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New Advance Confines GMOs To the Lab Instead of Living In the Wild

ToddInSF Yeah but nature (128 comments)

uh, uh, finds a way...

3 days ago

Senator Who Calls STEM Shortage a Hoax Appointed To Head Immigration

ToddInSF Re:It is funny reading all the comments... (508 comments)

It's all smoke and mirrors, none of these asshats care about the public, much less the poor and middle class.

3 days ago

Fake Engine Noise Is the Auto Industry's Dirty Little Secret

ToddInSF Re:its nothing new really. (799 comments)

I drive several modern computer-designed vehicles on a regular basis, including a Dodge Intrepid.

A tach is absolutely essential simply because the engine and passenger compartment in a modern vehicle is so quiet that it is remarkably easy to red-line it without even noticing.

Engine life and fuel economy are reliant on a tach. It's really that simple.

I'd never buy a used car from somebody that doesn't have a tach and doesn't understand this.

3 days ago

Healthcare.gov Sends Personal Data To Over a Dozen Tracking Websites

ToddInSF Re:Wow... Just "no". (203 comments)

"There essentially no controls on the medical tort industry in it."

Fuck you. No, really, fuck you and everybody like you that seeks to thwart the ability of patients to sue incompetent medical people that prey on everybody.

You piece of shit.

4 days ago

Justified: Visual Basic Over Python For an Intro To Programming

ToddInSF Pascal ? (643 comments)

I remember Turbo Pascal in a programming class in college.

In 80's that is...

5 days ago

European Countries Seek Sweeping New Powers To Curb Terrorism

ToddInSF Re:To curb terrorism (219 comments)

A series of fear-based statements without anything to back them up.

This isn't about our culture vs. their culture. This is about stupid assholes destroying our culture from within, and making it more like their supposed culture, out of sheer ignorance and fear.

It's idiotic, you're idiotic, what the fuck is wrong with you assholes, do you all have fucking amnesia or something ?

about a week ago

Obama: Gov't Shouldn't Be Hampered By Encrypted Communications

ToddInSF Meet the new boss... (562 comments)

Same asshole as the old boss...

about a week ago

Elon Musk Plans To Build Hyperloop Test Track

ToddInSF Re:Digital Age? (165 comments)

Two unrelated things misrepresented as an either-or issue. Are you sure you're not a politician ?

about two weeks ago

Pope Francis: There Are Limits To Freedom of Expression

ToddInSF Re:Freedom of speech means freedom to offend (890 comments)

"Muslims certainly feel free to offend any non-Muslims."

You just keep telling yourself that, LOL...

about two weeks ago

Is 'SimCity' Homelessness a Bug Or a Feature?

ToddInSF Re:Games versus reality (393 comments)

I've been where you are now. What I don't understand is, why are you arguing with the fools here ?

Most people simply lack the capacity to comprehend where you are simply because their life experiences and their own limitations prevent them from understanding. Not only are they not going to be of any assistance, their comments are going to be detrimental. They'll simply never understand. Why bother with them ? They are idiots.

You seem perfectly coherent, articulate, and intelligent to me. So what if you have a less than ideal personality right now ? That doesn't have to be a permanent state any more than living on the street does, not for you it doesn't.

The wealth of experience and understanding that you already have surpasses the average persons by far at this point. Accept help wherever you can get it. It doesn't matter what people's motivations are! Just take whatever you can get right now until you reach the goal of getting off the street. Other people's opinions are entirely insignificant. What and who you are now does not have to be what you are in a year, five years, ten years. That's what some people will never get. People change and evolve all the time.

Given what you've described you've been through, I wouldn't be surprised that you are suffering from PTSD to some extent. You need to get stable. You need a decent place to stay. You need decent nutrition and something to do consistently. Go for those things, accept the help that you can, and keep trying. It can take a long time to heal, but you need to; your'e too intelligent and articulate to stay in the situation you're in now, and your ability to help people will be exponentially enhanced.

I hope I haven't offended you. You just remind me so much of where I was nearly 25 years ago. I'm married now, I have friends that value me, and I'm able to help people. A LOT of people. Sometimes I look back and am amazed I survived. It would have been a whole hell of a lot easier if I'd just accepted help more often than I did. When I finally did, everything changed; not overnight, but gradually everything got better. Every little doubt that I had about myself and my limitations (which I might point out were put on me by fools) was dissolved over time.

Get out of the trap, never forget that you were in the trap, and help others when you're able, to get out of the trap.

And recognize that the comments made by fools here are part of the trap, too.

about two weeks ago

Is 'SimCity' Homelessness a Bug Or a Feature?

