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Major Release of Miro Aims to Compete With iTunes

Tim_F Not quite ready for prime time (201 comments)

This article really makes me want to bring out an old trolling account...

Miro is not quite ready for prime time:

1) It uses GTK on Windows. This makes the app look childish. Why couldn't they use internal Windows decorations?
2) The interface is not up to snuff. It looks unprofessional.

Now, the good stuff:

1) I can finally use it as a replacement for iTunes to listen to my podcasts. I have tried this with each major Miro release and this is the first one that does what I would expect it to. If only it did this without looking as ugly as sin.

If I was a troll I might throw in something about how Gnome used to use GTK and how this made it also look childish. It wasn't until Ubuntu switched Gnome to something other than GTK that it began to look usable.


more than 3 years ago

6G iPod & Apple's Future

Tim_F Re:Unlimited? (226 comments)

The summary is very misleading. If you actually go in and read the article it is talking about a subscription service. You won't get to keep what you download.

more than 7 years ago


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