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Apple CarPlay Rollout Delayed By Some Carmakers

TigerTime Re:Hey, great idea here, guys... (76 comments)

That's what should have been done 5+ years ago. We've moved well beyond that. However i do disagree in the method that they are moving forward with of competing technologies. It should be something like "Bluetooth 5.0" that supports Audio and Video. Frankly, if Bluetooth had really kept up, we wouldn't need these diverging methods.

about two weeks ago

GM Names and Fires Engineers Involved In Faulty Ignition Switch

TigerTime Re:Company Culture (307 comments)

"More than half of those officials were executives, and Ms. Barra said five other GM employees have been disciplined but remain with the company. Ms. Barra wouldn't identify the employees by name, except to confirm that two low-ranking engineers involved with the design of the defective switch were dismissed. Also fired were lawyers and officials responsible for safety and dealings with regulators"

Do you know what you're talking about?

about 3 months ago

GM Sees a Market For $5/Day Dedicated In-Car Internet

TigerTime Re:"GM thinks" there's your problem. (216 comments)

How about this: They provide BOTH options and we'll see which one is more popular in 2 years.

Whichever car company makes it easy for my phone to be the brains of the entertainment system, and their screen just be a dumb terminal for my phone's data will get to sell me a new car.

about 4 months ago

Valve Sponsors Work To Greatly Speed-Up Linux OpenGL Game Load Times

TigerTime Re:And still linux sucks (202 comments)

While a valid excuse, that's another reason why Linux is still "not there" yet. The fact that there were only a couple legit games for it proves it's still in it's fetal stages of becoming a consumer OS. It's got a long way to go. Valve was a huge shot in the arm though. They are the best thing to happen to Linux in awhile.

about 4 months ago

Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

TigerTime Re:Militia, then vs now (1633 comments)

Please stop being a bigot and trying to limit my PERSONAL rights! The people that use weapons in crimes obviously need to be prosecuted for it, but the vast majority of gun owners are not criminals. Quit painting things with such a broad narrow-minded brush.

about 5 months ago

Mozilla CEO Firestorm Likely Violated California Law

TigerTime Re:The Re-Hate Campaign (1116 comments)

So is it OK to have a "hate campaign" on businessmen that want to suppress the rights of others to bear firearms?

What about my right to smoke where I please? Walk nude where I please? Drink liquor where I please? Spend my money how I please, as opposed to having it seized through income taxes to support government programs that I don't necessarily support. I would guess you're ok about being a bigot in those instances and limiting my rights, right?

about 5 months ago

GNOME 3.12 Released

TigerTime Re: Meet the new boss: (134 comments)

I can't decide which to go on LinuxMint: MATE or Cinnamon? I feel like Cinnamon has come along enough that it might be better at this point, but not sure.

about 5 months ago

Google Unveils Android Wear

TigerTime Re: so what does it do? (103 comments)

What can you do with an iPad/tablet that you can't do with a smartphone/laptop?

about 5 months ago

More Details About Mars Mystery Rock

TigerTime Re:Storms (180 comments)

Mmmm. Doughnut storms. Sounds delicious.

about 7 months ago

The Burning Bridges of Ubuntu

TigerTime Re:So... (346 comments)

"will fork"??.... it already has. And while i'm sure it's been done numerous times, one of the most popular is Linux Mint. It a much more streamlined OS and I think they're really growing to a point where they're leaving the shadows of their initial Ubuntu roots.

about 9 months ago

Facebook Comment Prompts Arrests In Cyberbullying Suicide Case

TigerTime Re:Why all this governmental intrusion? (734 comments)

You obviously don't really understand libertarianism. The government should stay out of people's personal lives. Yes. But what you fail to understand is that your liberties quickly deteriorate when they encroach on other people's liberties. Harassment isn't a PERSONAL right. That's just stupid to even think that anyone's political belief would be OK with harassment.

And secondly, they weren't arrested for the Facebook posts specifically. They were already building a case based off of their harassment while the other girl was alive. This was simply more evidence that they were a liability to society because the Facebook post showed an obvious lack of remorse for being indirectly responsible for a suicide.

I'm not surprised you posted this as anonymous. Just a ridiculous post.

about a year ago

MagicPlay: the Open Source AirPlay

TigerTime Re:its not news yet (177 comments) is not a newsfeed for Pintrest and Best Buy shoppers. It's for technical people that are interest in geeky stuff that may or may be available at your local retailer yet.

