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Disney Turned Down George Lucas's Star Wars Scripts

TiggertheMad Jar-Jar - Well written, a nuanced and gripping! (410 comments)

Arguably, he did too good of a job: the players are all too human, and Jar-Jar is too fluid and well-executed for the movie.

Wait....are we talking about the same movie...? Are there some other SW prequels that I haven't seen? I have honestly, in the last decade of listening to SW critique, never heard anyone say, 'the players are all to human'. I saw a bunch of bland, stiff characters shoveling awkward lines at each other in front of a green screen. I am genuinely intrigued why you think this, because I have honeslty never heard this before. If you are trolling, masterfully done sir.

If there is another set of 'secret' prequels that are only for SW fans, please tell me. I know the secret SW nerd handshake....

2 days ago

Disney Turned Down George Lucas's Star Wars Scripts

TiggertheMad They cured my acme, the cancer patient said..... (410 comments)

But then you have to just remember how awful JJ's Star Trek movies were.

Some people have this opinion, but I think if you took a survey, most would agree with the statement that Episode 1-3 was much worse than The ST reboot. I'll take whatever JJ has in store after more of Lucas's awful writing.

2 days ago

Silk Road 2.0 Deputy Arrested

TiggertheMad I lost productivity arguing this silly point (126 comments)

Currently the US estimates that it spends $5 Billion on health care costs associated with heroin use. In addition it is estimated that heroin costs about $11 billion in lost productivity.

If all those drug users were not doing drugs, it doesn't mean that they would automatically be leading healthy, happy lives. However, I'll take that number at face value for the sake of argument.

So we have a number that represents the cost to society. Now prove to me that it would cost society that same amount or more if it was completely legal and unregulated. I am willing to give you odds that the cost of enforcement, legal expenses, incarceration, and health care cost for will always exceed the legal costs. The lost productivity will probably be equal either way, health care costs will be slightly less, since it will be easier to get pure, consistent quantities, and then there is all the other costs that make it way more expensive to regulate.

Then there are the moral costs of propping up narco governments and essentially providing price supports for organized crime. Cheaper, Ha! Lost productivity my ass....

3 days ago

NSA Hack of N. Korea Convinced Obama NK Was Behind Sony Hack

TiggertheMad Well if John McAfee said it, it must be true! (181 comments)

According to John McAfee, N. Korea had nothing to do with the Sony hack.

John McAfee says a lot of things and does a lot of things that seem pretty 'remarkable'. Either he is having one hell of a interesting life, or he is a pathological liar. It seems pretty convenient that he cannot even give this mystery group a name.

North Korea has a well established history of aggressive, belligerent behavior, and this sort of thing sounds right up their alley. John is going have to cough up a lot more evidence than his good word that an agency with thousands of people and billions of dollars in hardware devoted keeping an eye on a rouge nation is wrong.

about a week ago

NASA, NOAA: 2014 Was the Warmest Year In the Modern Record

TiggertheMad Other problems to solve. (357 comments)

One thing that is going to likely cause some real problems: I think that many large cities rely on water supplies that are refilled via melting snow packs, providing a steady and predictable clean water supply. If snow packs and glaciers are radically reduced or eliminated, the water supply becomes much more seasonal, and supplying potable water for large numbers of people becomes...problematic.

about two weeks ago

NASA, NOAA: 2014 Was the Warmest Year In the Modern Record

TiggertheMad Do you really buy your own BS? (357 comments)

Just one question for the deniers....When the mean temperature is up ten degrees globally and humanity is tanking it because of massive environmental change and crop failure, you won't be upset when we lynch you for being the liars and shills who prevented proactive fixes from being implemented, will you?

about two weeks ago

An Open Letter To Everyone Tricked Into Fearing AI

TiggertheMad Killer AI will kill journalists for slandering it (227 comments)

Ten years out? As a veteran programmer and AI enthusiast, I'd say it was more like a century. We cannot build a computer that can model a bug's brain activity, let alone something a million times more complicated like a human brain. And that doesn't even get us to the 'superhuman intelligence' category that people are afraid of.

Worrying about Killer AI is like worrying about the Sun burning out. Yeah, it might happen eventually, but it isn't even worth considering right now...

about two weeks ago

HOA Orders TARDIS Removed From In Front of Parrish Home

TiggertheMad Nobody has said it yet..... (320 comments)

HOA to homeowners: ELIMINATE!

about three weeks ago

Thync, a Wearable That Zaps Your Brain To Calm You Down or Amp You Up

TiggertheMad Electricity, you will get a charge out of it. (154 comments)

The device is claiming it can alter your mood by attaching to your head.

