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Ask Slashdot: Should Developers Fix Bugs They Cause On Their Own Time?

Timmmm Building code is not the same as building a wall. (716 comments)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wall-building happens pretty much the same way every time. There are building codes and whatnot. The builder has built the exact same wall many times before.

Code is usually the opposite. It is more like building a bridge or a skyscraper. They're generally all different and involve architects. I'm pretty sure if there is a budget over-run when building a skyscraper the common practice is for the client to pay. Actually in some cases it is the contractor who pays, but the key point is that is negotiated in advance, and no sane programmer would agree to fix all bugs for free.

about 7 months ago

Tesla's Having Issues Charging In the Cold

Timmmm Re:Who Cares? (476 comments)

Are they implying it will be outlandish and impractical?

about 8 months ago

Tesla's Having Issues Charging In the Cold

Timmmm Re:units please (476 comments)

Never mind, totally misread.

about 8 months ago

Tesla's Having Issues Charging In the Cold

Timmmm Re:units please (476 comments)

Welcome to England?

It's actually really annoying that no apps (Google Navigation, MyTracks etc.) let me have distances in miles and metres. It's either miles and feet, or kilometres and metres.

about 8 months ago

Intel Puts a PC Into an SD Card-Sized Casing

Timmmm Re:Strange form factor (219 comments)

RTFA. It's clearly in an SD form factor, or close to it.

This isn't without president. Here's an ARM Cortex M3 with wifi in an SD card form factor that also isn't actually compatible with any SD card readers:

I agree it is weird and confusing though. I guess it avoids the development of a new case, and the technology for packaging chips in SD card cases is mature. Also people know how small they are so you don't have to have photos of them on peoples' fingers and whatnot.

about 8 months ago

Wireless Charging Start-Up Claims 30-Foot Radius

Timmmm Re:scary (242 comments)

Beamforming can focus in just one place. Often it doesn't because it's easier to accept aliasing but you don't have to.

1 year,7 days

HTTP 2.0 Will Be a Binary Protocol

Timmmm Re:Makes sense (566 comments)

Compression of a verbose text-based format is never as good as having a compact binary representation in the first place. It's slower, harder to use and usually bigger anyway because compression algorithms are not magic.

There's a reason modern web APIs use JSON, protobufs or thrift instead of gzipped XML.

about a year ago

UC Davis Study Concludes H-1B Workers Neither Best Nor Brightest

Timmmm Re:H1B itself proves american arrogance and stupid (353 comments)

I totally agree. Everyone here is obsessed with H1B's and seem to equate it with outsourcing to Bangladesh. No-one seems to consider that talented first-world people might want to work in America.

Often Americans ask "how can I emigrate to the UK"? Well the answer is you basically can't. Tight immigration controls aren't so great then are they?

about a year and a half ago

0install Reaches 2.0

Timmmm Re:No. (61 comments)

I don't think it is designed to be the one-repository-to-rule-them-all, debian style. In fact I think it is partly a reaction to the fact that that model doesn't work well in many cases.

about a year and a half ago

0install Reaches 2.0

Timmmm Re:Slashvertisement? (61 comments)

No; 0install isn't a commercial project.

about a year and a half ago

0install Reaches 2.0

Timmmm Re:A viable platform (61 comments)

For publishing software directly from author's web-sites, while supporting familiar features such as shared libraries, automatic updates, dependency handling and digital signatures.

But you're just a typical naysayer, always naysaying.

about a year and a half ago

Photo Reveals UK Plan: "Assange To Be Arrested Under All Circumstances"

Timmmm Re:Time to get creative (847 comments)

The police can restrict access to the embassy.

about 2 years ago

Can Android Revolutionize Spacecraft Design?

Timmmm Re:Really? (110 comments)

developing a cubesat reportedly runs from $25-50k

Yeah in engineers salaries, solar panels, machining work, testing, etc. The cost of the computer is only a part of that.

Cell phones are perfect because they include a compass, gyro, camera, etc. A LOT more than just an ARM SoC.

The hardware in a phone doesn't cost anywhere near $25k. In fact buying the parts separately is probably cheaper than most phones (because you can miss out the screen, 3G, GPS, wifi, etc. on a satellite). Plus if you build it yourself you will save weight and have more flexibility. Something like gumstix combined with and one of invensense's new IMU chips would be much better than an Android phone. If you're spending $40k on the launch, why pinch pennies on the hardware?

The area where android phones really *are* great is UAVs! You basically just take a cheap android phone. Add an IMU, and PWM output board and you're done, and have 3G, GPS, wifi, cameras, for very cheap (£50 or less).

about 2 years ago

Adafruit Releases Educational Linux Distro For Raspberry Pi

Timmmm OneWire Wifi? (38 comments)

I was wondering what this is. Turns out slashdot/the submitter didn't understand "one wire, and wifi".

more than 2 years ago

Where Are All the High-Resolution Desktop Displays?

Timmmm Re:Easy (565 comments)

Manufacturers make panels with specific pixel densities. They can then cut those panels to a number of different sizes in order to achieve a number of different resolutions.

Just to be clear (maybe you knew this), but you make it sound like there is a huge sheet of "screen" and they cut different sized rectangles out of it to get the different displays. That isn't the case at all. They screen sizes have to be chosen before they start doing anything.

more than 2 years ago

New Modeling Algorithms Bring More Detail to Google Earth's 3-D World

Timmmm Re:Sketchup supplanted (64 comments)

Haha if you think blender can do CAD, you've obviously never used real CAD software. I wish it weren't the case, but currently nothing (including FreeCAD) comes even close to Solidworks. Trust me, I have used all of the following programs:

* FreeCAD - Yeah, not useful.
* HeeksCAD - Sadly also not useful.
* Solidworks - Amazingly amazing. But Windows only, and there is no way to get it for a sane amount of money other than piracy.
* Pro/Engineer - Very good, but a shit interface (Motif!). It used to have Linux support but recently they stopped that and I think updated the interface. And it's called something else now. But if you're going to use something on Windows I don't see why you wouldn't use Solidworks.
* QCad - This is worse than a pencil and paper. I am not joking.
* Sketchup - Yeah, not very useful because it isn't parametric. Once you have set the length of something you can't alter it precisely. Seriously if you've ever used Solidworks or Pro/E you'll be tearing your hair out.
* Creo Co/Create Modelling Personal Edition Lite Free... Ah fuck it. I can never remember the (retarded) name, but this is the only decent free CAD software in existence. Unfortunately it is Windows only (doesn't run in wine), and also non-parametric, so not very useful in practice. (But it is still miles better than Sketchup.) Actually I think they sued sketch-up (or vice versa) because they use the same extrusion interface.

By the way, don't be fooled by fancy screenshots of models like this one:
  - those are just imported from other programs.

more than 2 years ago



I think binary prefixes (MeBi, KiBi etc.) are...

Timmmm Timmmm writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Timmmm (636430) writes "a) awesome, finally an end to the confusion!
b) pointless, it's not really that confusing.
c) a commendable idea, but they sound ridiculous!
d) too late.

(By the way it is quite confusing that 'submit poll' goes to the 'submit story' page...)"


Timmmm has no journal entries.

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