All standards come out long before actual products. 4K TV? 802.11ac? MiraCast? All these are technologies that are built on standards that have just been introduced in the last couple years. Yet people on here have been talking about them before products are actually introduced? Why? Because this is a fucking website geared toward shit like that.

about a year ago

Why Your New Car's Technology Is Four Years Old

TigerTime Re:Standard DIN anyone? (455 comments)

Absolutely. Though it would need to be something more advanced than standard bluetooth at the moment. It needs to be able to mirror/send video from the phone to the screen, as well as take Google Voice/Apple Siri like communication between the devices. Also would be nice if some of the manual controls would map to the phone as well. Next Track, Pause, etc.

about a year ago

XBMC 12.0 'Frodo' Released: PVR-Support, HD Audio and More

TigerTime Re:PVR (146 comments)

From where do you stream live Channels like ESPN, NFLHD, FoxSports?....Oh you don't? Well then quit acting like a pretentious prick and STFU.

about a year and a half ago

Facebook Paid 0.3% Taxes On $1.34 Billion Profits

TigerTime Re:Tax avoidance (592 comments)

As an individual or a business, you are supposed to look for ways to pay the least amount of taxes. That's life and there's nothing really wrong with that. If someone didn't look for ways to get as many deductions as possible on their tax return, you'd wonder if they were mental and just enjoyed paying a higher rate. The same applies for businesses. The government so far has said that there is nothing wrong with what they are doing.

The core problem here is with these loopholes. The tax system is a constantly changing cat/mouse game of people/companies finding loopholes and the government closing them. The REAL question is why hasn't this enormous loophole been closed yet?

about a year and a half ago

30 Days Is Too Long: Animated Rant About Windows 8

TigerTime Re:Great Comments about Windows 8 (1110 comments)

I really fucking hope this disaster of an OS is fixed in the future. I'm at the point of thinking of migrating to Apple or Linux and i fucking hate Apple and i still don't think Linux is ready for the desktop.

I'm a programmer and i'm switching back and forth between about 3-4 windows constantly and sometimes up to about 6. And i can even have them layered so that i can monitor a console window with only a few lines showing. Everything is accessible with ONE click.

It'll be a cold day in hell before i switch to a constantly-full-screen OS. It's just not even remotely practical for anything but consumption.

about a year and a half ago

Qt 5.0 Released

TigerTime Re:A good example of a bad summary (161 comments)

Yep. From the summary, I have no idea what Qt does. What is new in this version. Or how it affects me.

All the summary told me was that it's a new version of a C++ project. And it's supposed to be better than the last version.

about a year and a half ago

Nationwide Google Fiber Deployment Would Cost $140 Billion

TigerTime Re:Time for some grass roots activism (327 comments)

With the need for the Federal Government to "Save our Economy" the last 5 years, I wish they had decided to put that money toward replacing the entire copper phone system with Fiber Optic. It would have produced thousands upon thousands of jobs of long lasting jobs and left us with a country that is much more prepared to move forward in this century. Instead with threw away hundreds of billions of $$$ on stupid projects that no long lasting benefit.

Depressions/Recessions are the PERFECT time to handle issues like this. It's one of the issues I have with Washington over the last 5+ years. I can't think of one long lasting project that produced long term results for the entire country and produced long term results. There are many public projects during the Great Depression that are still being felt today. I don't know if the same could be said 80yrs from now about and public projects from this Recession.

about a year and a half ago

Computer Science vs. Software Engineering

TigerTime Re:It's the difference between science and tech. (322 comments)

I'm not sure if you're trolling or not, but if you're serious, you have no fucking clue what you're talking about. I graduated from a fairly renowned University here in the US that offers Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Software Engineering, as well as a couple other more specific engineering programs.

  - Computer Engineering focuses on the hardware, and is more synonymous with Electrical Engineering.
  - Computer Science and Computer Engineering students took nearly the same classes except for about 3 classes where Engineering students took more math/software classes classes and Computer Science students were able to take a concentration in a different subject of interest outside of engineering

I'm not sure what shitty school you went to, but in ours we all learned LISP, algorithms, AI, programming theories, discrete structures, and software modeling and construction. The idea of an Engineering student doing fucking Wordpress and Ruby on Rails for a degree is an absolute farce. And if that's what your university offered in their program you should be ashamed for your school.

about 2 years ago

Gabe Newell Confirms Source 2 Engine

TigerTime Source 2 is going to be major release (88 comments)

I have a feeling:
1. The are going to focus on OpenGL with this engine. They've already ported much of their Source engine to Mac and now Linux. I just have a feeling that they are going to go ALL-IN on OpenGL this time so it is completely platform independent. I think it'll even have a Source 2 - Mobile Edition Engine for iPhones and Android devices. They want to be able to have their games/interface on all aspects of desktop and mobile computing environments. One engine to rule them all.

2. I think that they work with a partner manufacturer to release a Steam Box. They've not only created Steam Linux, but they've created a "Big Picture" button for easy viewing/navigation from the living room. They want to compete against the PS3 and the XBox. If they can create a distro and/or sell a little linux box themselves for the living room, they'll do it. There's huge potential for the living room.

3. With this push of these two huge ventures listed above, what better way to draw excitement than to release Half-Life 3, Portal 3, Counter-Strike 3, Left 4 Dead 3, and Team Fortress 3 all at the same time.

There's a reason Source has been lagging behind some of the other engines lately as well as games that should have been released a long time ago. They have huge plans in the pipeline that have me very excited, but it's taking a lot of retooling and coordinating. It's definitely not as trivial as updating the engine for DirectX 11 features.

about 2 years ago


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