I'm pretty sure you'll find that meets the definition of 'medical device'.

I think that the thread is getting lost because nerds are arguing over what is or isn't a medical device, which seems sort of tangential to the real question: Is the mood altering effect anything more than the placebo effect? I am a little dubious about the benefits of running a low voltage current into the side of your skull. Wait, lets go back one step further, is there even any medical theory that would suggest that adding additional current to a person's brain would do something positive?

This whole thing sounds like some decided to lick a 9 volt battery and stick it to the side of your head for a healthy mark up charge....

about three weeks ago

2014: The Year We Learned How Vulnerable Third-Party Code Libraries Are

TiggertheMad Mo Code, Mo Problems (255 comments)

I agree that more diversity in the software ecosystem will cause critical bugs to have less impact to the world overall, and will hopefully drive competition to make the offerings more efficient and stable. However I think that this is a straw-man and the real conclusion we should draw is this:

When you write code, you are going to screw up. If you aren't writing bugs that people notice, you aren't working on anything worthwhile. While the bugs that were found were costly and dangerous, the question is were these found quicker than a closed source solution? Were they fixed faster than a closed source solution? Is there anything that can be done to allow quicker roll back or disabling of vulnerable features? When you write code, you need to design for failure, because it will happen and plan so that the recovery will be as quick as possible.

Adding additional software library offerings will only add stability in the sense that one particular vector wont affect as much of the Internet, but you introduce more surface area for attackers to poke at, and more vulnerabilities overall. Given the challenges to write really solid code, I think I'd like to have fewer, but really well vetted open source software solutions. Of course, I am not correct in this opinion, as there are no 'right' decisions here.

about three weeks ago

How Amazon's Ebook Subscriptions Are Changing the Writing Industry

TiggertheMad This guy is a (sic)moreon..... (250 comments)

Scalzi sounds like a moron who should stay away from game theory - selling books has always been a zero sum game. He just doesn't understand that for the old method the sum was the sum of all money that all readers spent on all books. It was a unknowable total to be sure, but it was still a finite sum.

about a month ago

Sony Reportedly Is Using Cyber-Attacks To Keep Leaked Files From Spreading

TiggertheMad SONY breaking the law (yet again) (190 comments)

The interesting thing is that, if they are using outsourced servers strategically located in Asia to avoid the long arm of the law, that people should be able attack those same servers and do pretty much anything they want to them without fear of consequences. Being beyond the law is a double edged sword, and I personally would not bet against all the hackers on the Internet in that fight...

about a month and a half ago

Swedish Police Raid the Pirate Bay Again

TiggertheMad More trouble than it is worth.... (184 comments)

I get the arguments that they don't host anything and they're just a medium for people to exchange files. But their name is literally The Pirate Bay, their business model is about as close to explicit piracy as you can get.

I'm frankly shocked they've remained open this long.

You yourself agree that they are nothing more than a directory, yet you are suggesting that they are responsible for the content that is posted. If I can use an analogy to demonstrate how crazy that is, You might also suggest that the yellow pages is responsible if any business that advertises using their directory deals in stolen goods.

I don't care if they call themselves, 'The throwing nuns and puppies in wood chippers bay', linking to content is not a crime, and that is all they do. Should Google be responsible for indexing and linking illegal content?

Moreover, this sort of legal action is just stupid, for purely practical reasons. TPB users aren't breaking copyright law for financial reasons, so even if you could completely stomp out this sort of behavior, organized crime would pick up the slack. This is a grey goods market, and good luck trying to shut it down.

If the DoJ was smart, they would just focus anti-piracy operations on organized crime where they can do some real good, and just let sites like TPB slide.

about a month and a half ago

UK Announces 'Google Tax'

TiggertheMad I smell teabagging... (602 comments)

The far better way to view it is "companies are shifting assets and income out of our country because of the ridiculous tax penalties here."

Spoken like a selfish right wing ass hat, good on you sir!

Companies are using infrastructure and resources that were paid for or are the property of the people. They have to follow the laws set down by the people, and in exchange they get to set up and do business. If they start to cheat the system and break the spirit of the law by using all sorts of legal tricks to avoid paying their legally mandated share of the taxes, don't be surprised if the government imposes new taxes to remove loopholes and punish dishonest behavior.

