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Genetically Modifying an Entire Ecosystem

ToddInSF Nonsensical... (52 comments)

We're already doing that.

Relatively little is understood about ecosystems, and what IS comprehended is the extreme complexity of ecosystems and the mystery of the vast unknowns of ecosystems.

For example; recently a bacteria inside a bacteria that lives inside an insect was discovered to share it's genetic material with the bacteria it resides inside. When something like this is a surprising, new discovery, how can we even begin to claim that we can predict, with any certainty or accuracy, what unusual and radical genetic changes we make to anything is going to have on any ecosystem ?

The reality is, we can not, and do not even have any kind of standardized way to trace, catalog, and monitor the dynamic interactions within and between ecosystems.

Hubris usually leads to disaster.

about two weeks ago

New Treatment Stops Type II Diabetes

ToddInSF Preventative and behavioral medicine (253 comments)

Yield the best and most cost effective results, every time.

This, however, is not how medicine is practiced and funded int he USA. Because it cuts into drug company profits.

The medical and medical research communities in the US are essentially owned by the drug companies and the insurance industry.

about two weeks ago

Leaked Build of Windows 9 Shows Start Menu Return

ToddInSF Re:Forget the fugly tiles for a second... (346 comments)

Multiple-linked files only appear to take up that much space. I'm always amused by how not tech knowledgeable supposed tech people are on a tech site.

about two weeks ago

Texas Town Turns To Treated Sewage For Drinking Water

ToddInSF Re:Moby Dick ain't got no Porta Potty (242 comments)

W.C. Fields once said he never drinks water.

When someone inquired as to why, he replied "Because fish fuck in it"...

about three weeks ago

Tired of Playing Cyber Cop, Microsoft Looks For Partners In Crime Fighting

ToddInSF Re:Bad programming (113 comments)

So much for the slashdot rating system weeding out troll comments.

about three weeks ago

Normal Humans Effectively Excluded From Developing Software

ToddInSF The problem he's talking about is made clear here (608 comments)

Yeah, you're so smart because you can code in 16 different languages, and do the same thing in 42 different ways. That's awesome. You're real special.

Except that this level of ever increasing and mostly proprietary complexity is neither efficient or functional. Much less modular, intuitive, particularly interesting, or enlightening.

Some people here say, well, he's just burned-out. Yeah, he's burned-out on the fallacy of being a rat on a wheel that goes nowhere.

about three weeks ago

Foxconn Replacing Workers With Robots

ToddInSF Re: If everyone loses their jobs... (530 comments)

We have the most adulterated food supply in the world, contaminated with additives and processed for the specific purpose of being as inexpensive to manufacture, while still retaining as addictive as possible appeal. With nutritional quality as an afterthought

. While 1 in 5 women with children in the US do have kids with multiple fathers, 43% of them WERE married when the first child was born, so the "dysfunctional culture" thing based just on multiple dads isn't as simple as it might seem on the surface.

The absence of the kind of "skin and bones" starvation that people here keep saying would be proof of hunger is absolutely fucking INSANE.

When a kid gets to that point, you're talking a profound likelihood of serious long-term damage and medical issues. That kind of outright, prolonged starvation isn't a fucking goal to shoot for, and that we've been successful in preventing it isn't a bad thing.

The problem in this country is that the relatively cheap foods are foods that make people obese, diabetic, and arguably stupid, because of the flavor-enhancing additives that have been shown, over and over, to negatively impact neurology.

But it's all about big industry here int he good 'ol USA, corporations that yield profits for investors can do no wrong, so long as they keep yielding those profits, to hell with the public health.

But you go right ahead and blame it on poor people and not on the assholes that make their livings off the backs of those poor people. It's the corporate thing to do.

about three weeks ago

FDA: We Can't Scale To Regulate Mobile Health Apps

ToddInSF Re:Charge what it costs to certify (123 comments)

That's not true, 17 children in the US were born with birth defects caused by Thalidomide.

about three weeks ago

DC Entertainment Won't Allow Superman Logo On Murdered Child's Memorial Statue

ToddInSF Re:better than what we have now (249 comments)

I don't know if it's nice, but it sure is hilarious !

about three weeks ago

Rightscorp Pushing ISPs To Disconnect Repeat Infringers

ToddInSF Re:Ya right (92 comments)

Thank you for taking the time to contribute something that isn't hysterical and useless.

about a month ago

Nathan Myhrvold's Recipe For a Better Oven

ToddInSF We bought a convection over big enough (228 comments)

To cook a pizza a couple years back.

