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Mark Zuckerberg Throws Pal Joe Green Under the Tech Immigration Bus

ToddInSF Re:Mark Zuckerberg is a liar. (248 comments)

For an "immigrant worker" you certainly write just like a typical American troll.

Not buying it, AC.


Ask Slashdot: Alternate Software For Use On Smartboards?

ToddInSF I havn't been in a classroom in a loooong time... (93 comments)

How nice to see that teachers aren't skilled enough to do on their own what their students do every day -

Figure out how to use new software by going on-line to the appropriate sites and using search engines to answer questions.

This doesn't surprise me; most of the teachers I've had just plain sucked.

2 days ago

Study: Chimpanzees Have Evolved To Kill Each Other

ToddInSF Re: No surprise (218 comments)

By making it compulsory ?

By "rescuing" people to an extent that it thwarts their own ability to be somewhat self-sufficient and resourceful ?

Seriously, do you really lack imagination to such an extent that you can't come up with exceptions to a rule on your own, much less find the obvious examples of those exceptions in the world around you ?

Challenging ones own assumptions is pretty basic stuff.

2 days ago

Sci-Fi Authors and Scientists Predict an Optimistic Future

ToddInSF Re:perhaps pessimism goes in cycles? (191 comments)

To be fair, it was the Cold War and the very real threat of global annihilation loomed over our heads.

The burden of warning people about the future has always fallen more on Science Fiction than any other form.

The spirit of the age was a depressing one.

That having been said, dystopian stories are always about a glass half empty sort of deal. In that regard, the dystopian story has always been more grounded in reality than it has been given credit. The point being, something is always lost when something big and heralded as awesome is gained. You're supposed to think about the cost of the new, and recognize that it's not all kittens and puppies, that's what dystopian stories are for.

5 days ago

WSJ Reports Boeing To Beat SpaceX For Manned Taxi To ISS

ToddInSF Re:Imagine That... (198 comments)

Tell the whole truth, you Boeing shill.

5 days ago

How Governments Are Getting Around the UN's Ban On Blinding Laser Weapons

ToddInSF Re:One of those strange rules of war. (180 comments)

It was not uncommon in antiquity to blind prisoners of war, and keep them as slaves.

So, yeah, there ARE a lot of things a whole lot worse than death.

about a week ago

3D-Printed Car Takes Its First Test Drive

ToddInSF 3D printing carbon fiber (132 comments)

Is freakin' awesome.

Being an adult, I never for a moment expected the battery, drive train and electric motor to have also been printed, and did not expect this article to be about a 3D printed Cadillac-like car.

Some people seem to think 3D printing is somewhat hyped. I think the impact it has had already, much less is going to have, is decidedly understated.

Kind of reminds me of the early dial-up internet. Except 3D printing is developing WAY faster.

about a week ago

Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

ToddInSF Re:That is science. (920 comments)

You need to go back to school and take some philosophy and history classes.

Because your insistence that Science is some sort of incorruptible absolute ideal that transcends it sure looking like a belief system is certainly not supported by the historical facts of it's development, much less the many fields of human knowledge that contributed to it's evolution.

What you're calling and reducing to "science" is as dead a thing as any dogma.

about a week ago

Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

ToddInSF Re:That is science. (920 comments)

See, there you go - supporting a view of a particular belief system with nothing more than hyperbole and insults.

You're just like a religious fanatic that can't distinguish between philosophy, history, and science; much less recognize the interrelations and developmental aspects of them.

Good luck to you, you seem like a very happy person with all that smug going for you.

about a week ago

Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

ToddInSF Re:That is science. (920 comments)

Insults aside, you haven't proven anything compelling in your childish tirade here.

It's not immoral to point-out that something is held as a belief system, that's just plain observation.

You don't understand as much about scientific method and the history of science as you believe you do.

The scientific method does not need you to passionately defend it with insults and some delusional hysteria whenever someone points out the fact that it too is a belief system.

You're just proving my point. Denial of the obvious is a hallmark of religious nuts. And you're just like them.

about a week ago

Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

ToddInSF Re:That is science. (920 comments)

It absolutely is a belief system.

And people adhere to it with the same fervor and irrationality they do to religions.

And all you jackasses posting your opinions of what science is are really just proving the point.

about a week ago

CBC Warns Canadians of "US Law Enforcement Money Extortion Program"

ToddInSF Re:Simple solution (462 comments)

That doesn't solve the actual cause of the problem - the forfeiture laws.

And the courts, that have upheld these laws.

This assault on Liberty has been going on in the US for decades now. Legalized theft by law enforcement needs to be addressed, as well as the draconian prohibition laws that created the forfeiture laws.

about two weeks ago

US Rust Belt Manufacturing Rebounds Via Fracking Boom

ToddInSF The fracking industry had enough money to (191 comments)

buy off Bush, who exempted it from all EPA regulations and monitoring.

So, good luck with all that fracking money as that million fracking wells drilled all over the country gradually increasingly leak and pollute the environment, including the local water table.

about two weeks ago

Reno Selected For Tesla Motors Battery Factory

ToddInSF Re:Another building full of robots? (157 comments)

The only way TO adapt quickly to the coming changes is to educate the public and work with industry to maintain a level of positive economic growth.

That would require a great deal of moderation from extremists though, so the transition is probably eventually going to be an ugly and violent one.

The Tesla factory, though, means ten thousand plus jobs int eh Reno area, and has been in the process of being constructed int he worlds largest industrial park. Most of those jobs are not "working poor" jobs, so the reality doesn't fit with your dialogue about industrial development being all about destroying the middle class.

about three weeks ago

Radioactive Wild Boars Still Roaming the Forests of Germany

ToddInSF Re:Found it (212 comments)

Hunter subsidy in this case falls under environmental management. Unchecked Boar populations are very capable of tearing-up an ecosystem.

about three weeks ago

Deputy Who Fatally Struck Cyclist While Answering Email Will Face No Charges

ToddInSF Re:yet if we did it (463 comments)

Nice analogy.

A cop answering a trivial email while driving is exactly the same thing as soldiers following orders who are basically threatened with death if they disobey those orders.

No wonder you're posting AC.

about three weeks ago

XKCD Author's Unpublished Book Remains a Best-Seller For 5 Months

ToddInSF Re:Ummm.... (169 comments)

Art and graphics ARE "content".

about three weeks ago

This 'SimCity 4' Region With 107 Million People Took Eight Months of Planning

ToddInSF Re:Agreed (103 comments)

Why choose just one, when being both would be freakin' AWESOME.

about three weeks ago

US Government Fights To Not Explain No-Fly List Selection Process

ToddInSF The real issue is that we have a huge population (248 comments)

of people who would take a job at an organization like the TSA.

Seriously. I have more respect for drug dealers and prostitutes for choosing their respective lines of employment.

about three weeks ago

Anita Sarkeesian, Creator of "Tropes vs. Women," Driven From Home By Trolls

ToddInSF Re:Slashdot comments indicative of the problem (1262 comments)

Yeah, people lying about this sort of thing NEVER happens, and since it NEVER happens, people that just ask for some sort of verification, like a police report or investigation for example, THOSE people are real morons !

Nobody should ever question anything, just go with the fake internet outrage, because it just feels so good and gets you so high !

about three weeks ago


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ToddInSF ToddInSF writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Particularly when they're popular with people that really should know better.

If you have data to discuss, present it, and talk about it.

If all you have is your faith and your conformity, I fart in your general direction.


My First Journal Entry

ToddInSF ToddInSF writes  |  more than 10 years ago So this is my first SlashDot journal entry... Yay ! Ok, I know, but better late then never, alright...

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