Companies are shifting assets out of the country because they are being run by dishonest ass stains that want to maximize profits by letting others pay taxes to support government and maintain infrastructure. Roads, bridges, laws and stability have a cost that someone has to pay. You want to keep 100% of your profits without paying taxes? Move to Somalia or some other anarchy ridden shit hole and do business there.

'Taxes == slavery' is just a selfish person's way of saying they want the benefits of a modern society without paying the costs.

about 2 months ago

How the Rollout of 5G Will Change Everything

TiggertheMad Data Despot Overlords (216 comments)

This is correct. Essentially we have the equivalent of hydraulic despotism going on. These companies have created a choke point in a resource critical to 21st century life, and artificially limited it to make money off the populace.

I for one, welcome our Data Despot Overlords.

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: IT Career Path After 35?

TiggertheMad Getting old and I have no problem finding work... (376 comments)

As a middle aged coder with many years of experience under his belt, I can make the following generalizations based on my experiences:

The first five years after college are the hardest, many people only want to hire coders with experience. If this is where you are now, stick to it if you love it and things will work out. If you are a 'casual coder' who got into the field because you think that its easy money, quit now.

As the years pass, I am finding no end of people who want to hire senior coders that can work 'full stack' and can manage projects and small teams independently. The money is quite good, and the work almost comes to find you. You have to be willing to work to keep up with tech and keep your skills sharp. The only managers that are making twice what I make are going to be c-level, so I if you want to jump ship to management for better money you had better be really good at it. I can promise you these people are not doing half the work I do though. Pay is usually equitable to responsibility, and they have their fair share of that.

about 2 months ago

Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Considering US Presidential Run

TiggertheMad I Like Ike (433 comments)

For all you Republicans out there, there will NEVER be another Ronald Reagan.

I find this to be rather Ironic, as RR wasn't that great of a republican leader. If people are going to idolize a former conservative president, why aim low? Ike was the last great conservative. Reagan with a numb witted twit in comparison. If you look at the republican presidents since Ike, it has been a steady slide into the gutter.

about a month ago

Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Considering US Presidential Run

TiggertheMad Big Brother 2.0 (433 comments)

; if I did think that someone "official" would take note, I would click that box.

Why bother? Do you really think that if the federal government wanted to scoop you up, they couldn't? The NSA has spent billions on their Internet Big Brother project, and has every message your IP address has sent or received cataloged. Don't delude yourself into thinking that posting AC does anything but keep your karma from being hammered when you are posting dickish comments.

about a month ago

Harvard Scientists Say It's Time To Start Thinking About Engineering the Climate

TiggertheMad Unintentional Geoengineering (367 comments)

On a side note, can you imagine the United Nations agreeing to a planetary geoengineering plan? I can't.

Yes I can, actually. And they will. The question is, how many billions of people are going to die before this happens. Climate change is occurring, this is a hard fact. Most times in nature, change doesn't precipitate gradual linear effects, but rather a tipping point where things happen very rapidly. Sooner or later, we are going to cross an environmental tipping point, and you will see some sudden massive flooding or crop failure and a lot of people will die.Hopefully, not too many, but I suspect that it is going to be a lot. You might even see some wars of extermination fought over critical resources, such as potable water supplies.

The simple fact is, people cannot continue their current behavior. The way you live with a planetary population of 1 billion isn't the same when you have a planetary population of 10 billion. Either we will come to some global consensus about how we will fix this problem, or vast numbers of people will die and the population will be reduced to the point where change isn't needed. Nature will 'find its level' in any event.

about 2 months ago


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Of Dice and Men

TiggertheMad TiggertheMad writes  |  about 4 years ago

Ok, I don't post to my journal very often. Blogging is cool for some, but I don't live by it. BUT, there is something I have been meaning to post for quite some time...

I go to PAX every year since it blesses my fair city. This last year, I saw an event that I mentally pegged as a 'must see', and it was amazing. I am speaking of the staged theatrical production, 'Of Dice and Men'. I will say it was one of the most amazing productions that I have seen in recent years, for it was funny and ribald, but at the same time spoke to something deeper about gamers and why we play the games. If you get the chance, go see it, it is a remarkable piece.