ToddInSF Re:Games versus reality (393 comments)

I'm a bit stunned that this comment is modded to a +5. I suddenly have a lot more respect for the homeless than I do slashdotters. After all, they've managed to befuddle slashdotters with their amazing abilities to get online, despite being poor.

about two weeks ago

Obama Proposes 2 Years of Free Community College

ToddInSF Once again the USA has proven that (703 comments)

It can take almost anything that works well in other countries, and somehow totally fuck it up here because of all the partisan garbage and corporate interests that turn everything into shit.

about two weeks ago

FBI Says Search Warrants Not Needed To Use "Stingrays" In Public Places

ToddInSF Re:Have they ever? (303 comments)

The problem with all that mess is you end up with parallel evidence lines being by the police created to secure convictions.

If that's the direction we're headed, game over. Nothing matters. Not any ideal of Liberty or any concept of freedom, much less justice.

about two weeks ago

Professor: Young People Are "Lost Generation" Who Can No Longer Fix Gadgets

ToddInSF The problem is in designing things (840 comments)

with little to no concern about their end of life.

When you design things for one single use, and design them to be thrown away when they can no longer be used for that one single use, you are simply transferring the real cost of that item, the expense of disposing of that item, to the public.

It's a new century and we still design items and package items wastefully, as single use throw-away objects.

From Styrofoam meat platters to yogurt cups to ground coffee containers, even the packaging is mostly unregulated.

Why not incentivise designing consumer goods so that they are multi-function, multi-use ?

In the future, every object you can buy, needs to be disassembleable, and useful for other purposes.

Attempting to recycle things that were never designed to even be recyclable is simply not enough. Not only do all consumer goods need to be easily sortable for recycling, they need to be designed in the first place to be useable for other purposes.

If young people today don't understand how even the most basic devices work, much less how things are made, we have only our culture and society to blame.

Manufacturing and designing things to be cheap and disposable carries a hidden cost to society, while making some corporations a great deal of money via hidden public subsidies for those products.

Let's talk about how greed destroys everything, and how it's creating a class of people that can't do anything and don't know anything.

about three weeks ago

65% of Cancers Caused by Bad Luck, Not Genetics or Environment

ToddInSF Re:Initiators vs promoters (180 comments)

The study is also not controlling AT ALL for the coal-tar derivatives that were ubiquitous in the U.S. food supply until the FDA removed them, which arguably skews the results.

Very bad luck indeed.

about three weeks ago

Vast Nazi Facility Uncovered In Austria; Purported A-Bomb Development Site

ToddInSF Re:Hitler and the NAZIs were so stupid. (292 comments)

"When was the last time you saw President Obama anywhere, without a half Marine Brigade protecting him . . . ?"

Yeah, because nobody wants to kill Obama, and everybody really wants badly to kill Merkel.

I can't even express how stupid your comment is, or the people that upvoted it.

about three weeks ago

The Open Office Is Destroying the Workplace

ToddInSF The really funny thing is (420 comments)

that people are willing to immerse themselves in this kind of hell.

But that's why these kinds of workers make the big bucks, right ?

Any truly productive and interesting work environment I've ever been in didn't have an open floorplan or cubicle farms, didn't have acres of florescent lights, and didn't have mangers that were the only ones with any semblance of privacy.

The workers at these types of places have made it this way. You're sheep.

about three weeks ago

Paul Graham: Let the Other 95% of Great Programmers In

ToddInSF Re:show me the measurement for programmers (552 comments)

In this context, it's just someone who will work for less and is easily exploitable and has zero bargaining power and limited options/freedom.

I'm tired of the lying liars saying otherwise, and the remarkably stupid and naive kissing their asses in hopes of getting a hand-out.

about a month ago

Paul Graham: Let the Other 95% of Great Programmers In

ToddInSF He's full of crap (552 comments)

Because I wouldn't call the ones we've been letting in so far either "great" or "exceptional".

If anybody thought he had any cred at all before, let there be no doubt he has none now.

about a month ago

Birds Fled Area Before Tornadoes Appeared

ToddInSF Re:Great observational skills (99 comments)

You don't know that it was the low pressure, it could have been electrostatics, a response to something else or some other animals activity, or any number of potential things.

You're assuming it was low pressure.

about a month ago


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ToddInSF ToddInSF writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Particularly when they're popular with people that really should know better.

If you have data to discuss, present it, and talk about it.

If all you have is your faith and your conformity, I fart in your general direction.


My First Journal Entry

ToddInSF ToddInSF writes  |  more than 10 years ago So this is my first SlashDot journal entry... Yay ! Ok, I know, but better late then never, alright...

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