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DVD CCA Part II - Waiting For The Judge

TinkerBell Re:Welcome! (320 comments)

For the usual breed of Slashdot troller, indeed good suggestions.

However, we are disappointed with the recent lack in originality or artistic merit of Slashdot trollers. We aren't out to cause a ruckus or create massive off-topic threads, and we frown upon those less reputable trollers who do all-caps racial posts, rhyming threads, and the like.

As for AC posting, we appreciate your thoughts, but we are students and cannot troll every article; and due to the rigorous editing and thinking that goes into our trolls, we only accept the very best. Thus, at two articles a day or less, we will not hit the moderation lockout. And, we feel that the anonymity gives people license to troll without basis or thought, decreasing the quality of trolls.

We will be glad to submit some more work if it will ease our entrance into the noble family of Slashdot trollers.

more than 14 years ago


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