Of Dice and Men website


How to fix the banking industry, in 5 minutes or less

TiggertheMad TiggertheMad writes  |  more than 5 years ago Now that you have been suckered into reading this with a completely ludicrous subject line, I offer my insincere apologies. They are insincere because, after all, you are still reading...

I was sitting around the other day thinking about what a complex mess the US financial system is in these days. Just to really understand the whole issue, you have to do quite a bit of reading. It's pretty clear that the massive deregulation that occurred over the last twenty years is a complete failure. If you look at the models of economic thought, there seems to be a graphable range of options. On one extreem side of the spectrum you have complete lassier-fair economics without any market interference, and on the other side, a complete centrally controlled economy where everything is managed. A capitalist might favor the former, and a socialist would favor the latter.

I have always been of the opinion that rarely in life, when there seem to be choices that are presented in black and white, that the truth of the situation lies somewhere in the middle. Both schools of thought have pros and cons, and most societies seem to have adopted solutions that are sustainable and functional that incorporate elements of both. So what sort of solutions might have some benefits of both?

The deregulation of the banking industry over the last two decades seems to have allowed financial institutions greater freedom to pursue profit and growth, but at greater risk to their investors and the society as a whole. The basic problem is one of, how do you allow financial institutions the maximum possible flexibility in their activities, while regulating them in a simple efficient fashion so as to protect the country's financial system as a whole? These companies do not operate in a vacuum, and have a responsibility to grow their investor's money, but not at the expense of the greater system (especially since their investors probably exist within that financial system too.)

In thinking about the problems that seem to be plaging the country right now, I wonder if there might just be a simple solution that might alleviate similar future problems. It seems like many of the root causes surround the ability to sell debt. Many companies these days will issue credit to a borrower, and then sell that debt to a third party, allowing them to quickly recover their investment, make a quick buck, and be able to have more assets to loan to new borrowers. Now, having capitol available for borrowing is generally a good thing, as it facilitates economic growth in all sorts of ways. But, I wonder if some of the problems we are seeing are a result of having too much credit being available. By not having to retain possession of debt, companies are economically encouraged to acquire as much as possible, since it is, in essence an asset. The quality of credit becomes less of a concern, since the quantity is so great. This sort of behavior has lead to the problems of the sub-prime mortgage market, and the rampant availability of consumer credit. Nobody is too concerned with over-issuing of credit, because the problem will be sold off to another party.

If the selling of credit were completely prohibited, then any credit issuer would suddenly have a vested interest in making sure that any credit that it was issued was going to be paid back, and would result in the market correcting itself to some degree in its lending practices. I am not sure that the selling of debt actually generates any economic value, so while there would be a number of people upset over such a law, I don't think that it would affect the final economic bottom line, the basic production of commodities. I don't think that this would be a complete solution to all the problems that lead to existing quagmire, but it might be a simple step in the right direction.

Closing thought: I posted this under 'America Online' because it is about America, and you are online right now.


Geek Enlightenment

TiggertheMad TiggertheMad writes  |  more than 9 years ago It was a mild April morning today, as I stood at the bus stop by Seattle's Westlake mall. I had some businuess to take care of, and I was going in to work late. The lunch time crowds were strolling about, and enjoying the weather.

At the bus stop there was the usual crew of characters: Several white collar techies waiting for the bus that goes to Microsoft, a mother with her duaghter on an afternoon shopping trip. There were several bums napping in a bench, and a well dressed fellow who was desperately harranging people in an attempt to sell a bus coupon and reclaim his spent $1.25.

It was then I noticed a fellow who was avidly reading from a magazine. What caught my eye, was the fact that he seemed to be reading them aloud to himself. He had look of serene fullfillement on his face, like a child who has dicovered a new toy. His focus was laser intense as he flipped the pages of the magazine. I wondered at first if he was one of the countless homeless who have some sort of minor mental illness. He seeme to be carring a fair collection of belongings in a draw string sack.

As I further watched this engaging character, I noticed that he was too nicely dressed and kept up to be homeless. He was wearing a polar fleece that had a star trek insignia pin on it, and his reading material was sci-fi fan mags. He seemed to be literally in another world.

Say what you will about gamer geeks, trek nerds, and tolken heads, but Buddhists sometimes work decades to achieve the oneness this guy seemed to be radiating. He was oblivious to the world at large. There was no taxes, no war in Iraq. There were no deadlines or bills, just a warp capable ship and deep space.


You pack of deranged freaks...

