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FBI Bugs Keyboard of PGP-using Mafioso

Timmaay! Re:(Not So) Easy Answer (301 comments)

BUT... Would that not give the authorities more reason to use keystroke-loggers and other such technology?? If they have to wade through a (possibly) nightmarish brute-force attack just to get the grocery list you sent to your spouse, they'll end up doing one of two things if they want to find out what you're sending:

  • Get better hardware to do the brute-forcing in a more timely fashion.
  • Fight for judicial, congressional, and executive approval to the use of keystroke-loggers, etc. because they need access to the encrypted data.

While I don't believe that we should all completely switch to encrypted communication, I do believe that there is a need for it. As such, the only way to avoid having every encrypted message decrypted by "big brother" is to provide enough other encrypted traffic (jokes, random chatter, etc.) along with it to make their jobs more difficult, but yet still feasible under the current laws we have.

more than 14 years ago


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