It cost about 100 bucks.

Who is it that owns all the patents for these optical sensors and cameras used in an oven ?

I bet some scumbag patent troll corporation.

about a month ago

Secret of the Banjo's Unique Sound Discovered By Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist

ToddInSF Re:Interesting spare time (101 comments)

Thank you very much for sharing this !

about a month ago

Massachusetts SWAT Teams Claim They're Private Corporations, Immune To Oversight

ToddInSF Re:As a Massachusetts resident... (534 comments)

Big mistake.

No taxpayer funding, and what do you end-up with ?

A Continuum-like future, where the corporations fund the police force, call the shots, and the public has no right to transparency at all.

Only there's no chance of someone inventing a time-dilation device to send people back to now from the dystopic future to try and fix where it all went horribly, horribly wrong.

We need to put a stop to the level of secrecy permitted corporate entities which far, far exceeds the ever diminishing privacy that private citizens enjoy(ed).

What we need is to demand all corporate entities, for profit and not for profit, be open to public scrutiny, stop hiding their financial interests, cease and reverse the radical expansion of the military-police state, and start looking at the ridiculous "values" we have as a culture and society which have made this happen in the first place.

These are the fruits of a fear-based, authoritarian, lying, greed-based system of public perception-shaping and miseducation.


about a month ago

Long-Lasting Enzyme Chews Up Cocaine

ToddInSF Re:Hmmm .... (73 comments)

You are seriously going to include anabuse in your argument ?

There is nothing "altruistic" about Disulfiram.

about a month ago

Federal Judge Rules US No-fly List Violates Constitution

ToddInSF It's been over a decade. (276 comments)

Everybody knew it was illegal when it was first implemented.

The massive harm it's done to people is still not going to be addressed.

Nobody has been, or will ever be held accountable for the impact on people, the economy, and the assault on liberty.

It happened here and nobody that had any authority to do anything about it really gave a shit.

And we kept electing the assholes anyway.

about a month ago

$500k "Energy-Harvesting" Kickstarter Scam Unfolding Right Now

ToddInSF So ? (448 comments)

Really stupid people are going to waste their money, regardless of what laws you pass to protect them, or what you tell them. They are going to do it. Let them.

Why should I feel pity for such a creature that is too lazy and stupid in this age of having thousands of libraries literally at your fingertips instantly ?

All you asshats that think people need to be protected form such an obvious scam - consider it a public service that money is not being used for some political ends !

This is an awesome amazing golden opportunity to educate people that have self-identified as in the most need of education. If you want to help them, help them.

about a month ago

Florida Man Faces $48k Fine For Jamming Drivers' Cellphones

ToddInSF Re:You know ... (358 comments)

You're really asking that questions ?

I bet you're one of those assholes that is so clueless that he's distracted while driving that you cause close-calls all the time, and have no idea when and even that you've done so.

Yeah, it's a serious problem, clueless, distracted drivers that think they have some sort of god-given right to do whatever they want on the public roads.

I'm all for vigilante justice for these types of assholes on the road. It's a serious problem that incites rage and causes delays and accidents, and the police are simply not equipped to make a dent in the problem.

about a month ago

Computing a Cure For HIV

ToddInSF Re:Bitcoin mining? (89 comments)

I was very specific in stating that none of the estimates and projections are ever accurate.

If you have a problem with that, take it up with the organizations making the inflated estimates and predictions.

I'm not playing the bullshit game of accepting demands to disprove something that's already well documented.

Pull your own head out of your ass, anon.

about a month ago

Computing a Cure For HIV

ToddInSF Re:Bitcoin mining? (89 comments)

"But the leading antiviral therapies allow most infected patients to live almost indefinitely while maintaining relatively high quality-of-life"

That's a pretty neat trick right there, I'm not aware of any drug which makes that possible !

Nothing about HIV makes any sense, outside of the political and financial aspect of it. That's the point.

about a month ago


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ToddInSF ToddInSF writes  |  about 2 years ago

Particularly when they're popular with people that really should know better.

If you have data to discuss, present it, and talk about it.

If all you have is your faith and your conformity, I fart in your general direction.


My First Journal Entry

ToddInSF ToddInSF writes  |  more than 10 years ago So this is my first SlashDot journal entry... Yay ! Ok, I know, but better late then never, alright...

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