TiggertheMad TiggertheMad writes  |  more than 9 years ago since, as I noted in my previous posting, I seem to have acquired a small collection of 'fans', I decided to start allowing comments on my journal postings. I'm curious to see if these, or anyone else is reading it, or are they simply charmed by my crass attitude and wit, or simply clicked the wrong button while surfing for wombat pr0n. Statistically speaking, I'm putting money on the latter.

Anyway, I realized awhile back, it really doesn't matter what sort of topic is being discussed, people will engage in incoherent babbling and backstabbing on a chatboard whenever they see an interesting flame-war brewing. So, post to the latest SCO bashing thread on /., or post to my little tirades.

As a side note, I posted this under the heading of 'quake', as I'm sure I will quake when I read some of the unmodded trolls that will probably get posted here. Ces't La Mond



TiggertheMad TiggertheMad writes  |  more than 9 years ago Recently, I was looking over my profile, and sweet Jeesus, there are a bunch of poor, twisted bastards who have decided to mark themselves as 'fans'. It takes a total speed freak strung out on gin and mescaline to do something that sick. 'What the hell', I though, 'With that emotionally stunted man-child that is rocketing the country into the ground with gleeful abandon, why not just grab tight, and enjoy the ride?' The pigfuckers are going to blow out everything in a single, mad two term orgy, so why not just acid up your brain, and watch the dementation? Why not mark yourself as a fan of some twisted geek who calls himself 'TiggertheMad'? Damn the torpedos, and fire away, Gridly. Give me another bag of blow, call some hookers, and put it all on my credit card.

Eventually I sobered up, and just decided to ditch town before the grease weasles realized that there was no way I could pay my rapidly growing Internet bill. It had been swelling, like some sort of mold festering on the corpse of Nixon. (Pure hyperboyle of course, mold knows it's to good for the corpse of Nixon.)

To many nights of EQ, mob grinding, spawn camping, and PKing. Jesus, it felt like I was covering the Republican convention again. I had to blow out, to hit the road in a fast car. I needed a 3000 pound detroit bullet to put somemiles between me and this fucked up scene. But I'd come back, I always did.

Something felt different, though. The desert air was ripe with the same thick, rancid scent of diesel and there was the familiar crazed laughter in my ear as my roommate cybered on his AOL account and popped more of those strange brain bending little red pills. But this time, the air was a little thinner, the sky was a bit more pale, like a faded photograph. It felt like something was missing from the American dream. Perhaps not any tangable element, but some background noise that you only miss once it is taken away. I could almost imagine hearing the furious scratching of a mad pen fading into the roar of the wind.

RIP HST, you crazy bastard.


The Bamboo Grove

TiggertheMad TiggertheMad writes  |  about 10 years ago I was traveling to the east coast this holiday, to visit family. While stopped over in the Cleveland airport, I noticed a girl behind me in line wearing a 'Northern Mantis' Kung-fu Sweatshirt behind me in line.

I resisted the urge to call her out as the person responsible for the assassination of my master and challenger her to an extended king-fu duel in the air port terminal, as I was concerned that the passers by might be injured by stray chi bolts thrown in the midst of the battle. Her school, it turns out, is in the Seattle area too. (My school is http://www.thebamboogrove.com/, and is located in the Ballard area of Seattle.) The world is indeed a small place, at least if you study Shaolin Kung-Fu.


The period of morning is over...time to get pissed!

TiggertheMad TiggertheMad writes  |  more than 10 years ago I have been quiet for awhile, as I subscribe to the 'shut the hell up if you don't have anything worth saying' school of blogging.

I was dissapointed with the recent election results, being a city dwelling, gay marrage supporting, decadent goddless hedonist. Me and my cult of liberal, America-hating communists are upset that we couldn't enslave the decent, God-fearing rural Americans by getting Kerry elected. But hey, there is always 2008.

For all you indignant leftys, here is an interesting little rant: http//www.fuckthesouth.com/. While it is a rant, the author makes some interesting points. One glaring omission is a comparison of the total volume of money spent by state. I would presume that the greater number of people in densely populated cities and economies of scale more than make up for the difference.

The idea of succession from the union has been tried before, and it didn't go over too well. A less radical concept might be an attempt to usher in a new era of strong states's rights. Then, when all the red states impliment their wacko fundy agendas, people will vote with their feet and move away, further shrinking their economic and political power base.


Show some self-respect, people!

