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How Sony, Intel, and Unix Made Apple's Mac a PC Competitor

Tim Doran Re: It helps to actually use the thing. (296 comments)

So a 20% premium over a PC at the low end, with the gap widening as you move up the performance curve.

That's a pretty big premium for what seems like an intangible benefit.

about 3 months ago

So Long, CmdrTaco, and Thanks For All The Posts

Tim Doran Re:Book (238 comments)

You really had to be one of those refresh-every-minute slashdotters to get a low UID. I don't believe that made me cool in any way, but I'm kinda glad I have it now ;)

We'll miss you Rob!

more than 2 years ago

Canada's Conference Board Found Plagiarizing Copyright Report

Tim Doran Re:Cory and Trevor (232 comments)

Quick, gimme a smoke. Jesus.

more than 5 years ago

Canada's Conference Board Found Plagiarizing Copyright Report

Tim Doran Re:Funny (232 comments)

"Socialist pablum?" Dude, put the Fox News down before you hurt yourself.

Also, "bare arms" = short sleeves. I am exercising my right to bare arms at this very moment. You probably meant "bear arms", aka "carry arms". While it's not in the Canadian constitution, there are plenty of guns in Canada and you know it.

While we're at it, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms most certainly includes freedom of speech and religion. And I personally criticize the shit out of my municipal, provincial and federal governments on a regular (and public) basis. And I do so safe in the knowledge that they can't do a THING to me in retaliation. Jesus, did you sleep through grade 10 civics?

All things considered (seriously, you plan to "blow the head off some daft politician"?!?), I'd encourage you to apply for US citizenship as soon as you're able. I hear the Appalachians are lovely this time of year.

more than 5 years ago

Google Reveals "Secret" Server Designs

Tim Doran Re:Kidding Me? (386 comments)

I'm reasonably sure that man can afford his own beer.

more than 5 years ago

Rare Venomous Mammal Filmed

Tim Doran Re:Wow (233 comments)

This is slashdot - that little animal is considered quite a looker!

about 6 years ago

Do Twitter Phishing Scams Herald the End of Microblogs?

Tim Doran Re:OK, new rule for 2009 (301 comments)

So "X has lost its innocence" has, itself, lost its innocence.

Don't look at me, you said it :)

about 6 years ago

Astronaut Loses Tools While Performing an EVA

Tim Doran Re:I couldn't hack it myself (445 comments)

Plus, she's coming home to find her paycheck docked for the next 3 years to pay for the lost tools. Ouch!

more than 6 years ago

Discuss the US Presidential Election

Tim Doran Re:Best Post Ever. (1912 comments)

Ah, the myth of McCain.

Yes, he was badly out-slimed by Bush/Rove in 2000. Yes, he does have a habit of departing the text and saying things that aren't in the talking points. Yes he has a history of indulging the press with unprecedented access and massive charm.

Those things don't make him honorable now or 8 years ago.

A couple articles to consider: http://openleft.com/showDiary.do?diaryId=9365


more than 6 years ago

When Does Powering Down Servers Make Sense?

Tim Doran Re:Simple Answer (301 comments)

Hey, if Jurassic Park taught me anything, it's that all you need is a wide-eyed little girl to say "I know this... this is a UNIX system!".

By then some of your users may have been eaten by velociraptors, but your server will come back online eventually and you'll have saved yourself some power!

more than 6 years ago


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