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"Mammoth Snow Storm" Underwhelms

Thud457 Re:It's global warming man! GLOBAL WARMING! (397 comments)

The following bulletin has just been received on the WKRP teletype!

Monster lizard ravages east coast! Mayors in five New England cities have issued emergency requests for federal disaster relief as a result of a giant lizard that descended on the east coast last night! Officials say that this lizard, the worst since '78, has devastated transportation, disrupted communication, and left many hundreds homeless!

4 days ago

'Be My Eyes' App Crowdsources Help For the Blind

Thud457 much more popular (66 comments)

the "beer me!" app to ask people close to the fridge to bring you a beer. because you're busy and stuff.

about two weeks ago

China Lays More Fiber, Improving Physical Connection To the Worldwide Internet

Thud457 Avenue Q on line three... (44 comments)

China Lays More Cable , Improving Physical Connection To the Worldwide Internet

there, FTFY...

about two weeks ago

Talk to the World Through Ubi -- and Use Gestures, Too (Video)

Thud457 Second Amendment approved! (38 comments)

Now with 100% more gorilla arm!

about three weeks ago

The Strange Story of the First Quantum Art Exhibition In Space

Thud457 maximum CP, too (69 comments)

Every great work of literature ever, even those not yet written, now in an compact, easy to carry form :

about three weeks ago

Chinese Spacecraft Enters Orbit Around the Moon

Thud457 a valid justification for Man in space (152 comments)

Ah, but robots can't stand on the veranda of the space station Freedom and piss on every single one of you cowering groundhogs at the same time.
a man's reach should exceed his grasp -- Robert Browning

about three weeks ago

Forget Stuxnet: Banking Trojans Attacking Power Plants

Thud457 Tommy Westphall says "hi" (34 comments)

Patty the daytime hooker FTW!

about three weeks ago

How Close Are We To Engineering the Climate?

Thud457 spraying sulphur in the air you say? (319 comments)

I just modified my local micro-climate.
mmmm, chili for lunch....

also, ib4 "chemtrails!" and "HAARP!"

about three weeks ago

NASA's Robonaut 2 Can't Use Its Space Legs Upgrade

Thud457 V.I.N.C.E.N.T. didn't need legs! (58 comments)

What's a space-robot need freakin' legs for?
Piece of junk, throw 'im in a Black Hole!

about three weeks ago

Project Ryptide Drone Flies Life-Rings To Distressed Swimmers

Thud457 starring Perry King & Joe Penny (62 comments)

Sounds like the bastard child of Roboz and the Screaming Mimi.

about a month ago

Aircraft Responsible For 2.5% of Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Thud457 conditions in steerage were deplorable (232 comments)

Actually, we have flying buses, not cars. Crowded, smelly buses full of the diseased dregs of humanity.

about a month ago

Is the Tablet Market In Outright Collapse? Data Suggests Yes

Thud457 Come and see the violence inherent in the system! (328 comments)

The future is already here -- it's just not very evenly distributed.

-- Benjamin Franklin

See?! The rich get the edge on everybody else by getting the latest tech sooner. Lousy 1%'ers, priming the tech pump for the rest of us.

about a month ago

Trees vs. Atmospheric Carbon: A Fight That Makes Sense?

Thud457 trees in SPAAAAACEEE! (or: stagetrees for all!) (363 comments)

How many gigatons of carbon nanotubes is it going to take to build a space elevator?
Maybe we should really be worrying about Elon Musk's carbon harvester bots coming after us as a readily available source of carbon.

about a month ago

Army Building an Airport Just For Drones

Thud457 Airport ?! (48 comments)

surely the proper nomenclature would be aerial drone aerodrome .
or at the very least, robot roost

about 1 month ago

High Temperature Superconductivity Record Smashed By Sulfur Hydride

Thud457 Re:Scientists? (80 comments)

How to See Ghosts 101 :
Develop one or more of the following:
1. cataracts
2. glaucoma
3. macular degeneration

about 2 months ago



AI could make lawyers obsolete by 2030

Thud457 Thud457 writes  |  about 2 months ago

Thud457 (234763) writes "Robots and artificial intelligence (AI) will dominate legal practice within 15 years, perhaps leading to the “structural collapse” of law firms, a report by Jomati Consultants predicting the shape of the legal market has envisaged.

"First, we unplug all the lawyers" -- robot Shakespeare, Henry 6.0 "

Link to Original Source

Ron Paul Exposed As White Supremacist By Anonymous

Thud457 Thud457 writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Thud457 (234763) writes "Hackivist group Anonymous has announced that not only have they decimated the websites of avowed White Supremacist group American Third Position (A3P) during Operation Blitzkrieg but, in the process, they claim to have accidentally uncovered close ties between the racist group and Ron Paul. Not just the Ron Paul campaign, but Ron Paul himself."
Link to Original Source

shooting triggers lockdown of HP & Apple campu

Thud457 Thud457 writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Thud457 (234763) writes "A disgruntled employee at a quarry shot eight people and fled through the HP campus, carjacking a HP contractor. The Apple & HP campuses were locked down Wednesday while a police manhunt tried to locate the suspect."
Link to Original Source

"Atlas Shrugged" movie flops at box office

Thud457 Thud457 writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Thud457 (234763) writes "The movie adaptation of Ayn Rand's beloved children's fairytale failed to cover it's filming costs in it's opening (and presumably only) week in theaters this weekend. Tea partiers will just have to wait for part II to go direct to netflix.

I predict 9999 comments, all at -1, troll for this story."

Link to Original Source

Goatse Security warns of iPad user data risk

Thud457 Thud457 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Thud457 (234763) writes "oh dear, goatse is now submitting security alerts to IT websites.
nice (?) to see the classics still have legs.

Vulnerability research firm Goatse Security claims to have found a security flaw in AT&T's protocols that exposes the personal data of more than 114,000 iPad buyers.


Link to Original Source



This must be preserved for the ages!

Thud457 Thud457 writes  |  more than 9 years ago

Zoo keeper mauled to death 'after defecating on tiger'

A young Chinese tiger keeper has been mauled to death after apparently trying to defecate on one of his big cats.

The 19-year-old appears to have climbed the railings of the Bengal tiger cage and pulled his trousers down.

Evidence at the scene of the death at the Jinan animal park included toilet paper, excrement and a trouser belt.

Zoo officials think Xu Xiaodong either slipped into the cage or was pulled in by one of the four angry tigers.

According to the South China Morning Post, the man told a co-worker he needed to go to the toilet but police were called when he failed to return.

They found his body lying on the ground surrounded by tigers. The teenager had reportedly been bitten in the neck and was covered in blood.

Police believe Xu climbed the wall of a partially constructed building used to raise the tigers to relieve himself. They said the smell probably caused the tigers to pounce.

You can see more stories about tigers and zoos on Ananova, or read our Animal attacks file.

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