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German Government Wants Google To Pay For the Right To Link To News Sites

Tjebbe Re:Say what? (186 comments)

I think GP meant the other way around, like adblock, but for google search results. You can already do it in single searches, by adding -site:, but not automatically for every search afaik.

If I were google I'd simple remove their results altogether, and wave these proposals around the courtroom when the inevitable lawsuits come.

more than 2 years ago

Munich Has Saved €4M So Far After Switch To Linux

Tjebbe Re:What window manager? (370 comments)

Well, games, of course! Windows Solitaire is so much better than the linux versions.

more than 2 years ago

The Numbers Behind the Copyright Math

Tjebbe Re:Inflated Numbers Due to Price Fixing? (311 comments)

Yup, as it happens, 1999 was not just 'the year of napster' but the year the industry got slapped for price fixing. So the 8 billion there may very well have been caused by that. And even if it's not the only real cause, it's still highly inflated or plain wrong to attribute that 8 billion only to 'piracy'.

more than 2 years ago

Is Net Neutrality Really Needed?

Tjebbe Re:Still too vague and too poorly defined (705 comments)

You know, every time this comes up, ISPs talking about charging content providers for use of bandwidth, I wonder what would happen if the content providers turned it around, and start talking about charging ISPs for delivering *their* content.

How much would Google suffer if Comcast users can't reach their servers anymore?
How much would Comcast suffer if their users can't reach Google anymore?

Not even talking about regulation, but this would seem like a dangerous game for all involved.

more than 4 years ago

The Scalability of Linus

Tjebbe Re:Good thing I read the summary (239 comments)

Perhaps on a related note, I was thinking that while Linus has obviously scaled vertically to his full extent, there is still plenty of room for him to scale horizontally.

more than 4 years ago

Prince Says Internet Is Over

Tjebbe Right, it has been fun. (450 comments)

See you all on the next hype.

Signing off.

more than 4 years ago

The Secret of Monkey Island Shows Evolution of PC Audio

Tjebbe Re:Remarkable evolution, and not just sound! (348 comments)

Hehe, I remember the first reviews of EGA cards, 'PC graphics now look as good as those on Amiga and MSX!'.

more than 4 years ago

Mpeg 7 To Include Per-Frame Content Identification

Tjebbe Re:Re-encoding? (273 comments)

I suspect the next step is to try to get device makers not to support any format that does not have MPEG 7. And the one after that to prohibit any that do not, if that's still necessary.

How many physical dvd players nowadays do not enforce region codes?

more than 4 years ago

FSF Response To Steve Jobs's Letter

Tjebbe Re:It sucks! (572 comments)

It seems the current patent system encourages leeches and parasitic behaviour, which sucks life out of creativity and innovation, and suck you dry for money and blood, even when you have success.

One would almost think this system is written by lawyers.

more than 4 years ago

Devs Finally Finding Success With Xbox Indie Games

Tjebbe Re:Signal to noise ratio (65 comments)

i think he is referring to another game that is like geometry wars, but less good. I don't know for sure, we don't get the indy games over here (loved both geometry wars games though)

more than 4 years ago

Sony Joins the Offensive Against Pre-Owned Games

Tjebbe Re:Pre-owned = Piracy (461 comments)

I'm assuming that 50 there is a typo; most second-hand games i've seen in stores are about 10% cheaper, which for me has always been the reason not to buy them (for only 10% more i have a shiny new one).

Apart from that, I think the vast majority of the money received by people selling their old games goes straight into new ones, so if the publishers 'defeat' second-hand sale, people who usually sell their games won't have as much to spend on new ones. People who usually buy used games might buy a few more new ones now, but less than they would second-hand. So the only thing the publishers are really taking here is second-hand markup by stores. And while that is quite a bit of money, I'm not convinced that that amount is worth screwing your real customers over.

But then again, service to customers has been lost down the drain of shareholders for quite some time now. As customers, we're the meat being sold, not the other way around.

more than 4 years ago

Nintendo Wins Lawsuit Over R4 Mod Chip Piracy

Tjebbe Re:It's your system (146 comments)

True, and in this case it's not even a chip, just a game card where you can insert a memory card, and run your own stuff.

I have one, and it only contains one game; nethack-ds. I fail to see how that would be illegal.

more than 4 years ago

Game Industry Vets On DRM

Tjebbe right, so it doesn't matter in terms of sales (372 comments)

Then just see it as a 'service' for the people that do buy your game to not use digital restrictions. Those are your customers, not the ones downloading it. They probably wouldn't have bought it even if it was impossible to download anyway.

more than 4 years ago

Hundreds of New TLDs Coming — Question Is When

Tjebbe Re:.con (103 comments)

To quote a speaker I saw on this topic; "The Internet is for (.)corn"

about 5 years ago

Gran Turismo 5 Delayed

Tjebbe Re:Gran Duke Nukem Turismo... (122 comments)

There's casual and there's casual. If you want an arcade racer, sure your money is well wasted elsewhere. However if you want to have a more simulation-like experience on specific known tracks with cool cars, but are a casual gamer in the sense that you don't want to invest a few working weeks to unlock those, the original comment stands. I kind of have the same gripe with local multiplayer games (like on the wii) that make you unlock the multiplayer fun in singleplayer. Don't know how GT works in this sense (never played it), but if it does, that sucks for those kind of casual players. Sometimes there are unlock codes, but not always.

about 5 years ago

New Pi Computation Record Using a Desktop PC

Tjebbe easy (204 comments)

I have just calculated a digit that's much further. It's 7, and it's somewhere around the 8 trillionth decimal. Give or take a few.

about 5 years ago

VC Defends Farmville, Touts Virtual Tractor Sales

Tjebbe Re:Two salient facts, Mister Venture Capitalist (148 comments)

that's not really a "growth" business plan.

My Prediction for 2010: First big public case of Social-Networking-App-Gone-Ponzi

about 5 years ago

Jurassic Web

Tjebbe Re:idle in IRC channels (430 comments)

*looks at irc window, idle since joining 9.5 hours ago*
*looks at source code editor*
*looks at year in calendar: 2009*

what was that big difference again?

Oh right, no /. yet.

more than 5 years ago


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