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Want Flash Player On a MacBook Air? Download It Yourself

ThrowAwaySociety Re:Lies. (353 comments)

No, Flash does not auto-update on a Mac. Never has.

Flash Player plug-in

CVE-ID: CVE-2009-3794, CVE-2009-3796, CVE-2009-3797, CVE-2009-3798, CVE-2009-3799, CVE-2009-3800, CVE-2009-3951

Available for: Mac OS X v10.5.8, Mac OS X Server v10.5.8, Mac OS X v10.6.2, Mac OS X Server v10.6.2

Impact: Multiple vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player plug-in

Description: Multiple issues exist in the Adobe Flash Player plug-in, the most serious of which may lead to arbitrary code execution when viewing a maliciously crafted web site. The issues are addressed by updating the Flash Player plug-in to version 10.0.42.

Emphasis mine.

more than 3 years ago

Apple Deprecates Their JVM

ThrowAwaySociety Re:part of new software store? (451 comments)

Java maintained by Apple has always been WAY behind what everybody else is using. I'm glad Apple is going to ditch it and leave it up to others.

The odd thing is, with the release in question (Update 3), Apple's JVM is 1.6.0_22, exactly the same as the latest release for Linux/Solaris/Winows. This is the first time I can remember that that was the case.

more than 3 years ago

Apple Deprecates Their JVM

ThrowAwaySociety Re:Mac as ultimate dev machine no more? (451 comments)

In the past I've heard macs referred to as the ultimate developer's machine, with a full UNIX, all the gnu tools, a nice UI (with X if you need it), and nicely integrated laptop hardware. But Java is still one of the top languages on the planet, so if Apple really stops keeping it up to date that could put a nail in that coffin. Heck, I'm pretty sure the Apple Store has a big pile of Java back there...

The Linux foundation doesn't develop a Linux JVM.
Microsoft's JVM was awful and incompatible.

Both those platforms are still widely used for Java development and deployment, in spite of depending on a third-party JVM.

more than 3 years ago

Apple Announces iLife '11, FaceTime Mac, Lion, Mac App Store, MacBook Air

ThrowAwaySociety How is this a troll? (827 comments)

Seriously? Troll?

Someone posts an inflammatory, unsubstantiated statement and is modded insightful. Someone asks for proof, and that's trolling?!

What. The. Fuck.

more than 3 years ago

Autism Diagnosed With a Fifteen Minute Brain Scan

ThrowAwaySociety oblig. (190 comments)

Lisa, I want to buy your rock.

about 4 years ago

Firefox 4 Will Be One Generation Ahead

ThrowAwaySociety Re:Um, I Think You Mean Videos in That Format (341 comments)

Nowhere. But right now it's the most widely adopted and implemented (pretty much everyone but Firefox either does or is planning to support it).

Huh, that's really confusing. Because according to Wikipedia, Ogg Theora looks more supported in browsers than H.264.

No, he means exactly what he said. Pretty much everyone but Firefox either does or is planning to support it.

Yes, there are lots of no-name browsers with zero user base that don't do h.264. But IE, Chrome, and Safari all do h.264. Which leaves Firefox and Opera as the WebM holdouts.

Yeah. Good luck with that.

about 4 years ago

Apple Outs Anti-Jailbreak Update

ThrowAwaySociety lol "outing" lol (429 comments)

article title should be fixed to "Apple sends out update to fix PDF Vulnerability" ;)

No, see, Apple users are all gay!

Which is funny, for some reason, because sexual orientations are funny. So...outing.... ...funny mod please?

more than 4 years ago

Obama Wants Allies To Go After WikiLeaks

ThrowAwaySociety No context (1088 comments)

I don't think the leaked Afghanistan war documents are a 'little egg'. It's clear proof that the war is lost and there is no hope for winning. ...

Bullshit. The Wikileaks documents a lot of out-of-context reports, mostly from low-level soldiers and unit commanders. Essentially, it's an internal bug-tracking database for the war.

Look at any internal bug-tracking database for any reasonably-sized project and you'll immediately conclude that the project is a horrible steaming pile of crap that everyone hates. That does not necessarily mean that the project actually is worthless. Imagine what the MS Windows (or OS X, or whatever) internal bug database must be like. Millions of known, incompatibilities, crash reports, and unsubstantiated error reports. And yet MS and Apple make shit-tons of money from them, and millions of people use them every ay.

Of course there are major problems with the war. It's a fucking war.

more than 4 years ago

Sentence Spacing — 1 Space or 2?

ThrowAwaySociety Re:Monospaced or proportional (814 comments)

And? Do you think I haven't seen this countless times when I was making the point? The period takes up a small portion of its box in a fixed-width font. There's space to the left and space to the right of it - much more space than other characters. As a result, dot-space looks completely fine in a fixed-width font.