TiggertheMad TiggertheMad writes  |  more than 10 years ago I am waiting for the bus in downtown Seattle again, and I see a guy walking down the street. He's wearing a black t-shirt that says, 'Professional Sex Instructor - First lession is free!'

Now this is ironic (notice I avoid the word 'funny') as the guy in question is tipping the scales at what I am guessing is 250lbs. For a person that is average height (say 5' 11"), this isn't what you would call a sculpted bodybuilder. To top it off, he was wearing a dingy looking parka with that cheezy white fur around the hood, and a pair of ratty old jeans. I'd guess he was mid 20's, possible still in college, but deffinitely still living in the basement.

The shirt combined with the overall appearance made a statement that seemed more desperate than funny. I wonder if he bought the shirt in an attempt to be ironic? He certainly couldn't have hoped it would get him girls. Or was it a pathetic cry of, 'PLEASE SOMEONE PAY ATTENTION TO ME!'

As a side note, I marked this as a 'software' topic since I was speaking of a t-shirt.


TiggertheMad TiggertheMad writes  |  more than 10 years ago I was browsing around the site today when I noticed a user named wiredog that had a sig proclaiming this posting to be the greates Slashdot post ever.

All I can say is wow, truer words have not been uttered. I think that I need to get that posting ranked as high on Google as possible, just to warn people off. I may be getting old, but I do recall that in the mid to late 90's the site had a more er, restrained audience. And, while I'm on the subject, prices were low, music didn't suck and politicians were honest then too....BY CRACKY! YOU DAMN KIDS, STAY OFF MY LAWN!


TiggertheMad TiggertheMad writes  |  more than 10 years ago In a recent thread here on slashdot, there was quite a lot of bitching about the changes that GL keeps making to episodes 4-6 of the Star Wars series. (Yes, I know, bitching on Slashdot about Star Wars, if that isn't a redundant statement, what is?)

Anyway, someone commented that there soon will be DVDs with multiple scenes where a) Han shoots first b) Greedo shoots first c) they both shoot first and d) The french version where they sit down and talk out thie diffrences. I couldn't let this opening pass, so I whipped out the following:

GREEDO: Is it not a melancholy day, Captain Solo? I morn the fleeting tentrils of night.
HAN: Well met, Monsuir Greedo. I was just going to eat a fine Brie and drink a bottle of wine with you employer. He wanted to confide his angsts to me.
GREEDO: Give me your purse of Francs, for lo! I have consumption and the cold hands of the reaper chill me even now. Life is but a cheap wench!
HAN: Does a man's life ammount to but a purse of gold? Are we ever fated to wander the maze that is life blindly seeking nothing more but piles of shiny metal? I think not!
GREEDO: Love is capricious and stern. She has taught me to be stoic. I will slay you without remorse, but with a light heart, as in doing so, I will save you all future woe.
(Han throws his drink on Greedo.)
HAN: Alas, the laughing mime has failed! I will go now, for, life is but a river traveling forever to the fate we are all blind to. A pox on your taylor!
(Han exits)

N'est-il pas beau? Non? Au Francais?

GREEDO: N'est-ce pas un jour mélancolique, capitaine Solo ? Matin I les tentrils passagers de la nuit.
HAN: Le puits s'est réuni, Monsuir Greedo. J'étais aller juste manger un brie fin et boire une bouteille de vin avec vous employeur. Il a voulu se confier ses angsts à moi.
GREEDO: Donnez-moi votre bourse de francs, pour bas! J'ai la consommation et les mains froides du froid de reaper je même maintenant. La vie est mais un wench bon marché!
HAN: un ammount de la vie de man's à mais une bourse d'or? Sommes-nous toujours destinés à errer le labyrinthe qui est la vie ne cherchant aveuglément rien davantage mais des piles de métal brillant? Je pense pas!
GREEDO: L'amour est capricieux et sévère. Elle m'a enseigné à être stoic. Je vous massacrerai sans remorse, mais avec un coeur léger, comme de cette manière, je vous sauverai tout le futur ennui.
(Han jette sa boisson sur Greedo.)
HAN: Hélas, le pantomime riant a échoué ! J'irai maintenant, parce que, la vie est mais un fleuve voyageant pour toujours au destin que nous sommes tous abat-jour à. Une varicelle sur votre tailleur!
(sorties de Han)


TiggertheMad TiggertheMad writes  |  more than 9 years ago So, I'm standing at a bus stop at Westlake mall in Seattle this morning. For those of you who aren't from the Northwest, Westlake is at one end of Seattle's monorail, and it's a nice looking building, and somewhat upscale. They have cut stonework laid into a courtyard outside and on the surrounding sidewalks. To keep it clean, the maintenance guys drive around a little steet cleaner that squirts water on the sidewalks and then scrubs it down as it drives. Very nice, right?

