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Bugs In Microsoft Technical Documentation Rising

Tim Browse Re:To the editors (146 comments)

Where can I download it?

about 6 years ago

Happy 25th, Macintosh!

Tim Browse Re:Commemorative model? (296 comments)

I own two, one dead by lightning strike.

The other by design, iirc.

about 6 years ago

Happy 25th, Macintosh!

Tim Browse Re:Not the first... (296 comments)

I know that at this point, "RTFA" has become a running joke ... but you're the first person I've seen who hasn't even bothered to read the comment which he's replying to! Way to set a new bar for other slashdotters to meet ...

The really funny part is that he didn't even read the comment which he was replying to!

about 6 years ago

What The Banned iPhone Ad Should Really Look Like

Tim Browse Re:The recreation is a little misleading too. . . (463 comments)

I did a quick test on my iPhone (v2.1 OS), trying to copy what they did in the ad (zoom in on image, follow link, maps set to street mode not satellite, etc) - albeit using PC Pro's method of using wifi.

Minus phone call, but using the iPhone stopwatch app to time myself, it came to 54 seconds in total. I cleared Safari's cache first to avoid getting an advantage, and sent myself an email with a PDF attachment before the test.

I can't see from the PC Pro video how big the PDF was, but it didn't look complicated, so I chose a 2-page data sheet that was about 150k.

And it took 54 seconds. But then I'm not a hamfisted fecking eejit like the person doing the PC Pro 'recreation'.

I imagine the story is different with 3G (PC Pro's wifi seems to perform worse than 3G!), but then if you're in a good reception area, 3G is pretty good. You can't really argue that the ad has to work with 1 bar of 3G signal.

more than 6 years ago

Netbook Return Rates Much Higher For Linux Than Windows

Tim Browse Re:Of course! (663 comments)

It's too bad there is so much stupid people in the world.

It's truth. There is too many stupid people on the world. If only they where perfect like us we wouldn't be all that problems.

more than 6 years ago

Is Open Source Different In Europe Than In the US?

Tim Browse Re:For shame (399 comments)

In America we call that Lazy, Elitists, who do not contribute positive to the overall society.

In Europe we call that bad punctuation.

more than 6 years ago

Fast-Booting Text-Editor Operating System?

Tim Browse Re:Sleep a macbook (660 comments)

Blimey, things have advanced then. Is this with XP or Vista, out of interest?

My barometer is how many people I see at work wandering the corridors with their laptop, but holding it horizontal with the lid not quite closed. It's basically everyone with a laptop. Until that changes I'll assume in general Windows is still a bit unreliable at this.

more than 6 years ago


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