THE PERIOD IN A MONOSPACED FONT IS AS WIDE AS A FUCKING 'W'. IT IS NOT FUCKING SMALL. In a monospaced font, all characters are the same width; hence there are no "small" characters in a monospaced font. Your assertion that a monospaced period is "small" is therefore demonstrably false.

So, in a monospaced font, you need two spaces to (visually) compensate for the wider space. A single space would be lost next to the huge gaping negative visual space surrounding the period.

In a proportional font, the period has no extra padding, therefore no extra spacing is needed after the period.

more than 4 years ago

Software Freedom Conservancy Wins GPL Case Against Westinghouse

ThrowAwaySociety You had to RTFA? (225 comments)

I had to RTFA to find out that WDE is Westinghouse Digital Electronics.

From TFS:

"The Software Freedom Conservancy has received a judgement against Westinghouse Digital Electronics for $90,000 in damages, $50,000 in costs plus a donation of all of the offending HDTV's that were using BusyBox in violation of the GPL. Given that WDE is nearly bankrupt it's likely that most if not all of the cash will disappear in a legal 'poof', but it is a victory regardless."

Did the summary get edited to include that, or what?

more than 4 years ago

Sentence Spacing — 1 Space or 2?

ThrowAwaySociety Re:Monospaced or proportional (814 comments)

I was about to say the same thing. Because in fixed-width the period is so small...

What? Here, take a look:


more than 4 years ago

Sentence Spacing — 1 Space or 2?

ThrowAwaySociety Monospaced or proportional (814 comments)

Two spaces are appropriate for typewriters and similar monospaced fonts (Courier, Monaco, Andale Mono, Consolas, Vera, Deja Vu mono)

One space for proportional fonts (Times, Helvetica, almost everything.)

more than 4 years ago

Free Software, a Matter of Life and Death

ThrowAwaySociety Re:Makes sense (197 comments)

In that case the engineering drawings for a 777 (or anything else) should also be open to public scrutiny. Is that reasonable?


more than 4 years ago

Apple Launches New Magical Trackpad, 12 Core Macs

ThrowAwaySociety Any sufficiently advanced technology... (432 comments)

Honestly, I find this "magic" marketing strategy to be a complete turnoff.

The fact that you're on Slashdot makes you Not The Target Market.

To most people, virtually any computer thingie is sufficiently advanced.

more than 4 years ago

Southwest Adds 'Mechanical Difficulties' To Act Of God List

ThrowAwaySociety Legal term for random event (223 comments)

"Acts of God" is a legal term encompassing chance events, sudden natural disasters, and other unforeseeable and uncontrollable happenings. Forest fires, lightning, earthquakes, meteor strikes, volcanic eruptions, sudden sinkholes, etc.

The lawyers and judges understand what it means. It's a standard part of contracts and has nothing to do with any deity or religious belief whatsoever.

more than 4 years ago

Southwest Adds 'Mechanical Difficulties' To Act Of God List

ThrowAwaySociety Re:God Does Not Roll Dice... (223 comments)

Jesus! God has individual control over each nut?

He must. They all claim to either know him or be him

more than 4 years ago

Times Paywall Blocks 90% of Traffic

ThrowAwaySociety Re:"Which Times"?!? (311 comments)

(By the way, The Times didn't exist in the 12th century).

Freudian typo. It's still stuck in the 11th, obviously. :-)

more than 4 years ago

Times Paywall Blocks 90% of Traffic

ThrowAwaySociety Re:"Which Times"?!? (311 comments)

"WhichTimes"? This article is really tagged "WhichTimes"? It's the real and proper Times, damnit. The one that's called "The Times" (unless it is a Sunday, at which point it is called "The Sunday Times").

You mean, it's the one that's so out of touch with reality that it doesn't recognize that, in the last 220 years, some real and legitimate competition has arisen? No wonder they're having trouble adjusting to the 12st century

Luckily, if things keep going the way they are, there will only be one Times again. Though probably not that one.

more than 4 years ago

Google Chrome Now Has Resource-Blocking Adblock

ThrowAwaySociety The Internet without advertisers (335 comments)

It may shock some people, but there was an Internet (and a web) before there were commercially supported websites.

It was smaller, but it worked just fine. In fact, it worked beautifully. Many of us want it back.

more than 4 years ago

Tokyo Rail Billboards Scan Viewer's Age, Gender

ThrowAwaySociety Re:Are you a Marketing grad? (235 comments)

How about you just sell the product and let the market sort it out?

Sounds like you need to re-read the thread above. What product? What market? Exactly. Those simply don't exist without marketing. Word of mouth is a form of marketing.

Basically what you're saying is, you've never bought anything and don't know anything about any product. All you know about is a hypothetical product called a "widget", and you have no idea where these things called, computers, originate.

Good lord, you're stupid. What is this, the Chewbacca Defense school of marketing?

"We have something, you need it, but it's so amazing we can't even tell you what it might be. Be glad we're telling you about it at all!"

You couldn't sell crack to an addict.

more than 3 years ago


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