I noticed that they put up wet floor signs around were they scrub. UNFREAKIN-believeable! This is for an outdoor area. In Seattle. Where it rains. Sometimes a lot.

I wonder if they skip the scrubby machine in rainy days and just put up the signs? I'm really tempted to mess with them a bit, and complain to management on a rainy day that I nearly slipped and broke my neck where the scrubber had driven.

This country is getting MIGHTY odd...


TiggertheMad TiggertheMad writes  |  more than 10 years ago (I had to post this under the Robotics topic, just for irony.)

I recently picked up the Robotech Remastered Extended Version DVDs, or at least as much as have been released so far. I have heard some whining from fans about the re-release, for various reasons. Personally, I liked them. I'm not really hurting for money, so 're-purchasing' the series in a remastered format doesn't bother me.

You get the series visually remastered. The colors are a lot better in most areas. There are still spots that look like there were artifacts on the film, but most of what I have seen is a distinct improvement. The scenes in space aren't against a meidum gray background anymore, but black as intended.

The series has footage that was cut from the source shows. It isn't very much, just an occasional flash of nudity, or a few seconds of really violent fighting in the middle of a battle.

Some people have complained that since there is maybe 30 seconds of extra footage per episode, that the set doesn't really warrant the 'Extended' moniker in the title. I could see their point, but the fact is you do get extra material that wasn't in the shows aired in the 1980s. Besides, what were they expecting, a lost episode?

The sound has been redone, and it needed it. The sound in the series was very flat sounding, probably due to poor quality mastering. They replaces some sound effects. I particularly like the fact the veritech chainguns actually sound like chainguns. The sound is better, but it still sounds a bit flat on the low end. (Disclaimer: I am not a sound engineer, but I am a musician, and have a fair ammount of experience with pro-quality recording gear.)

I have heard some purists claim it's trash, because it isn't the pure, untainted show that they loved in their childhood. If you are of this mindset, don't buy it. It isn't George Lucas level revisionist, but they have changed a few things. Overall, I liked it, and will pick up the rest of the series. If you don't have the series already on DVD, by all means grab it. However, if you already have it, let your fanboy ID fight with your budgetary ego to make the call.


This is a shameless plug

TiggertheMad TiggertheMad writes  |  more than 10 years ago I am blogging this, I freely admit, to boost the Google rating of thebamboogrove.com. I practice Northern Mantis Shaolin Kung-Fu there, and the instructor/owner is interested in building a web presence in hopes of building businuess and using it as a distribution platform for distributing (entertainment) videos. Similar to Those cool guys at the Kwoon. The insructor, Paul Langer, is an amazingly good teacher and martal artist. If you need a good workout and you live in the Seattle area, stop by.

I have enabled comments on this thread, so if you have .02 to throw in on the topic of Kung-Fu (or Kung-Foo, as This.Coder == 1;) feel free to spam away.


Welcome, Reader...

TiggertheMad TiggertheMad writes  |  more than 10 years ago I recently noticed that you get an extra link under your name if you have journal entries. I want an extra little link under my name, too, so I decided to make a journal entry to get one.

After reading the last paragraph, you still linger. Why? Are you hoping that, perhaps the statement above was but a ruse to fool casual browsers, that I may impart some sacred jewel of wisdom to my loyal followers in secret?

You really persevere, don't you? I admire that in a person. Only the strong willed will survive the long haul. Would Columbus have discovered North America if he gave up half way there? Would George Bush Jr. be. alive today, if he had not kept whining to his father for a safe and cushy posting in the Texas national guard? (Probably, but only because Viet Cong snipers were notorious for not bothering with 'total pussy' GIs.)

So, I feel that I must reward you, the determined reader for your efforts. Trudging through the dreary prose that I am posting. Putting up with meandering discourse. (Hey did you know that lung cancer is the #1 killer of people with lung cancer?)

So, here is your reward. A bit of truth for all time, wisdom that has been learned through years of bitter experience.

"Never spit into the wind"

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