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NASA's HI-SEAS Project Results Suggests a Women-Only Mars Crew

Thud457 Re:Compelling, but a mix still better... (122 comments)

What do you a call a guy with no arms and no legs in orbit?

no, really, I want to hear your punchlines...

20 minutes ago

Tesla Teardown Reveals Driver-facing Electronics Built By iPhone 6 Suppliers

Thud457 (some) cars are gadgets now (155 comments)

That's gonna look like you're driving around with an 8-track in there in ten years.
Oh, wait, people aren't supposed to keep cars that long any more.

3 days ago

White House Wants Ideas For "Bootstrapping a Solar System Civilization"

Thud457 Re:Baby steps (348 comments)

You overlooked the worst catastrophe of the Biodome experiments - Pauly Shore escaped.

3 days ago

White House Wants Ideas For "Bootstrapping a Solar System Civilization"

Thud457 Re:Step one (348 comments)

here I thought they were referencing this "real-life" event.

Seriously, the script writers on this reality are the lowest form of hack. Demand better.

3 days ago

Michigan About To Ban Tesla Sales

Thud457 why do cowboys hate freedom? (290 comments)

Are you colour blind?!! From the very map you cite, it looks like an even break between red & blue states.

With the exception of a few states, this looks more like a Western (non-coastal) state thing.
Western : Montana, Wyoming, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas.
Plus a scattered handful : Arkansas, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kentucky, Alabama, Virginia, South Carolina, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey & Delaware.

4 days ago

Lockheed Claims Breakthrough On Fusion Energy Project

Thud457 Re:It is small, not sure it consumes less than 100 (564 comments)

I have a 1MW block of concrete you'll be interested in seeing;

Actually, I would be interested in seeing you input 1MW into a block of concrete. Got a youtube link?
In the meantime, ob. fun bideos

5 days ago

Positive Ebola Test In Second Texas Health Worker

Thud457 good advice in general (463 comments)

Avoid people projectile vomiting or with explosive diarrhea .
And Texas Presbyterian hospital.

5 days ago

Positive Ebola Test In Second Texas Health Worker

Thud457 journalism is dead, capitalism killed it (463 comments)

It used to be back during the days when terrestrial broadcast television was king, that the FCC mandated that stations produce a certain % of public service programming. That's the reason we ever had television news reporting in the first place. Or educational kids shows that weren't just half-hour commercials for the latest toys and sugary breakfast cereals.

Then we went to cable, which doesn't have the same regulation, removing the public service programming mandate. From that point everything was driven purely by the capitalistic profit motive.

So instead of filling the multiple 24 hour news channels with thoughtful, in-depth reporting, we've got CNN screaming OMGWTF every five minutes trying to grab attention.

See, the Invisible Hand makes everything better. Do not blaspheme the hand.

5 days ago

Independent Researchers Test Rossi's Alleged Cold Fusion Device For 32 Days

Thud457 what the world needs now is another Hank Scorpio (972 comments)

If he really has a device that works as advertized, he doesn't need investors. He needs a really big laser to hook it up to and suitable ninja-proof volcano to house it.

about a week ago

Independent Researchers Test Rossi's Alleged Cold Fusion Device For 32 Days

Thud457 "GREAT" "INVENTOR" (972 comments)

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% making sure your subordinates assign all patents over to you.

-- Thomas Edison, I think

about a week ago

NASA Finds a Delaware-Sized Methane "Hot Spot" In the Southwest

Thud457 perfectly NATURAL - NOT MAN-MADE (213 comments)

This is just Gaia naturally trying to clear up a nasty infestation of Homo Sapiens and return to a normal equilibrium. Nothing to be alarmed about here.

about two weeks ago

A Critical Look At Walter "Scorpion" O'Brien

Thud457 actually, I find MXC entertaining... (192 comments)

I really don't understand why "OW MY BALLS!" isn't a real show on Spike. Or SyFy.

about two weeks ago

A Critical Look At Walter "Scorpion" O'Brien

Thud457 Re:What? A CBS show is a fraud? No way! (192 comments)

too easy:

