs meme in 3.... 2.... 1.... (65 comments)

I, for one, will welcome our new Xombie overlords in 3... 2... 1....

more than 2 years ago

Is Santorum's "Google Problem" a Google Problem?

ThreeGigs Political agenda? (775 comments)

"Sullivan, while making it clear he opposes Santorum's views, nonetheless suggests Google is long overdue to implement a disclaimer for the 'Santorum' search results. 'They are going to confuse some people,' he explains, 'who will assume Google's trying to advance a political agenda with its search results.'""

If Google _were_ to include a disclaimer, it would be pushing a political agenda. Unless the disclaimer was something like: "The search results below may indicate that the candidate of your choice is so hopelessly clueless about the web that they are unable to grab the top search result for their own name." Unless of course the Luddites now have a political party....

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Techie Wedding Invitation Ideas?

ThreeGigs Talking greeting card hack (399 comments)

Just hack one of those talking greeting / birthday cards. Yank the electronics and put them in your own card. I know there are cards that let you record exactly what you want on them, but they're a bit more expensive than the others. You could even personalize each voice invitation to match the person being invited.

It's different enough to be geeky and novel, but not so far-left-geeky that it'll have everyone wondering if they need to show up to your wedding in cosplay garb.

more than 2 years ago

Samsung Reinvents Windows (Not the OS) With Touchscreen Display

ThreeGigs Combine it with an e-ink display (227 comments)

Make a tablet with this kind of screen in front of an e-ink display and you'd have the best of both worlds: crisp, clear text with long battery life, or full color.

about 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Writing Hardened Web Applications?

ThreeGigs Don't expose the server to the web at all. (333 comments)

If you really want to go above and beyond, don't let anyone access the web server directly at all. Instead, they would connect to an OS session on a machine you control via VNC, or perhaps Citrix Metaframe, etc.

The 'desktop' they're accessing can only access your 'web' server. Your server can't be accessed from, nor can it access the internet at large. The 'desktop' they access can be as locked down as you want, probably only showing a single app or browser running in a 'kiosk mode'.

In one swell foop (grin), you'll have eliminated almost all attack vectors, and as long as you have good input sanitizing between your 'kiosk app' and database, you should be fairly safe, even from future 0-day attacks.

about 3 years ago

Virginia May Help People Pay For Space Burials

ThreeGigs 2500 per year? (145 comments)

Who gets to make the tax deduction? And if it's on the dead guy's estate, why per year? I mean, how many times to they expect a person to die in Virginia, anyhow?

more than 3 years ago

Top 1% of iOS Game Developers Make a Third of All Revenue

ThreeGigs Methodology counts in all amounts (244 comments)

Requests to take the survey were distributed via the following social networks and web sites: ...
Reddit ...

I don't think they make grains of salt large enough to compensate for that bias.

more than 3 years ago

Physicists Devise Magnetic Shield

ThreeGigs Re:Think of the Quackery (90 comments)

Forget both medical and pseudo medical. If you can shield something from a magnetic field, you can create a perpetual motion machine. Two magnets pull towards each other, generating energy, one gets shielded, move them away from each other, repeat.

The possibility of a magnetic shield seems to break some thermodynamic laws, unless I am misunderstanding something.

more than 3 years ago

Making Microelectronics Out of Nanodiamond

ThreeGigs Size matters (80 comments)

Each individual feature is just too big. You're looking at individual transistors 20x or more larger than what we have today on silicon. Faster and lower power, maybe, until you try and build a working CPU from them and discover you need a die 3cm x 3cm. Niche products only.

more than 3 years ago

Bitcoin Price Crashes

ThreeGigs Is it even possible to roll back a bitcoin trade? (642 comments)

I thought each trade was part of the bitcoin history, so how can you possibly "roll back" trades? I could see sending bitcoin back to where it came from, but both parties would have to agree to everything.

more than 3 years ago

Twitter Reveals User Details In UK Libel Case

ThreeGigs California company obeys California court order (127 comments)

Twitter is in California, and a California court ordered them to reveal information. Twitter is complying with the law.

Try making it more relevant:
Brits using American court system to sue Americans.

Still News at 11 for me.

more than 3 years ago



Nanosolar ships first $1/watt panels

ThreeGigs ThreeGigs writes  |  more than 7 years ago

ThreeGigs writes "After five years of development and $100 million in funding, solar panel maker Nanosolar has begun shipping their $1.00 per watt panels. At those prices, solar power cheaper than coal has finally become a reality. The bad news? The next 18 months worth of production from their 600,000 square foot facility are already sold. Still, it's a revolution in the making."
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