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Environmentalists Coming Around to Nuclear Power?

TitanBL Re:It is real, look out the window (1092 comments)

Our planet's climate has always been in constant flux and there is nothing, you, or anyone else for that matter, can do about it. Someone needs to keep a list of everyone who is whining about our impending doom due fossile fuel emmission induced global warming, so in 25 years they can be ostracized.

It is sad really. There are a multitude of serious problems we face which we can solve, but yet some people try to impede this progress by pointing to a situation which we have no control over. Maybe western civilazation just does not want to face the frightening problems around them, so instead whine "GLOBAL WARMING! BIG OIL!".

Displacement: An unconscious defense mechanism, whereby the mind redirects emotion from a 'dangerous' object to a 'safe' object.

more than 8 years ago


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