  • Survivor - starving people struggle to survive while uncaring overseers with video cameras heartlessly record their plight
  • Amazing Race - people, probably ones who escaped from the island in Survivor, flee pursuit while overseers with cameras record their crimes against the state
  • Thursday Night Football - FFA - Future Felons of America
  • CSI / Miami / New York - DNA always tells the truth
  • Bluebloods - The elite Chief of Police presides over a nepotistic dynasty, as is right.
  • Person of Interest - hackers can't escape from the loving all-seeing AI
  • NCIS / Los Angeles / New Orleans / JAG - we'll get you if you fuck with the Navy.
  • Two Broke Girls - occupy Brooklyn
  • Two and a Half Men - perennial loser's son is one of the disappeared. Stay in line, don't let this happen to you.
  • Hawaii Five O - again, don't fuck with the Navy.
  • The Mentalist - we can read your mind, resistance if futile. And the police will lie and trick you.
  • Mike an Molly - police officers are likable normal joes, not crazed thugs with pepperspray and tazers.
  • The Good Wife - a party apparatchik leverages her political connections to get ahead.
  • Madam Secretary - hey look, we're really good guys, we don't really want to bomb you. but you need bombing.
  • Big Bang Theory - ok, I have to use my lifeline on this one...
  • Scorpion - hackers can be good, too. They work for the State.
  • Elementary - Winston Smith solves crimes for the police.
  • Criminal Minds - that's you. There's no escape.

about two weeks ago

Startup's Open Source Device Promises Gamers "Surround Sound For Your Eyes"

Thud457 you'll go blind (43 comments)

Only if it comes in the form of a bitchin' panther

about two weeks ago

Systemd Adding Its Own Console To Linux Systems

Thud457 finally! (755 comments)

year of GNU/Hurd on the desktop!

about two weeks ago



Ron Paul Exposed As White Supremacist By Anonymous

Thud457 Thud457 writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Thud457 (234763) writes "Hackivist group Anonymous has announced that not only have they decimated the websites of avowed White Supremacist group American Third Position (A3P) during Operation Blitzkrieg but, in the process, they claim to have accidentally uncovered close ties between the racist group and Ron Paul. Not just the Ron Paul campaign, but Ron Paul himself."
Link to Original Source

shooting triggers lockdown of HP & Apple campu

Thud457 Thud457 writes  |  about 3 years ago

Thud457 (234763) writes "A disgruntled employee at a quarry shot eight people and fled through the HP campus, carjacking a HP contractor. The Apple & HP campuses were locked down Wednesday while a police manhunt tried to locate the suspect."
Link to Original Source

"Atlas Shrugged" movie flops at box office

Thud457 Thud457 writes  |  more than 3 years ago

Thud457 (234763) writes "The movie adaptation of Ayn Rand's beloved children's fairytale failed to cover it's filming costs in it's opening (and presumably only) week in theaters this weekend. Tea partiers will just have to wait for part II to go direct to netflix.

I predict 9999 comments, all at -1, troll for this story."

Link to Original Source

Goatse Security warns of iPad user data risk

Thud457 Thud457 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Thud457 (234763) writes "oh dear, goatse is now submitting security alerts to IT websites.
nice (?) to see the classics still have legs.

Vulnerability research firm Goatse Security claims to have found a security flaw in AT&T's protocols that exposes the personal data of more than 114,000 iPad buyers.


Link to Original Source



This must be preserved for the ages!

Thud457 Thud457 writes  |  about 9 years ago

Zoo keeper mauled to death 'after defecating on tiger'

A young Chinese tiger keeper has been mauled to death after apparently trying to defecate on one of his big cats.

The 19-year-old appears to have climbed the railings of the Bengal tiger cage and pulled his trousers down.

Evidence at the scene of the death at the Jinan animal park included toilet paper, excrement and a trouser belt.

Zoo officials think Xu Xiaodong either slipped into the cage or was pulled in by one of the four angry tigers.

According to the South China Morning Post, the man told a co-worker he needed to go to the toilet but police were called when he failed to return.

They found his body lying on the ground surrounded by tigers. The teenager had reportedly been bitten in the neck and was covered in blood.

Police believe Xu climbed the wall of a partially constructed building used to raise the tigers to relieve himself. They said the smell probably caused the tigers to pounce.

You can see more stories about tigers and zoos on Ananova, or read our Animal attacks file.

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